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Never Let Me Go 13

trying very very very hard to not care about volume.
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This is a very powerful image. Added it to my favorites!

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Hi there. Heads-up that a facebook page has used your image without crediting you as the artist. The only way to stop this page from continuing to profit from other people's work is for the original artist to report them for copyright infringement. Here's the page:….

Wishing you the best,
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I love how you did her hair and the colours and lighting is amazing.
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Oooh her hairrrrr
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i looove how watery and emotional your art is!
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The execution, the draw, the colors, the light, the storytelling, the mood, the feeling, the... I love so much this amazing piece of ART
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is there a print i can buy from this?
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Jesus, how much water do you think I got in me?! I think it all spilled out just now... Imma raisin of a person.
Spkmw sad 
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Reminds me of the Florence song, Never Let Me Go. I hope that's what you were going for <3
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Amazing! just Amazing! :)
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There isn't a single thing I don't love about this. 
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I adore this sooo much!
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Woooooooow. This is gorgeous. I love your description, talking about trying not to care about volume. That's an incredibly difficult task. This is beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing.
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This si so great! Almost makes me wanna cry...
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This is so majestic :V
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Haunting.  Slightly disturbing.  I can't stop looking at it.
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