Now I am under.
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IndigoRaysOfLight|Student Digital Artist
Adore the mood lighting. Your lighting and colour sense is spectacular! I adore your technique as well. I just found your artwork yesterday, and I'm already in love! Keep up the good work! :) 
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MysteryPoison's avatar
This is Sex. Such a pleasure.❤💜💙💛
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TaniTheLynx's avatar
TaniTheLynx|Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love your feeling for colour, light, atmosphere and anatomy. This is absolutely beautiful
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AustenMengler's avatar
AustenMengler|Professional General Artist
Love this series, so much emotion portrayed.
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fiorinosulaco's avatar
Great atmosphere, and style!
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ithe's avatar
ithe|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice! It makes you wanna peek and look at what's being hidden by the silhouette. :D
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boger666's avatar
I really like your characters 
and the jump of the comic you give something more artistic  :D (Big Grin) 
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TheRootOfAllEvil's avatar
TheRootOfAllEvil|Student General Artist
I'm mesmerized! I love the mood created with the color palette :]
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AwakeningStar|Hobbyist General Artist
i looooovvve all of your pics you are fantastic....
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animeotaku124's avatar
animeotaku124|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well done :)
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ayanoka|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yessss its perfect
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muffinpoodle's avatar
muffinpoodle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're art is just so fucking beautiful and atmospheric and it just feels so deep I can fall into it forever
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Vinyl-Summer's avatar
I love your work, you keep amazing me. Thank you for your art and being a big inspiration
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NicolasGIBSON's avatar
NicolasGIBSON|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Nesskain! Congrats on your wonderful art, you're an amazing & talented artist.
I would like to know If you were born in Asia... just that.
Thanks in advance! Best wishes!
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Art-Eater's avatar
Art-Eater|Student Digital Artist
Seems to suit how I feel right now... your work is always so beautiful
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zandonadi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I fell in love everytime I see a new drawing that you make! just awesome!!
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Zhaanman|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing mood set by this love the soft tones and look!
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AldersMoon|Professional General Artist
This is beautiful. Really struck a cord with me. Great work!
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IdiotDrool's avatar
IdiotDrool|Hobbyist General Artist
You'll make me fall in love with a fictional character 
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yuki-mekishiko's avatar
yuki-mekishiko|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm in love with your art
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Vexira's avatar
Vexira|Hobbyist General Artist
Your artwork is just so beautiful. It's so simple, yet it invokes a great amount of emotion, particularly solitude for me. 
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ufficiosulretro's avatar
ufficiosulretro|Student Traditional Artist
looove it :wow:
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Trencher7809's avatar
Trencher7809|Student General Artist
I'm loving your florence and the machine pieces! They're just so wonderful!
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MarieStars| General Artist
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