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Japanese language - Katakana

By nessis
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This is the first part of the Japanese language-set I've made for PhotoShop. It consists of (for now at least) a brush set for both katakana and hiragana syllables.

The brushes for hiragana and katakana expanded can be found in here and here.

Please note that I don't speak or write Japanese at all so please inform me if there is something amiss...

The examples written in katakana are Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, hitohana (a flower), ame (rain or hard candy), haku (snow) and yume (dream) you can try to guess which is witch... *wink*
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AshaishaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the brushes! ^.^
I used some here [link]
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Great brushes, thank you sooo much ;)

I used it here [link]
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i used your brushes here [link]

hope you dont mind! :heart:

thankyou! :)
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This is cool. Um... is it possible that maybe you could make a version for the GIMP? Maybe? Because I can't find any Katakana brushes for the Gimp and I like using it in my art. ((Plus, I'm taking Japanese, so I can tell you if you left out anything.))
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I don't own/use GIMP so I really can't help you there...

But I found this one link where they tell you how to convert PhotoShop brushes to GIMP. Try that and if it doesn't work I'll make an individual picture of each character and try with that...

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thank you [link]
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Oh wow, these are awesome. I'm learning Katakana is school right now so using these will really help me remember all the characters (cries) while having fun too! =D
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ww2warbird Photographer
These are cool. I've been looking for something like this, especially since my drawing skills at the kanji are less than spectacular. Oh, the lines that show up sometimes are to extend the sound of the syllable (one of the few things I remember from a friend).
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actualy, i am so glad to find this ones! thank u.
and i have a questyon... how can i wrote ittoryu 24?
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Try entering your name (without the numbers) to this katakana translator.

It's quite good... it even solved my problem with the "vi" syllable in my name! I'm not too sure what the lines sometimes in the middle of the names mean... I think they are to make certain syllables sound longer (like "su" "suu").
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thank u soooooooooooooo much my friend!
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You're welcome!
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:hug: x 10000000000000000000000000000000
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Great set! ^-^ I'll be sure to use them and link it back to you.
If you did a Hiragana one that would be wonderful! Katakana is used to write out foreign words, like an American person's name. Hiragana is used for Japanese words, so you might be more interested in using that on for things more often. Just to let you know. =]
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=D Thanks again! Great sets.
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And you're welcome again too! ;p

I think I need to cool my right index finger for a couple of days... those brushes and the Itachi practice I made really killed it. :cries:
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