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Welcome to my page!

Welcome peoples! I'm Nestly and this is my cool-ass profile!
You're probably here because I own Wyngro, but if you need help concerning that group, go to the group and not me personaly!

American | Straight | Friendly | Single Loser | Dog Trainer | Scatterbrain | Hates cooking | Sucks @ spelling | Is a Wallabat??
Detroit Stamp - Save the Fish by Nestly


About meeee: I've been here forever. Veteran Deviant!
My favorite thing about art is making fun, developed characters that everyone loves, and story-telling!
But I dabble in all forms of art.
I'm also one of the only extreme extroverts you'll find on DeviantArt. Please don't be afraid to approach me!
(I'm down to earth and I don't sugar coat things, but I swear I'm not mean. And I don't hold grudges. I love to help people and leanr from them as well.)

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I've been on DeviantArt a long time... how long have you been following me?

A small note to all who stop by!

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Wanna note me? Please do NOT note me about Wyngro stuff! Note Wyngro instead!!

Occupation: Wyngro HELL
Current Residence: Madison, WI (USA)
Current Obsessions: Wyngro (doi!), Hey Arnold!, Steven Universe, Detroit: Become Human, Pokemon
Personal Quote: Arrku. '^'

Wanna stalk me? I post a lot of life shit on Instagram!


When ya'll use that dotted shading technique on your wyngro's faces, I can ONLY think that they need to shave. Lmao.

Streaming in around 3-4 hours with my friend Mintymaid. (And ticticai !) We're gonna have her play Detroit Become Human for the first time. Come join and hang out, laugh and be silly with us!
Paint Tool SAI is like an abusive boyfriend that buys you everything and makes it SO easy to live, but you know as soon as you run back to it, it's gonna fuck you over and punish you ALL OVER AGAIN AND YOUR LIFE IS NEVER GOING TO MOVE FORWARD SO LONG AS YOU KEEP USING IT. 
Meanwhile I'm forcing myself to adapt to my new boyfriend, Clip Studio Paint and crying and raging because it's not what I'm used to and it's UNFAMILIAR AND SCARY AND WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T THE MAGIC WAND TOOL/FILL BUCKET TOOL WORK HOW I WANT. *rolls around throwing a tantrum* 
Hey guys! Picarto was not living up to what I wanted in a streaming service, so I have moved to Twitch as a main form of streaming, if you want to follow me there instead!

It will be used for both gaming and drawing. 
I may use Picarto sometimes, but I no longer am subscribed to it and cannot to private streams or multistreams. 

Guys help. Bald or no bald? 

333 deviants said balb babbin by NestlyNo bald
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absurd-creature Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there Nes! I'm not sure how this is gonna go but I wanted to ask you some questions about Wyngro. I'm taking a kind of game design class as one of my college courses and I wanted to combine my interest in ARPGs (especially with evolving species) with what I'm learning in class, and I thought you would be an amazing person to ask. So here goes!

-I'm aware that you really enjoyed sites like Neopets. How do you think that has affected Wyngro? Were there any other early web games you liked? Are there any elements that you think attracted you to the games?

-How large do you think the ARPG species community is on Deviantart?

-What inspired you to create some of Wyngro's unique mechanics, like various growing stages?

-What kind of game do you think Wyngro is? it a game? Could it be a system built to accommodate games?

-What do you think about users who find the designs of their characters to be more important than developing their personalities?

-There's been a lot of important changes made to the group over the past year. How did you discuss those changes with the rest of the staff?

I think that's it for now. Thank you so much!!
Nestly Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Sorry it took so long to reply. These are really good questions! I wanted to make sure I had enough time to sit down and answer them in-depth for you. :thumbsup:
Good luck with your game design class! That sounds super fun. 

-Wyngro was absolutely inspired from my time and enjoyment playing in Neopets! Particularly through the customization pet lookups and pet pages. Neopets is also where I learned how to really develop characters and mash them up with other people's characters, telling collaborated stories and having fun with roleplaying and plots. This was something that really inspired me like nothing else, and I was never really able to fill that void since those times. I found Wyngro to be a good outlet for that. 

Other web games I participated in were a bit of Gaia Online, and Subeta, which I worked for a year as a pet artist at. 

-How large? I think it's quite small when looking at DeviantArt as a whole, honestly, but because the people who are interested in them are so committed and engaged, it feels larger to those that are in it. 

-I'm not really sure what inspired the growing mechanic. Maybe Pokemon evolution? I was apart of the Evoloons group after following Griffsnuff's development on them. The concept intrigued me. I saw endless amounts of potential for the group. Unable to have control over the development, and my ideas feeling unheard, I made Wyngro because of all the ideas I had, which were: Growth stages, (Which, there were originally meant to be 3 stages) inclusion of magic, clans, (which, I'm still developing, aauugh) and specifically more upgrades, and visual art to aid what they look like. The rest of the mechanics were thought of as the group progressed and what I saw the community was interested in. 

-Whenever I try to explain what the hell Wyngro is to my relatives or friends who aren't on DA, I usually say, "It's like an app game, but for artists who like to create characters they can grow." I'd say Wyngro is less of a game and more of a community. 
As for it being built into a more streamlined game, I think Wyngro would have to go through a lot of major changes and be developed on a platform outside of DA in order for that to happen. And you would lose much of the main mechanics that people have grown accustomed to here on DA. Wyngro truly is a niche little community that would be impossible to replicate on a massive scale. 

-I think that's fine. While my main goal is to encourage character development, I accept that some people just want to own pretty designs, and that not everyone is into the story-telling element. I always do everything I can to push people towards character development and stories, rather than bloated designs and bragging status, but you can only nudge people gently in that direction. Plus, a lot of the members here are young and Wyngro may be their first step into this world of character building. So I just let the kids be edgy and have fun. I was an edgy teenager too, lol. I get it. 

-The big changes made in 2017 and into 2018 were mostly focused on management, in both members and staff. Because Wyngro was free to enter and self advertising, we could not cater to everyone who wanted to enter, and we couldn't moderate everyone playing. (Alas, the honor system takes a lot of moderation) The decision to make Wyngro into something that was self sustaining and profitable was never my goal when I first started. I just wanted to make a fun little world that people could play in as a hobby. 

However, once I saw how intensely people enjoyed what I made, (and I really enjoyed it as well!) I decided I wanted to keep up with it and make it better and better. People were willing to put time into this thing, so it's a given that they'd be willing to put money into it as well. Anyone's dream is to be able to get paid for something they love doing, so I wasn't going to say no to that.

Because the group started as completely free, however, the transition to becoming a paid game was received poorly by members and staff. This is reasonable-- people had come to expect a free platform, and let's face it, no one wants to pay more for something when they were used to a price. (especially of a price of "free") It's a universal thing that anyone has the right to complain about. Something that people don't like to think about, however,  is how that free platform could be sustained. 
I didn't want Wyngro to burn me out to the point where I'm just done with it, or I slowly back away from it and let it rot away to be forgotten. You see this happen with communities (and businesses even) all the time. 
Simply put: I wanted Wyngro to be successful and continue to be fun and engaging to play for as long as I can manage. And for that, I need it to be something I can support myself on. 

So to answer your questions more directly: I discussed these ideas of these changes with my core team many times over the course of years. A lot of resistance was met with any idea that involved increased prices and/or new paywalls. I wanted to hear out my staff who advised against it, (and I did for a long time) but I also knew in my heart where Wyngro needed to go in order for it to survive. It's not an easy decision to make, and one I think most people are scared to make, but I know it was the right one. 

Since this transition, I had lost most of my beginning core staff that helped kick off the group, and many members have moved on as well. I've accepted that, and am glad for the experiences it gave me, for what those people taught me, and I hope Wyngro taught them important lessons too. Those who stayed to bring on new members make the community just that much stronger. You also see a lot less toxic people as well because of the paywall to get in. (Sad as it is) and the amount of members now is manageable, supportive, and creative beyond belief. 

I hope those answers help you in some way! 
iitchiii Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to comment and let you know you're awesome UwUb
Nestly Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, thanks! You’re awesome too!
SyrupButterPancakeB Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for that lama Nestlyand hey, I am going to be doing some cool comics of plants vs zombies and stuff, and I really like them sunny funny short comics you made, there pretty sweet, when I feel like doing a SFM version of one of those funny scenes, it will have you as the main creator of the scene and I will link them to the actual scene of your art if you don't mind when I do it. also heck, for all I know we can be friends for the start, another buddy that loves plants vs zombies is pretty epic and then your art style is pretty amazing to! but its not the art style that makes it cool, its that you love to do it and share it as a showing that you love what you do, ok I am talking to much hahahaaaahhhhh but for real nice to meet you lad !
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