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Brigitte Lindholm

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The artwork reminded me of something from the old Heavy Metal magazine called "The Airtight Garage" by Moebius.  Great stuff.
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blizzard is lucky to have such an amazing artist working with them. keep it up.
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I like that you gave her some bulk and muscle.
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So glad to find you on DA! Big fan of your work!
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Aucun défaut
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Amazing work as usual :D (Big Grin) 
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I just love all these pieces about the characters. A simple scene like this is full of atmosphere! Gotta love that lighting. :heart:
I also love how simple she is, all dedicated to her job, muscled yet softly feminine and natural. Everything is so natural about her and the picture - I LOVE it!
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Obviously you work at Blizzard. So, um, mind hinting at Hero 27 if you know, eh? wink, wink, nudge, nudge, HEADBUTT, HEADBUTT.... 
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Psst, it's her. *nods to the piece of art above*
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I'm loving Brigitte
But Mama Hong and Jetpack Cat are the heroes we need, but don't deserve
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That look amazing :heart:
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Great lighting and composition
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Engineering brains are hot!
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love it. the strength and the way the character is thinking
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Even Better in COLOUR!
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Kinda reminds me of the ol' workshop in Fallout 4 XD 
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Very cool, I have a cog tattoo as well!
beautiful art is unisex I loved
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I would love to see her as playable character in OW, there is so much potentially awesome stories to be had from her!
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Really cool no kidding^^ I do indeed enjoy seeing your style! Please do keep stuff like this comin'!
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