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Overwatch - Mei

The world is worth fighting for.
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Oh wow, this is stunning!
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:iconhenori-cat:  Elle te ressemble trop OnO
Henori-cat's avatar
Aha oui j'aime bien Mei, je voulais me dessiner déguisée en elle avec Glad en Lucio <3
Meme si bon hein, techniquement c'est juste une brune a lunettes, et hop ca me ressemble xD
Arbaguth's avatar
Ben la première fois que j'ai vu ce dessin j'ai fait genre "Mais what elle connaît Henori??!" et en fait non XD
Henori-cat's avatar
Serieux ???
Mais tu as jamais vu de fanarts de Mei ?
Arbaguth's avatar
Non, c'est qui? :3
Henori-cat's avatar
Ben c'est un perso d'Overwatch, elle a des canon de glace, des trucs comme ça
Cypher-DS's avatar
Whoa, I am digging this picture.  Mei comes off as such a soft and cutesy character in her design, so I love the 'determined badass' angle in this work.  Kudos, mate!
RorikSavant's avatar
You can really feel the cut of the wind D:
ChaosArtstudio's avatar
this is awesome job man.
7thReaper's avatar
Oh no the ice demon!
hctertsemoheht's avatar
She's always shown as nearly excessively happy/optimistic (even in-game), and given her backstory, I always figured it was because she's just happy to be alive. I love this pic because it shows not only something akin to her backstory, but also her showing that rare serious side. : D
pwnsage's avatar
legendarydragon70's avatar
I've liked this character since Overwatch came out (if any of you were wondering I've not played the game) the snow effects are great in this picture, it fits right in with her type of atmosphere.
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DetectiveNiko's avatar
I like how you drew the eyes, it shows the effect of struggle and the light that shines on her
Nerosus's avatar
I so hope they create a story mode so we can actually experience the characters backgrounds... Instead of just shooting at each other..
feloz's avatar
Le volume dans cette fourrure est un délice !
Antimatter-Radius's avatar
Love the aspect of struggle in this image. Great work :)
NullNoMore's avatar
Not a game I will get to play (alas), but this picture has a whole story behind it in her expression. Nice to see a character actually influenced by their environment.
flyfreefly's avatar
very precise and detailed style nesskain
ElMeshas's avatar
Over 1000 favs and 18 comments xD

Here i leave my one. This drawing is amazing, you're great.
KoriboFromTheHood's avatar
Good drawing but, I hate mei in game.
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