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Brushes for MS5

By Nesskain
They are the basic one on MS5 but I changed the sensibilities of density,size, density of paint, amount of paint, color strech... and it makes a big difference to me :D.

flat 1: color/shade/shape
flat 2: shape
OC2: color/shade (I call it "OC" as it's the same brush from Opencanvas ahah.)
Round opacity : just in case... but I never use it.

(click "download file" on the right to get the brushes)
© 2013 - 2021 Nesskain
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Muchas gracias! no puedo esperar a probarlos. <3

I cant get these to install in ps 2020 :/

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flat1 and 2 are damaged

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thank you so much!!!

hi im not able to use the brushes on photoshop because it is a different kind of file then .abr, does someone know how to solve the problem?

thank you so much!!

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Thank you love for sharing, awesome sauce ♥

Thank you very much for sharing!

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Thank you very much !

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i cant seem to download this, is something wrong with it?

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Imma give these a try! :)

how do i transfer these to csp? these are so amazing! they look really soft :)

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Download button seems to be broken, comes up with a 404 error. Is there somewhere else these can be downloaded?
Edit: Nevermind! Download button works as long as you're in eclipse mode!
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how do i transfer these brushes?

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These brushes look amazing! But it won't let me open the file through PDF for some odd reason. 
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its a ZIP though
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That makes more sense to why Photoshop won't open it. But they still look so cool.
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Bless you for sharing these! I bailed to CSP after my photoshop copy got fucked and I was no longer on student discount deals to purchase a new one... but I haven't quite been able to wrap my head around CSP after committing PS hot keys and brush settings to muscle memory. If you have any other resources or useful CSP/MS4-5 resources, I'm definitely looking.

Thanks again!
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Thanks for sharing~
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Thank you so much for sharing!
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