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The Jungle Book

By nessi6688
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Hm, I only planned to draw a picture in A3-format.
I dunno how the "Jungle Book"-idea came to my mind... O.o
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(I had to check the picture, because it's ten years old and I could not remember the title. xD)
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Very awesome work on this!!! FANTASTIC!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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I must ask, why did you portray the wolf as pretty much an arctic wolf? It does not look anything like the wolves of India.
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Because at this time I didn't know the difference. I just knew this type of wolves.
And I used the anime series as a reference, where Mowglis "Mother" and the other wolves looks like this: [link]
So I didn't try to do it as realistic a possible. Aaand, as my last reason: I'm not good in drawing wolves.
Wow! It's really good! Although, why is Mowgli's hair blue? And where would he get the hair-dye?
Thanks for commenting on my page! I don't mean to be mean but I still think Mowgli hair should be black! It's a good pic though!
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You'''re welcome. :)
yes must be black.
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