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A and A - Sonia

By Nesskain
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 A little bit of hit and miss in few areas, I got trapped with my impatience again. But pretty much happy with the result. :D
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How tall is this character

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TheBlackHornedHobbyist Digital Artist

Love the anatomy, and how alive she looks in her poses.

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totallySafeUsernameHobbyist Traditional Artist

Why are your characters so alive?

Really nice treatment, I forget how sexy the character is when I see so much personality.

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majorart007Professional General Artist

As much as I like my girls to be curvy and such, but as an artist - I admit this beautiful work. The details are nice and the anatomy is awesome! Is your character from a video game? Is she is - I'm guessing she's from Overwatch or something similar?

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KeilinkProfessional Digital Artist

Amazing work, did you work with references?

Jabroniville's avatar

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, thank you for drawing her more! I love this OC so much and I know nothing about her- she just looks so gorgeous, unique and sexy! LOVE that one with the yellow thong!

HK-1988's avatar

Who inflicted such scars on such a lovely mesomophic femme?

gwahar's avatar

She is beautiful

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ZeartistProfessional Writer


NatureB01's avatar

Nice and Beautiful

Love normal nudity arts

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romelfrostProfessional Digital Artist

Brilliant study. Love them.

cactusjoe999's avatar

Wonderful studies. You've created a gorgeous character. :clap:

urzapw2000's avatar

very pretty!!

wonderful pictures!!!!

Eternal-Shadow-S's avatar
Eternal-Shadow-SHobbyist Traditional Artist

Anatomy aside, I love the hair. I could never get it right.

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GyomeiProfessional Digital Artist

Hmmmm, Im gay

14-bis's avatar

Amazing poses and shapes .

the one on the right with yellow bikini is my fav. :)

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