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Ilraen: De-morph Fail

Poor Ilraen. He suffers from extreme difficulties when morphing, and he can't do clothing to save his life (or his partner's sanity). This is a scene in PPC Headquarters involving a series of practice morphs and a lot of destroyed Speedos.

The color of his face and the tan areas of his body came out darker than I wanted, but perhaps we can attribute it to blushing.

Prismacolor pencils, 2009.

Andalites are the brainchild of K. A. Applegate.
The PPC belongs to Jay and Acacia and is used with permission.
Ilraen as a character is mine.
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Yeah, a bit. But nobody's perfect. {= )
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His waist is looking a bit thin. It looks a bit odd where he's turning around.
BUT! The deer-ish part of his body looks great! Especially the back end area. I really like the way you drew the leg that's lifted. And the tail looks good, too. And his expression is great. X3
Oh and I love the coloring!
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I guess I don't see a problem with the waist. I figure there's no real need for the kinds of internal organs we humans have down there, so it's not much more than a column of muscle. Also, you're seeing that part of his body almost directly sideways, and if you've ever looked at me sideways, you know how narrow a waist can be. {; p

Anyhow, thanks. ^_^ I'm particularly pleased with the appearance of fur and light and dark on his lower shoulders, if that makes sense. On the deer-part.
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Well, I think the problem is it looked a little flattish to me, as in lacking somewhat in dimension. But, you have a point. I was thinking human anatomy, and, well, he's not human.
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Hehehe. Poor guy, the problems faced by nonhuman agents can suck beyond belief ...
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He doesn't have it as bad as S&S, though. At least he doesn't have horrible flashbacks or a ferocious little beastie supposed to be using him as a role-model. *g*
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Drake might get on well with Ilraen - he has some of the same problems that face shape-shifters. Drake can't shift much on his own, just cycle through varying proportions of human and fox, but he has a thing about misusing the Disguise Generator. His origins left him with one hell of an identity crisis, which is probably a contributing factor.
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