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Baltic Dawn WP pack

Sizes included:
1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1024 x 768
© 2007 - 2021 Nestalgica
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Pretty... sorry. I know I say this for every one but I really don't have the skill to say "I like this because". All I know is that it's pretty.
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:D Quite alright! I know I can't sometimes. :slow: :hug:
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thank you again^^ I made it :+fav:
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No, this doesn't belong in scraps even if there is another version.

Great work friend, and thank you for the 1920x1200 size :D
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You should have a link to this from the actual deviation's page.
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There is a wallpaper section for fractals! ;)
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I know, but the actual wallpaper is already in my gallery, and I don't like having stuff there twice. ;p It's a thing I have.
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LOL! I know this thing. I have it too. :giggle: I always try to make art different from anything I have done before. I even use different medias as you may know. ;) But the wallpapers must go in the walli section anyway even when there is an original art work in my gallery already. This has practical reasons. People find them easier when they look for something in particular. Personally I wouldn't look in the scraps for wallpapers. What about adding the download pack to the original work? Or at least link back from both to one another? I think that would be less confusing.
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Excellent point. :nod: I guess I'll move it, then. :D Thank you for convincing me! :)
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Why in scraps? It's a travesty!
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'cause it's just the wallpaper pack! The deviation itself is in the gallery, silly man.
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I know, I downloaded it and am using the 1280 x 1024... But there's a category specifically for wallpapers...
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