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Agent Ilraen, color

So here he is, colored. I suppose I'll throw some grey walls in the background later on, I don't know.

The chief thing wrong with this color job is that I couldn't keep it in my head that Andalites do not have red blood. The problem is that I don't know what color their blood is. I've heard blue, green, and purple, and I really don't know for sure. {= P

People can argue with me about markings if they want to, but my story is that it was never explicitly explained what was meant by "blue and tan," that they began existence as prey animals, and that they have been compared to deer. So I used a deer-like pattern. And I like it.

Prismacolor pencils, 2006.

Andalites copyright K.A. Applegate
PPC copyright Jay and Acacia, used with permission.
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Ooooh pretty. I want you to draw Alec.
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Thanks. ^_^

Send me specifics and I... well, may or may not. Depending on whether or not the muse is with me. {= P

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I don't remember any mention of tan on Andalites, and I don't remember it from any of the book covers...if there was, I'm sure it wasn't very much. But I'm not saying this is wrong. Actually I kind of like it, especially the markings on his face. It makes him more unique The colors look nice and soft. He looks nice and fuzzy...almost makes me want to pet him. And I like the coloring on the tail blade, too. Very cool.
As far as I know there's never been any mention of what color blood Andalite's actually have. Just that Elfangor was shocked at the color of human blood. I always figured purple, just because of the blue fur mixed with red...It seems odd that it shouldn't at least be a color related to orange or purple...because it's the hemoglobin that makes it red, right? And that carries oxygen. And I think it's safe to assume that Andalites breathe oxygen, otherwise Ax would have had a problem.
I don't think it's a big deal, though, seeing as there isn't much skin showing.
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Our blood is red because hemoglobin contains iron, which is red (like rust) when oxygenated. (When the oxygen leaves the blood, it turns blueish.) Presumably there could be other compounds that carry oxygen--something wiht copper, maybe, which would make the blood green when oxygenated--but I agree that orange or purple might make sense if iron was still involved. Oh well.

I based the tail blade on cat claws. Unfortunately, it's one place where the color of the blood shows through. ^_^;

I'm certain about the tan, because it always bugged me that they never showed it on the book covers. *g*
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