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You Know You're An L Fan...

You Know You're An L Fan...

:donut: You Know You're An L Fan... :donut: ♥when you start buying "Elle" magazine only because you've watched Death Note.  (thanks for the inspiration, CrazzyDreams (!) ♥if you can draw L's font without using a reference (i.e. buying a whole lot of Gwen Stefani's perfume)(dazza1008 ( ♥when you use being an L fan as an excuse to have messy hair, pig out on sweets, and wear daggy clothing.... and people accept that reason. (dazza1008 ( ♥ when you become allergic to socks. (Sweet-L-0ve ( ♥ when you *forget* to sleep. (Sweet-L-0ve ( ♥ when you incessantly suck on/chew your t


Tou-san Birthday-Yondaime

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (88)
My Bio


へ へ
の の
カカシ scarecrow faceXD

I :heart: >>
:damphyr: drawing
:damphyr: photography
:damphyr: animeアニメ//manga漫画(まんが)
:damphyr: asian dramas
:damphyr: stuffed toys
:damphyr: cute evil things~~
:damphyr: Danson《唐禹哲》:aww:
:damphyr: jap candy//snack
:damphyr: pocky:meow:
:damphyr: dango 団子
:damphyr: ice tea アイス茶
:damphyr: milk tea ミルク茶
:damphyr: bubble tea
:damphyr: ice tea :XD: lolsss so much tea><
:damphyr: aloe vera~:dance:

:skull: boring stuff:bored:
:skull: this moron that lives in the same house as me...not always...sometimes...most of the times><
:skull: bittergourd
:skull: lots of other stuff that i cant think of or cant be stuffed to name

hmmm....ano... go to japan? and draw better maybe..:XD:

If you lyk cute stuff join this awesome grouppie>> sweet-loli-emoclouds.deviantar…

lolol anyone heard of still moving under gunfire by JJ Lin? so random, got nothing to do with the chinese vs at all :O_o:

Favourite style of art: manga and photography

Favourite Visual Artist
Takeshi Obata, Katsura Hoshina
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
海派甜心, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
SHOW♥ , KAT-TUN, 唐禹哲, CN Blue
Favourite Books
D. Gray Man, Soul Eater, Naruto, Death Note, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Vampire Knight
Other Interests
Skiing, swimming

Free Requests- Not on anymore

Free Requests- Not on anymore

Hellos~ I'm going to do some free requests, where i'll draw anything you want, all for FREE. You don't need to give money to me or donate any points, unless you randomly feel like it... I'll be happy to accept=D But this offer isn't going to last forever, it'll probably only be around for a week, so if you want a free request please comment here/ note me. I can't say I'll be able to draw your request right away cause I got to sort out my school things, and also there might be lots of requests, but I'll try to finish it A.S.A.P. When you tell me your request, I noticed that some people will let me draw whatever I want, so if you want a spec

Evil school

Evil school

don't bother reading this. i just feel like i need to ramble some crap out. waahh...救命啊。。。theres schl tomorow=___="" yr 11 is gonna have so much wrk, though at least it'll probs never get as bad as it sounds like it does in sg....can't believe watashi baka parents still want me to do more maths hw, like i'm not gonna get enough of them when schl starts, apparently its "for my own good", i dont see how, im stuck at home ever since i came back to aus and i kno im def not a social person, and my parents keep complaining about that, if they want me to improve on it then they SHOULd let me go out more, ke



looolll.... im currently getting all of Unclegelangielol ('s dls which i suspect she was forced to take by super physcho fangirl の Grandma chriss-ix ( and its apparently going to taking all this 13 hrs and sthn sthn mins.... the dls seem to take longer as time goes on^^; and even though im sure im tired as hell...i dont feel like sleeping at all=.="" itss depressing how i can fall asleep so easily at schl especially at boring assemblies but not past midnight at friggginn 1;30 in the morning=ww= ohhh weeelll, since its holidays now i guess it doesnt reallly matter...though its still a bad thing cos theres knb tmorow, and if i do

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:wave:Hello darling I just wanted to let you
know that I was moving pages.
From here :iconthevalkerie: to here :iconbutterflyecho:
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Happy birthday!
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I love you!
How are you! Nice Page and gallery!:iconomgsocuteplz:
I'm here to invite you to my group >>:iconrjace1014-fanclub:<<
My invitations are full so please if you're interested on joining just hit Join our group and it'll be automatically boom a cute kitty screen (joke) XD
*Hugs*:iconaawplz: Please join!!:icononegaiplz:

You can submit everything from the group as long as they're related to Anime, Manga, Chibi, or Yukkuri(Anime Big Flying Heads)

Enjoy and have fun!!
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Hey there! I hope everything is ok with you! Take care!
NeSSA-chanXDHobbyist General Artist
thank you:heart:
hope you take care too=)
and the commish... i've got the sketch done... but its gonna take a reaaaaallly long time before i finish anythingTTwTT
ConcreteRose08-14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!

Take your time! It'll be worth the wait. Glad you got the sketch done, at least.