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Response Center 1110

A group photo of three of the residents of RC #1110. Or it would have been, if one of them hadn't been a kender. I don't know what's distracted him, but it must be bad if even Severe the mini-Aragog is trying to keep him from leaving.

I seem to have more or less gone over to this style of inking my lines before coloring. It makes cleaning up the image a lot easier, I have to say. I've also pretty much abandoned any pretense at realism. Not at this small scale, anyway.

Prismacolor pencils and Micron pen, 2009.

The PPC is the brainchild of Jay and Acacia, and is used with permission.
Agent Derik is mine.
Agent Earwig is shared between me and ~Diceanddagger.
Severe owns me.
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© 2009 - 2021 Neshomeh
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So, question (because I am a silly little girl who knows not a thing about the Pernverse)!

I see the marks on Derik's face (Threadscar? Threadscore?) seem to be in a sort of grid-like pattern. Is that a pretty on-target guess, or are the scars more... missmash, random, and/or wavy?

Just curious~
Neshomeh's avatar
Hey, no problem. {= ) It's actually supposed to be pretty random—essentially, he got hit in the face by a tangle of stringy stuff that "eats" organic matter. I just draw the scars crisscrossing this way because I'm lazy. >.> Also, I later decided they extend all the way down the side of his neck to his shoulder, like in the last panel of this meme thing, because it's pretty unlikely that there would be a tangle small enough to just hit one side of his face that he would be unable to avoid. They go up into his hairline a bit, too; he just grows his bangs out long enough to cover that part.

He's got some scars unrelated to Thread, too, if you need to know about them...?
KittyNoodles's avatar
That's what I thought - I did a little background reading to figure out how the scars might work (and Holy God, I can see why they have people to get rid of the stuff...) but both the hand-drawn pictures I've seen of Derik had the grid pattern, so I wanted to be sure.

So they're more extensive? Ah, no worries, I love drawing squiggly, random lines! It's actually how I pass the time on the few days every year when I'm so bedridden with the Flu that I can't get up for more than a few minutes at a time...

As for the other scars... Depends. At the moment I'm only planning to to a shoulders-included bust that shows off the scarred half of his face more than the unscarred half. And may or may not give him a shirt, because shirts and I have a love-hate relationship. And by that I mean we mutually love to hate each other.

ANYWAY. Yes. If any of his not-Thread-related scars might show up with a picture like that, I might need to know about those. :D
Neshomeh's avatar
Nah, other scars won't come into play for a bust. I know he's got one on one of his forearms (I forget which) from a snapped harp string, and some various dragonriding-related ones, but all below the shoulders.

Enjoy the squiggly lines!
KittyNoodles's avatar
I shall! Squiggly lines are amazing!
PsychoDemonFox's avatar
Very nice work. I like it. ^^
Neshomeh's avatar
Why, thanks. {= ) Are you one of the new folk on the Board? May I ask your handle over there?
RilwenShadowflame's avatar
Ugh, horrid spider. I like the Agents, but the spider makes it hard for me to even look at the pic for any length of time.
Neshomeh's avatar
What? You mean you don't find those big, numerous, googly eyes the least bit cute?

... Yeah, I'm not a fan of spiders, either, to be honest. ^_^; I don't know how agent!Neshomeh put up with it without suffering a nervous breakdown. At least now I'm safely stowed in the archives.

I'm glad you like the agents, anyway. {= )
Aww...I want to pet the spider! But I want to keep my limbs too...decisions, decisions...
Amazing work! Now to go find where that little one ran off to...
Neshomeh's avatar
Thanks! It's nice to hear from you. {= )

I wouldn't look too hard for Earwig. You might find that you're missing valuables instead. As for the spider, it's probably safe for you to pet him. He prefers to eat Mary-Sues and bouillabaisse.
2138's avatar
That's Earwig, eh? The potential for mischief just radiates from the image. :D And Severe is too damn adorable. Giant fluffy spiiiiderrr! :squee:
Neshomeh's avatar
Hehe. Yup, that's him. Thanks. ^_^
nueva-paz's avatar
My first thought was, "Eww, big spider..."

What's with the little person? Earwig is a very strange name. ._.
Looks good, anyway.
I like the shadows...>.>
Neshomeh's avatar
The little person is a kender. They're one of the races of the Dragonlance universe, known for being immune to the emotion of fear and for finding other people's possessions in their pockets--though any kender will swear that they aren't thieves. The owner of the object in question must have dropped it. The kender simply picked it up for them. (If you believe that, I'm sure they'd be happy to sell you a bridge, too.)

His full name is Earwig Slugthrower. *g*
nueva-paz's avatar
Ah. Something about that sounds familiar. Maybe you've told me about them before.
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