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How to Submit to a Group

By Nessarie
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I've been meaning to do another Tutorial for forever, so here you are! How to submit your deviations to a #Group!

Members of my Groups #Hello-Sweetie and #1-Hr-WRITING-Contest sometimes ask me how to go about submitting to groups, so I decided that I would make a Tutorial so I wouldn't have to repeat myself.




I used the Groups #doctorwhoclub and #Hello-Sweetie for the visual references.


A--?? Is that--????? No, it can't be... it's... a...

Is it??? :dead:

Wow, you guys are awesome, really!

To receive a DD - one of (if not, the most) highest honors on this site - for something I did just to help other members, is something I never expected or even dared to hope for.

You all are awesome, and I love you! I wouldn't have made the Tutorial, if I didn't. ;)
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Only helpful one I’ve seen
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On most of deviations I've seen, there has always been "Deviation title" by "Author name". How can I do it, that you'll see "Deviation title" in "Group name", by "Author name"?
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blissfulboom, we i dont have the contribute option
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I need it in a specific folder for a contest and I've submitted twice and nothing yet. No acceptation or decline. 
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I can only sent art to the featured folder when I'm trying to put it in a different folder, Im a contributor of this group. Could this be because of how the group was made or was it due to other reasons?
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In a group I am co-founder of, we can't  figure out how to get the "Contribute Art" button on the home page, just the "Submit Art" button, which makes people upload a picture.  Help!
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I'm having the same problem! Did you find the answer?
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Being a tad new to the workings of DA it's great to know that deviants upload these helpful tutorials. Thanks for this.
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Thanks for your effort
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This was so informational and useful. Thanks you so much for making it!
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I have featured your tutorial in :iconcnc-universe: on the front page as a help-link
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Thank you! I hope it helps!
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thx I couldn't figure out how to use it, it always showed me an empty list
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Nice. Photography is still a problem.
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how do you submit art to YOUR OWN group
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hello i have this group and wonder if u could help answer this question for me :3 
 some of my members tell me there is not submission ( submit art button ) on the home page 
but they can still submit art by going to the gallery. 
i was wonder if u knew how to fix that so i can have a submit art button on the home page 
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I know this tutorial is a few years old, but do you know what happens to the correspondence message if you don't hold on to it? Do you have to submit again?
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It just disappears. It doesn't effect your submissions. It's just a good way to keep track of whether or not you've been accepted.
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Oh, okay~ Thanks a lot.
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