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This is Gall Knutson, a Viking from How to Train Your Dragon, dressed up as Hawkgirl from Justice League for Halloween. Here's why she's striking this pose with a mace:

Tom sighed in exasperation. "Must you all wield such dangerous weapons and scare people like that? I usually wield sinister demons from beyond this realm forced into service although they would love to break free and destroy me and anyone nearby. And I'm fine..."

Gall rolled her eyes at Tom. "Yeah, that sounds much safer. I'm sure that's never gotten horribly out of control. I, on the other hand, am in complete control of my weapon at all times." She showed this by extending her spiky mace like a sabre and poking it at Thoth's breastplate in what she fully realized was an absurd move, because she could.

In a sudden motion, Thoth [the Space Marine] grabbed the mace and snapped it in two.

—Events of the 2017 PPC Halloween Party

Drawn for the Character Drawcember challenge posted to the PPC Board.

Mechanical pencil, Prismacolor pencils, December 2017.

Edit (12.15.2017): Re-scanned and uploaded a less painfully over-saturated version.

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