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Whale Render - Ruins of Atlas

Promotional and concept painting of a flying whale that will be featured in the game I'm helping to design with teammates in my university games collaborative group xD Haven't done painting in a while so the lighting looks kinda strange, but I still liked how it came out : D Painting inspired by :iconrhads:!

Go support the game and its creation over on Twitter : D…;

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This is so dreamy and beautiful. :) I always enjoy watching art where whales swim in the sky amongst the clouds, instead of in the deep dark seas. This really brings some Ecco the Dolphin vibes to me! I love the softness of the colour palette, the brush strokes being very relaxed and not too precise - except for the whale that is done in a greater detail. The whale looks like its got some goldfish fins! They fit! :D

The distant stars at the background are just the final cherry on top of this dreamy cake! :D Lovely work! 

Did you finish the game aswell? It sounded like a great project! :)
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Ahh thank you so much for your comment! 

Yeah I tried to go for something different, the original concept sketches were much more varied but this is the design my team decided on! 
The game was never finished, but where we got to it turned out pretty amazing, and I loved the progress we made. And for what it was it was pretty nicely polished, I think it would've made a really good game
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You're welcome! :D

That sounds pretty cool! Too bad that it was never finished but having experience on a project like that must've been useful in one way or another. :)

What kind of game would it have been? An RPG, action platformer or something else? :) The art style kind of reminds me of games like Phoenotopia, which is mostly one-man-project: it's free to play in Armor games!
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Oh yeah definitely, learning team working skills and practice for art, learning new styles and how to apply them within a game. It was all very useful, very fun, and very tough. My team were nice though, I had good people. 

It was a fantasy platformer rpg, and yeah we were trying to go for something different yet familiar. If you couldn't guess already, the main basis and inspiration for this game was Journey xD
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That sounds really nice. :) Team projects can be a hassle or downright a nightmare if you get a bad group around you!

I actually didn't think of Journey but now that you mentioned it, I can imagine why you would've went for that one! It is a gorgeous game, never played it myself but it is an experience. :) Adding whales or other beautiful sea creatures into a world like Journey certainly sounds like a gorgeous game!
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I guess you'd have seen the Journey aspect in the project we did if I showed other concepts, the whale obviously doesn't really show that influence in the character we chose for the main playable xD 

I might post the rest in future, but yes, it's a beautiful game!
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Yeah, Journey is more of a sand-oriented game, while this piece has more of a sky-ocean type of mood. :D

I'd love to see more of these project illustrations! I'll come and check them out if you ever choose to upload them!
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So gorgeous art!
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all i think when i see this is Re:Zero
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Wonderful coloring and highlighting on the whale!
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Whoa, this is a big departure from your usual stuff, looks really sweet, really love the hues of the clouds <3 
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Thank you so much!
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Nice design!
I find flying whales awesomes since I played Link's Awakening...
You used colors really good! Keep it up!
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I've not played that but I think I saw a concept for the whale once, it looked amazing O:
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Excellent work.
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