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Angry Derik

Responding to a question of who would win in a fight, from the OC Art Meme.
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I know you said 'angry', but there's a definite gleeful hint to his face here. ^_^

I also want to say that I really like the way you handle Derik's scarring, both here and elsewhere, but especially here in the flat black/white. It achieves exactly the effect I think you're going for.
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Yeah, I agree with that. The downward tilt of the head that I was going for (and I don't think I quite pulled it off) makes the mouth look more bowed upward than it would if we were seeing him straight-on, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature. ^_^

This is definitely my preferred rendition of his scars so far, though I think they should be a little more scribbly, less grid-like.

Thank you for the comments!
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I think I've been mis-imagining Derik as being less muscular than he is.  Being more familiar with Phantom than Pern, I tend to think of him more as Erik than as a dragonrider.  I'll have to remember this next time I'm reading him.

(I have a few Pern novels so far, but I'm waiting until I get more before I start the series, so I can read them in chronological order.)
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Yeah, not only is he a former dragonrider, he's modeled on Gerard Butler, and that guy has some pretty buff roles. I don't know if he was buff for PotO, but still.

Ooh, neat! I suggest reading the series in publication order, though. Some stuff in the earlier novels gets retconned out in later ones, so starting with more recent books and then reading the original trilogy could be confusing.

Unless that's what you meant anyway, in which case, carry on!
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No, I do prefer to read in in-universe chronological order, even when it creates problems of that sort.  I like seeing a fictional world as a history, and getting a view of how things advanced over time.
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Hmm, that'll be especially interesting if you're including the Todd McCaffrey works in your reading list, since they come chronologically before the main series. An author's knowledge of the universe develops as they go, and then you get the variance introduced by someone else who has their own spin on it.

Well, either way, I'd love to talk more about it when you get around to it. {= )
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