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Zorua Battle Entrance

A custom Zorua animated in the 4th Generation's battle entrance-style.

I figured I'd try spriting one of the newly revealed 5th Gen Pokémon, Zorua. It's a Dark-type Pokémon. Obviously I didn't have many reference pictures so some details might be off.
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mind if l use this for my avatar
StrawberryLove4Ever's avatar
Hey !

In a time, Can I use it for avatar?


Can I ?
DiegoFurro's avatar
GauntletPorsche's avatar
Looks really smooth
sm97's avatar
Your signature made me laugh so hard with this sentence xD
blackzorua's avatar
Can I use this as an screen saver?
Neslug's avatar
Is that even possible? Well since it's just personal use go ahead (though I have no clue why someone would want to have a sprite animation as a screensaver).
Nebelstern's avatar
Alariwolf1's avatar!!!
ZombiDJ's avatar
oh god i actually thought this was official stuff

if only the gamesprites WERE this good

you should totally work with nintendo D8
Neslug's avatar
But the Black & White sprites are animated, that has to count for something. Okay even if the backsprites are very pixelated, the fronts still look good.
ZombiDJ's avatar
still really good. im curious how you make them so smooth. ive done some really basic pixle animations but have yet to dare doing something like this lol
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Nice work with the sprite! Almost looks official :3
ChibiFoxKeh's avatar
Lombax-World-Creator's avatar
Y'know, guarantee there's a ton more frames in this than there are in the Nintendo sprites (there's like 2-3 max in those) :D
Awesome job!
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Is it ok if i may use this for my DA ID Image for a little while. Im tired of seeing that annoying starter pic or whatever its called.

If you say no then thats ok.
Neslug's avatar
I say no, this doesn't even say anything about you. I see, however, that you have already found one. Good for you then.
somefatguy1's avatar
well i meant that teeny one as the icon
Neslug's avatar
That's even worse. So no.
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Very cute. I love it. :)
fischkid13's avatar
Nice work, and good animation! Looks better than anything Nintendo can will do.
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