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Dreemi the Surfing Pikachu

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Published: July 11, 2010
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Nestly: Dreemi, my Pikachu that knows surf. XD Caught on the Yellow Forest with my Pokewalker.

Which... I don't even use her in my party anymore but she's always had this design in my head and... what can I say? I felt like drawing a Pikachu.

Don't tell me you've never gotten that urge. :B
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LiinxARTZHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG I am dying!!!!
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HeartinaRosebudHobbyist Digital Artist
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PerfectCell-loverProfessional Traditional Artist
Ooh,we süß Dreami istLove 
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LiinxARTZHobbyist Digital Artist
Ähm ich glaub nicht das die leute hier deutsch sprechen...
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XeerinareHobbyist General Artist
This is like my favorite surfing pikachu picture i've seen. :D If it was big enough i would make it my desktop background! :D
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leocat777Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
how do you come up with names...this is cute!
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fg7jkl SO CUTE <3 I love that surf board!
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CDSHStudent General Artist
You and your badass Pikachus make my Ninja Pikachus look just plain bad. TwT"
...But that's okay.

But seriously, that is such a cute Pikachu! I love that you remembered the V at the end of the tail. xD
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That is one, bad-ass Pikachu there.
I like the bright colors and cut-out style of the character's image on the background. It makes the picture look full of energy!
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frozen-lightning General Artist
I LOVE her surfboard and headband.
I gotta say. She looks like a pretty badass Pikachu.
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Teavian Digital Artist
That's an awesome design! =D I like the surfboard too.
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NejtiHobbyist Filmographer
Awwwesome!! I love it! ; D
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turpinator77Hobbyist General Artist
That is what a surfing Pikachu should look like. Most of them just look like a Pikachu slapped onto a board, your looks like it's PART of the board! XD
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: Lawl, thank you very much! XD I tried to make her actually look like she was a surfer at heart.
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suuuuuper cuuute! :D
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Well, isn't that cute.
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This makes me think of the episode where there was a surfing...pikachu... I FORGET HIS NAME but man I thought he was so cool.

This is adorable, I love her little smirk ;D
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: Oh, you mean that one old Pikachu and the old guy waits like 50 years for this giant wave to come so he can stick a flag in a rock or something? xD

Thanks. ;3
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Yesss that one xD I am totally impressed you remember the general plot haha ;D
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CentchiHobbyist Digital Artist
Centch: Aww! A Pikachu! 8D
Hahaha! I don't think anyone's not had the urge to draw a Pikachu. How can you? They're just so damn adorable! X3
Anyway, this is super cute Nestly. ^^ Dreemi looks so bad-ass. And I like her name. It's too bad you don't really use her anymore, but eh, I have some Pokemon like that. Wish we could have more than 6 Pokemon in our party, but then again... We if had something like 8, after awhile, we'd probably wish for 10. And for on a so forth. *rambles* SO I GUESS WE'LL JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH 6. x'D
Love the bandanna on her head. Ah! Awesome colors! @w@ And the surfboard just screams Pikachu. And there for it perfect.
For some reason I really like her mouth. It's just so cute and devilish. xD And I also like how you made the background similar to the Caramelldansen Pikachus. xD I dunno if that was your intention or just completely coincidental, but either way it makes the picture really stand out. Great job buddy. :D
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: Yeah well... her and Fozos (My flying Pikachu) are still KINDA in use.. just rarely. XD Once my main party is actually balanced I'll start working on them again. Now I just gotta get around to drawing Fozos.

Lol thanks. Are those the Pikachu videos that like, dance back and forth for a whole song? 'Cause yeah that's where I got that idea. XD It makes the picture really stand out.
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CentchiHobbyist Digital Artist
Centch: Oh yes. You should. :D And I still don't have a flying type Pokemon for my party. Oye! <XD So it's like... Really annoying to switch my Pokemon back and forth. I was hoping that once I got Whikk, I wouldn't have that problem anymore, but I should have known that ghost Pokemon can't fly. Lol. xD Silly me.

You're welcome. :3
And yes they are. xD I thought so. Those are some really adorable Pikachu in that video. They should be drawn like that all the time. Not like the shitty Pikachu nowadays in the anime. >D I WANT CHUBBY PIKACHU BACK. >8(
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