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Overwatch - Reaper

Pushing the rendering more than usual. I really don't have any patience >_<.
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This is amazing and I'm not saying do it but if you read this and want to make a hellfire skin
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hey i saw this and some other art being used for google chrome themes, is that okay, or should i tell the person making them they should stop?
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TIME TO REAP :Reaper_static: :reaperla: 
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Me am a rewaper player. I love this art tho
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He looks amazing.
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This is the coolest Overwatch Reaper I've ever seen.
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omg I love this color!
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Oh F**k. This is gorgeous.

The thing I like is : he does not seem that evil here. The strong biceps even gives him somewhat of a super-hero characteristic.

What if Overwatch really were the bad ones ? What if reaper was the real freedom fighter ?

This is a troubling as it is wickedly awesome.
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Love the Style looks amazing! :)
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this is how I would imagine a futuristic darksiders 2 Death, that managed to hijack his brother Strife's guns would look like.
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A DarkSiders Fan!!! :#1:

I agree xD
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patience or not - it´s amazing :D
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Bad ASS! Love it!

Would love to see it wallpaper-sized.
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Please tell me this will be available as a print somewhere *_*
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You are one of the coolest artist on DA. Motion and Emotions when mixed up an art goes straight into the heart. Thousands thumbs ups
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