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GSC Hoenn Puzzle Panels

So, the original Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal had 4 of these stone panels featuring Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl and Ho-oh. I decided to create some more, this time featuring 3 Hoenn Pokémon.

Can you recognise the Pokémon? And more importantly, do you think you could solve these puzzles if they were presented to you ingame (before seeing them here first, of course)?

The top row is how they would appear ingame. The bottom row is how I originally made them.
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Just noticed. No Sinnoh tiles? Could make palkia dialga and girattina.
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I love these. Do you have any plans for kalos tile puzzles?
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Can't say I have plans for any more. I haven't had the drive to make GSC stuff like I used to, largely due to gradually losing interest in the franchise as a whole. Still make a thing or two every once in a while and I've updated many of the old sprites to look better, just haven't posted any of the new ones yet.
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Oh please post them. I love your work! And if you have the back sprites to go with them I'd love to be able to use them! I already have you marked down for credits. 😊
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Sent a note with the things.
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Thank you so much! These are amazing! 😊
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It's quite the kind of work that I love.
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mind if i use these i'll give credit.
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I'd love to see a fan-made remake of ruby/saphire in classic 8-bit style,or a possible expansion of gsc visiting those continents as well
you have talent o/
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Solving those puzzles aren't as hard. Even if you don't know what is on the puzzle you can stull match parts together pretty right.
You have some good "revamps". It is easily seen what pokemon is there.
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do you make more of them?
because they are so awesome that i want to see more =D
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lol, that's awesome
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Dude, like, no joke. You're blowin' my mind all over the effin' pavement with this level of sh*t you're producin' here. You're the cock of the walk my friend.
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Neat idea, and nice forms.
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The Relicanth looks like it'd be tricky. Most of the body sections don't look recognizable out of context and the bottom of it pretty closely lines up to the break in the tiles. The edges are easy enough thanks to the borders but I can see having a hard time figuring out the middle. Other than that minor complaint, pretty good.

Incidentally, for examples of badly made tile puzzles, play Avalon Code some time and RAGE at its many sliding tile puzzles with tiles that are virtually identical to each other and who's locations are visually interchangeable but must be in the right spot. They were not designed well at all.
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Neat, too bad i never really bothered with these puzzles in game.
Unown and all that.
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I don't consider a game beat until I've tried every challenge a game offers me.
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Shooooot, even completing the pokedex?
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Awww, awesome! :)
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Swesome dud! Great work :D
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actually quite hard puzzles. you can make them in a flashgame or something like that.
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