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Lana of Lemuria
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Published: February 21, 2015
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It's finally time to meet Lana, my Golden Sun OC. Her design has more features of my style and my original world than Golden Sun but I hope you like it <3

Name: Lana
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: about 181cm
Element: Mercury
Hometown: Lemuria
Hair color: Turquoise
Eye color: Yellow
Battle style: Warrior
Classes: Mariner (at sea)| Pilgrim (on the land)
Weapons: Light Blade, Polearm, Staff (limited)
Body armor: Clothing, Robes
Arm/hand armor: Gloves, Bracelets
Head armor: Hats/Crowns/Masks, Circlets
Japanese name: Lana ( ラナ Rana)

is a lifelong sailor from Lemuria. Some circumstances made her leave her homeland and sail around the world on her own. During her journey she meets many people and learns about other cultures and is curious about everything. 

Abilities: Life lessons at sea showed her how to cope with many things alone. Depending on the situation, Lana wields light blades, polearms and magic staves, though she's a warrior type and is not an expert in using different casts but her own Psynergy as Mercury Adept. Her favorites are long-range weapons like: chakrams - easy to carry and quick to draw, and glaives /naginatas - when engaged in close combat. Lana's strong points are: Attack, Agility, balanced HP and PP

Appearance: Quite tall and physically strong, has some muscles hiding under the covers of clothing.  She has naturally a light complexion but got tanned a little from being a mariner. Lana has a long, turquoise hair, tied at the back the original way and her eyes are yellow. The colors of her outfit are dominated with dark amaranth. Other colors include shades of yellow, brown and blue, from dark to light tones. Her clothing is quite unusual even as for Lemurian, wearing layered sailor robes, long boots and veils, which one of them attached to her waist belt. When it gets colder, she changes her shorts (it's not a mini skirt!) to trousers and covers her head with a headgear.

Personality: She is a determined and free-spirited type, who isn't weighed down easily by life’s adversities. A restless soul, looking for the bigger adventure. Lana is kindhearted, outgoing, and communicative but when pushed too far, loses her temper and acts impulsively. She is a woman of action who prefers to do things rather than discuss them.

Biography(before the game story)
Lana comes from Lemuria, the home of the ancient civilization, hidden from the outside world on a fog-shrouded island located in The Great Eastern Sea. It's known that people of Lemuria age very slowly and that's why Lana appears to be a young woman but is much older than she looks for real. She was born a Mercury Adept and like all Lemurians has the characteristic turquoise hair, though Lana's hair is a one shade lighter and her eyes are yellow since the rest of Lemurian people have blue eyes.

She once had both of parents and lived happily but one day her father disappeared on his last sea expedition together with Piers' father. After that incident, Lana's mother and Piers' mother raised their children together, supporting each other and trying to manage with everything without their beloved men. That's when Lana and Piers became like real sister and brother and did everything together.

It was not easy for Lana to accept the fact that her father died at sea but she never lost her determination to see the world. Piers became more timid in nature after losing his father and didn't share the enthusiasm for sailing expeditions but Lana was the one who encouraged him to realize dreams and to never be afraid to aim high. Over time, their common goal was to become great sailors and leave Lemuria to see the outside world. Things got more complicated after the Senate passed a law that forbids Lemurians from leaving but it didn't stop our heroes from continuing what they started..

In Golden Sun: the Lost Age: Lana spends her time sailing together with her childhood friend and preparing for their escape. They know that the most difficult part is to break through the Sea of Time, the dangerous waters that surround Lemuria, full of whirlpools, treacherous currents and rock crags, so everything must be signed and sealed. 

They're almost ready to realize their dream but Piers seems to delay the voyage. Lana feels that something is in the air but she also knows that he is a type who must have all things settled, so she doesn't mind to wait a little longer. He possibly worries about his mother who was born with a weak heart, but after all, she won't be alone because Piers' uncle and Lana's mother will be with her. Besides, they don't leave Lemuria forever and according to plan, they'll return after seeing the world.

One day though, Piers doesn't appear at their usual meeting place and Lana finds that his ship is not docked in the harbor
. She decides to see what happened and shoves off. Followed by her intuition, she sails to the main sea entrance of Lemuria, an area of their earlier investigations, only to catch sight of Piers' ship being washed away by a tidal wave on the horizon. Without a second thought , Lana moves to action and rushes to help him but she gets carried along by currents too..

Her ship is driven far off course and she finds herself in the outside world. Lana initially feels unsure and disoriented but then she realizes the situation. Her dream has come true, she is outside Lemuria and can freely explore Weyard! Lana's excitement quickly mixes with fear when the ship is attacked by a horde of monsters and she is forced to dock at the unknown seaside. She'll certainly have an unforgettable experience.

Everything is new to her, the languages that everyone shares, cultures and local customs. During her journey  Lana meets new people, other
Adepts and unusual creatures. She is known for her singing performances which mesmerize the audience and is welcomed everywhere. Because she used to live in Lemuria her whole life, she makes acquaintances without any prejudices and keeps on getting dragged into many adventures.

It's not that she's forgotten about her home and Piers. Lana often thinks if everything is fine with their mothers and wonders what happened to her childhood friend. She even tries to return to Lemuria and navigate through the Sea of Time but a powerful demigod stands in her way. Lana is stuck in the outside world and can't do anything about it..

No more spoilers from now on!
To be continued :giggle:

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Golden Sun (c) Camelot & Nintendo
Art, design, Lana (c) Neshirys


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Love your use of costume art, love the color choices. Great energy and motion in this piece. Unique and pleasing.
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neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :blowkiss:
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Pretty kool but the flames are the wrong color.
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neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thanks! It's water, not flames~
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oh, thanks for telling me
and i had no memory of mentioning the color
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SteffelHobbyist General Artist
Whoa, what a lovely design and cool backstory.
I really like the colors you used and the layered look of her outfit.
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thank you so much! Glad you like my Lana :blowkiss: Here you can hear her voice -> [GSL 2.08] Nightfall by SkyberrySymphony
Creagan-an-Fhithich's avatar
Creagan-an-FhithichHobbyist Artist
This is a great character design!
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thank you!^^ I spent a lot of time on it =_o
Creagan-an-Fhithich's avatar
Creagan-an-FhithichHobbyist Artist
You're welcome!  I can tell!
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MrsVolvProfessional General Artist
I totally and utterly love her colors! *.*
Looks so pretty together, also the clothes and hairstyle are nice - love the design! :D
I hope I will understand her more when I actually play the game. :D

By the way, I think it would be nice if you made a turn-around references for your characters, at least back view, as sometimes they are hard to read having only front view(for fanart drawings and stuff). ^^
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thaanks!^.^ I had so much fun with choosing all colors 8D''
I put link on every name/phrase to make it more clear for people who don't know the series so you can read it as a normal story;3 But yeah, it's better to know the game!^3^

..and I also put a link to her back view reference in the Appearance section, look xD' Can add more like -> [link]

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Mister-23 Digital Artist
Nice personality you've put in this design.
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neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thanks!x> I went through the game script to make it all believable x3
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whitecrestwavesHobbyist General Artist
Omfg YES! Finally some Lana-Love. :love:
This is the perfect character reference, I can finally draw her without feeling like missing some details. Eventhough I seem to have misinterpreted the relationship between her and Piers, they're another kind of intimate than I had in mind. ;P
I love how well thought-out everything is, she's got a very balanced and detailed character and a believable background. Also I'm really happy that she finally gets to see the outside world, I wonder what happens next!
Also we share exactly the same body type, I should totally cosplay her some day ;D
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist
Thaanks! X3 I can say that more sketches and drawings will be uploaded only on my tumblr :giggle:
Aaah, like I said before, Lana and Piers are childhood friends so that's just how it is so far.. but! They were younger, now they're adults.. So who knows what the future holds..
You're not the only person who ships them soo.. I had to think about it. We'll see.. I'm just only an observer too :> And your picture is beautiful <3
 LanaxPiers by whitecrestwaves

[ and I'll reply to your note soon, I just need some days to finish overdue things and find my all notes about Zor^^' ]
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whitecrestwavesHobbyist General Artist
You are so mean ;D Soon you'll have me where you want me, for exclusive Lana content I might just be willing to crawl onto tumblr again. >:c

They just seem to fit together so perfectly! I'll observe with you and  I'll be crossing my fingers for the two of them the whole way. =P

Thanks, but I'd change a few things next time I draw her. Make her just as tall as Piers for one thing and give her a more mature and less childlike face on the other. I appreciate strong female characters when I stumble across them and I like to mirror that in my fanart. Look forward to my next drawing of  her <; Eventhough it's going to be ages until then, sorry D:

Do take your time, it's fine, dear :D
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neshirysProfessional General Artist
..Look what I got ;__; -> Something 'Mru, Mru' by katagro
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whitecrestwavesHobbyist General Artist
Omg that's so pretty! 'A' 
Now I'm inspired to make more Lana art myself, haha! I don't think we can deny that there is "something"  between the two of them now, hihi <; 
Also you are/were sick? Get well soon, hun :<
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist
I think the same!^^ 
Hehe, I see that people really see them together ^^;  Hmm.. I'm neutral with them but indeed, I can feel there's something in the air now..

Yea, a little bit.. but I'm fine now, really^^Thanks, Wavy *huuugs*
whitecrestwaves's avatar
whitecrestwavesHobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you're feeling better <3

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm finished with the sketch for something called "Just like old times" involving two pretty Lemurians.... Make of that what you will ;D
neshirys's avatar
neshirysProfessional General Artist

Oh my..oh my!! I..won't tell anybody you can show it to me!8DD But.. what if I loved it and would want to show the world?x3
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neshirysProfessional General Artist
My dev is only for official stuff, my tumblr for all things :giggle: rvmp 

Ayee! Thank you x3  And well, I'll keep my fingers crossed too~ Hope that people will like Lana, she is really okay^^

Strong female characters rock! Naruto Tsunade  I'm sick of sexism or weak stereotypes around!
Seeing some fanarts of my characters really gives me power!! 8D no problem, ah, take your time! Btw, I still must finish our art trade x3
And you cosplaying Lana.. aaaaa so intersting, hehe! ;DDD
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SkyberrySymphonyHobbyist General Artist
Omg this is awesome! I can't wait until I have time to read all that >w< Hopefully I'll be done with homework for the day soon :meow:
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