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Vaati vs Ghirahim

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This is SIX MONTHS WORTH OF WORK! ...Okay, its more like a week's worth of work last summer and a couple hours yesterday.

I just love these two guys, they're my favorite Zelda villains. I can imagine they'd have some pretty funny interaction were they ever to meet.

AGHasdlfkjasl;dkfjl;asdjfjsdklf... my scanner does traditional media no justice. T_T

Hey! Poll time! I wanna make another one, what should I make? Vote in my poll here: [link]
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Vaati: I was the final boss of the first *MULTIPLAYER ZELDA GAME EVER*.
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You wanna hit below the belt?  Fine.  I can play that way. *kicks him in the crotch*  Now we're about the same height!
Scypizowa's avatar
Hahaha, Lol! I would have done the samething. XD
NessyNoName's avatar
Hah! Well played. XD
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* hits Ghirahim upside the head * That was a low blow and you know it! Now, so you know how it feels like... * shrinks Ghirahim to Vaati's size * Enjoy!
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that is one way to win an argument.
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Yes, short like link
x-VivaerethAlonia-x's avatar
You really need to do another one of these. No excuses.
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Somehow, this feels very much in character.
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I'm glad you think so!
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Man All I can say is poor Vaati he maybe a great Villain but Ghirahim's got more class and style,but both are awesome
faithassassin48's avatar
poor vaati he try's so hard to win XD
TheTrippyTippy's avatar
Ghirahim>Vaati anyday!! ;)
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Sorry Vaati, I think Ghirahim won :P
thedragonlover95's avatar
I can agree with you on this
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Yeah Vaati is short ^^
MarilynMansonFreak18's avatar
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Haha this. This is funny. XD I love it!
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