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Dryft Mohawk

This is finally the end of the Dryft spam, haha.

Dryft with his new mohawk. (I wonder who cute his hair looking at the style, pffffttt)
Note to self: Please develop Dryft more so he's not just always standing around looking badass. Thanks.

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xerion567's avatar
He looks a lot less "emo" and a lot more "heroic" now. :D
Nestly's avatar
Yesssss. >D (But still acts as emo)
ticticai's avatar
Oh noooo his beautiful flowing horse mane...Dryft has got the market cornered on standing around looking badass though.
Nestly's avatar
LOL yeah he's got a monopoly on that market. X'D
Fallbirdo's avatar
Welcome to the Mohawk club , 7 ,
one day Dexter's Mohawk will be as big as Dryft's 
Nestly's avatar
Aww yeeaaah. and HAH yes Dexter please. >D
Ascynd's avatar
Hah well it's better than a bowl cut! Looks good on him too. I agree with the idea of putting Dryft into some more scenes so we can see more of his character. =)
Nestly's avatar
LOL yes indeed. x'DD
And yessss I will definitely be doing that as soon as I finish some other things!
Dragotan's avatar
The mowhawk suits him well!
Nestly's avatar
I'm glad you think so! 8D
Alue666's avatar
Lol the badassery is too much xD
Nestly's avatar
Too much to handle!!
Kitxal's avatar
Lol this is cool though why a Mohawk is that all Azoth can cut?
Nestly's avatar
Maybe that's all he WILL cut, hahah. (that or he just wanted Dryft's hair out of his face, hah) xD
Kitxal's avatar
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Turns out Azoth can only cut hair into Mohawks. XD))
Nestly's avatar
Hahah he wants everyone to have that "Imp" cut, lol.
TopazOwl's avatar
noice noice, this turned out great!
Nestly's avatar
Thanks so much!!
TopazOwl's avatar
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