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Lo We Are Not So

God damn it, I was in love with this until I scanned it, and then all the problems just jumped the hell out at me. Nume's hand looks huge because I screwed up the wrist, and something about the head still isn't right, and I think his glasses would actually make his eye(s) appear smaller since he's farsighted, so the one showing is too big and maybe too high up in his face anyway, and I suck at coloring shadows on things I don't know why I keep trying and the lighting is all over the damn place and ARGH.

Ilraen, you're darling, and I love you for being so photogenic. Nume, you utter, utter bastard, one of these days I will get you to cooperate with me throughout the entire process if it kills us both.

*pant, pant*

Okay . . . rant aside, I really don't hate how this turned out. I'm just mad that it's not as good as I thought it was right up until I saw the scan pop up on my computer screen, when it was way, way too late. :slamhead:

This is the raw image that I'm using as a cover for a fanmix/playlist I've compiled for these two characters--the title of the mix is "Lo We Are Not So," and if you think about it for a minute or two, I think the meaning of the line will pop out at you like it did me when I first heard the song I've snurched it from (which is the last track in the playlist). The mix is available here at There's a track list, the basic cover image, and a full cover with track list that's big enough to print, if you feel like burning an actual CD.

Things I still actually quite like in this are the color of Nume's shirt, for which I thank *2138 for suggesting it to me, and the coloring technique in general. I've discovered the power of the Prismacolor blending marker, and it is glorious. Not only does it work like a charm and produce a really smooth blend, it saves my hand and wrist a lot of strain. Better results for less effort is a major win. Also, Nume really does look almost like he ought to, if you factor out the things I know I did wrong. Ilraen is of course a wonderful subject, as always. It's hard to botch the anatomy if you're making it up as you go.

Materials are my usual Prismacolors with a bit of help from a black micron pen and white gel pen.

Characters and art are mine and you can't have them. They need rather special care and feeding, anyway.
Andalites are the brainchild of K. A. Applegate, and this one is a poor orphan who wouldn't really fit in with his fellows.
The PPC concept is the creation of Jay and Acacia, and is used with permission.
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I knew I'd seen that alien before! It's an Andalite! Thank you sir. You made my browsing worth it.
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I don't know if you'll see this, but you're welcome, and thank you. {= )
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Actually, I'm farsighted and my glasses make me look like a confused owl, so... the eye thing isn't much of a problem. Ilraen looks awesome, in any case. The fur detail is great and now I'm all envious.
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Thank you--that's good to know about the glasses. {= ) I just figured since I'm near-sighted and my glasses make my eyes look bigger, it would be the opposite for far-sighted people.

As for fur, if you want to try what I do on your critters, I draw it like it is: an "undercoat" of my lighter base color, which I start very light and build up with firmer strokes (individual strokes only, no solid sheets of color--it's not as time-consuming as you might think) until the base color is where I want it, and then a "guard coat" of my darker color, which shows the basic contours depending on how much of the lighter coat still shows through. All my strokes go in the same direction depending on location. I put down white ahead of time where I want particular highlights and avoid going over them too much--just enough to give texture. The deep shadows were laid down last in this case, but I've been thinking it might be a better idea to put them down at the same time as my highlights to make them look more like shadows, less like smudgy dirt. >.> I may try that next time.

It helps to have a sharper pencil for the very top layers, but as you go down it doesn't matter as much, since the individual strokes won't be quite as apparent in the bottom layer. If your drawing isn't necessarily big enough to show individual hairs, you can just focus on the detail in certain places, and it'll give the same impression. For example, in this other drawing of Ilraen, I actually colored the base coat smoothly and used just my top color to provide the texture, and then only on his body where the hairs would be longer. In that case, you need a very sharp pencil for the top layer. (I also had fur on nearly all the brown parts there, but I've since changed my mind about how I think that should work; i.e., not on the torso.)

I hope that's useful to you. {= )
Great as usual! {:-)
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Thanks! Did you listen to the playlist?
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I'm just amazed at your ability to color hair/fur. Ilraen looks so soft. I wonder how he'd feel about being petted...
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I think he would stand very still and give you a funny look, but he might get used to the idea. ^_^

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I shan't comment on the anatomy, since you seem to have the issues well in hand there. But I have to say, I love the texture you have going here. Ilraen's hair--fur?--looks soft and strokable, and the sheen on the flying-pig badge is wonderfully realistic. You definitely have a gift for making these things look as if one could reach out and touch them.
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Thanks! At the very least I hope seeing where I went wrong will help you do it better. :D
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Good point. I may have to start over again after seeing this, though; Nume's been coming out too pretty in my drawings, and I think I need to add more Leonard Nimoy to the formula.

Ironically, the best drawing of him that I've managed to produce so far has been one of him socking Suicide in the jaw . . . XD
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Oh my god. {X D Please tell me you have that so I can see it. I've thought about attempting that little scene myself.
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I have it . . . sort of. It's in no condition to scan, dammit. With your blessing, though, I'll attempt to redraw it in a more palatable form? Hopefully this time Nume's face will cooperate.

BTW--Nume is a left-hander, right?
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It's not a big deal--I mean, I'd be happy to see a silly doodle if it's a silly doodle. If you want to clean it up, that's cool too. {= )

Yep, southpaw.
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Yeah, I really need to fix it; it was just a sketch, and my sketches tend to be comprehensible only to me, since I can go "Yep, that squiggly bit is the line of the spine, and that mess over there is his angry face." XD But if that's okay, I'll focus on that scenario from now on.

Awesome! Suicide hates fighting southpaws; they tended to die early in his day, so he never got any practical experience defending from that side. :D
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That sounds good to me. It fits my request of "doing something badass"--I think tempting certain death at the hands of an angry warrior counts. ^_~

Cool. Even more plausibility for him not seeing it coming and being quite shocked when it happened. :XD:
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This is an excellent picture, so stop beating yourself up about things like hands that no one can draw well anyway! The fine details in the hair (including on Supernumerary's wrist) are amazing and making me feel all kinds of drawing envy right now. The eye stalks totally convey the "constantly moving" imagery from the books, the way they twist and curl. Oh, and I like Nume's shirt, too. :D

Since you brought Nume's head looks to me like his face is trying to tilt forward, but the top of his head is sitting upright, so it sort of gives the impression that his face is getting ready to ooze off. But since I've never succeeded in drawing a human, I don't really want to criticize your anatomy too much!

Yay, new fanmix! *needs to finish burning the older ones*
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Thank you for the encouragement. I would be less bothered if I hadn't been so convinced I'd finally got it right the whole time, only to see things I should have seen earlier at the very last minute. It's frustrating, but I'll live--errors aside, it's still the best drawing I've done of these guys.

I think you hit the nail on the head about the tilting vs. sitting upright. I was going for a forward tilt, but any kind of noticeable perspective always defeats me, so this is what happens. The guy should--does--have a long face, but not because it's slipping off. That is a funny mental image, though. {X D

I love drawing the stalk-eyes. I seem to make them more and more curvy every time.

Thanks again!
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