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Pokemon Type Meme

By Neslug
Aquamizuko's Pokémon Type Meme:…

Update: I may remake this someday now that there are more 'mons and most of my favourites have changed over time.

Quite possibly the longest amount of time I've spent on any one picture thus far. Drawing and colouring them all took around 12 hours, from start to finish. Phew, I'm beat!

Feel free to do this meme too, it was fun.
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The-Starry-true's avatar
yay finaly some one who like darkrai like me
LilNightFury's avatar
I like Darkrai too :3
Rain-Twister's avatar
Of course everyone chooses Steelix
Gengarfire1812's avatar
Elekid as ell. He's a cute little Electrical cord end!
Gengarfire1812's avatar
I like Deoxys ( I like speed form) and Weavile too!
Tossthegoats's avatar
Cool, my fav. steel type is Lucario.
Masterge77's avatar
I like how you drew Lucario.....
polarisdane's avatar
I Like Turtles XD I'm guessing you've seen that video?
Neslug's avatar
That's right.
ScarletLies's avatar
Darn, these Pokémon need to stop doing things to my stuff when I'm sleeping. xD
We will never be able to hide from Gyarados since it can live without water. :(
Ghrimm's avatar
"...this Pokemon will walk over your car and crush it when you're sleeping."

You just made me like Drapion.
Neslug's avatar
"It has the power in its clawed arms to make scrap of a car."

Now we know why there are so few cars in the Pokémon world.
Ghrimm's avatar
Exactly. Scary little beasty.
MrNintendoFan54729's avatar
YAY TOGEKISS!!! I sooo agree with Darkrai, Lucario, Torterra(on my meme), Weavile and Steelix(Jasmin Fan). Don't like Garchomp though (stuped dagon ladie). EXB
7Lucky7Ducky7's avatar
a flying gyarados...that image makes me lmao xDDD
Neslug's avatar
Uhh, surely you know Gyarados is Water/Flying type?
7Lucky7Ducky7's avatar
you have enlightened me♥ C:
IAMZIMAN's avatar
if any of these things were around they would destroy everything while we all sleep
DarkMetaWolf64's avatar
Flying Gyarados? o_o
Neslug's avatar
Gyarados is Water/Flying.
DarkMetaWolf64's avatar
Neslug's avatar
If only.


Or any other Pokémon site with the stats.
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