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The name of this has a double meaning for me. First off, the tempest refers to the storm that you can see. The other refrence is to the violin she's playing. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, hearing someone play the violin always feels like watching a storm reach it's height, then calm itself. Much like a storm.

(Please forgive me if there are any errors in this picture. The monitor that I'm stuck with has been on it's last legs for over a year now. :( )


Additional Stock:

George Crux [link]
Nicky Pekarev [link]
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10/10000 second
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44 mm
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Aug 24, 2004, 3:48:18 PM
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SirCrovaxHobbyist Artist
Perfect combination.
In this ocasion, a good piece to play considering that powerful background would be a Paganini's caprice. I would choose Paganini's 5th caprice.
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It's not everyday that I get a comment from someone so well versed in classical music. Thank you!
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Very beautiful work! I love the contrast of the violent, powerful storm, with the mournful somber of the lone violinist. As if playing to the storm as it's soundtrack. Very beautiful, thought provoking work.
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This is absolutely stunning. amazing.
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IconicImageryProfessional General Artist
Man I had faved this ages ago - and just faved it again :lmao:

I wish I could get this as a print - just gorgeous and a different style for you. Its very ethereal even with the tension of the tempest. Well done - I really love this one!


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I just realised I can't buy this as a print :( could you not get a model release? Love this piece though, it is still my favorite. But then my element is the ocean and my favorite instrument is the violin... hehe
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The other people that I got the stock from (the sky and the water) gave me a critique instead of what I asked for: permission to print it. I gave up on asking them. :(
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shefanhow1 Digital Artist
Very nice hun! Not like you usual style at all, its worked great :)
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Thank you! I know...I think I was kind of happy that day. Or possessed by some happy-demon. :P
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I love the atmosphere you have created here and the colour. Stormy and Peaceful... Magnificent :+fav:
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Thank you very much and thank you for the :+fav: ! :)
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This is very cool. Your right, the zoom makes all the difference in this. I like the foggy and misty look to this whole piece. Nice job.
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Thank you. :)
I wish I could post the larger version of this one, there's more detail in that, but people hate having to scroll. :(
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reminds me strongly of an Apocalyptica tune . . . how odd, huh? but it does . . . . so dark, so stormy, so powerful and so overwhelming. :D

just call me bizarre! but I do love this one . . . it calls to me . . .. like a siren . . .
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Wow! I haven't thought about Apocalyptica in such a long time!

Thank you for the :+fav: , hun! :glomp:
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I think of them often . . . and listen to them often as well! :D

you are always welcome, hun! :glomp:
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EndelvaProfessional Photographer
Very very good work. Emotional, with full atmosphere, very dramatic effect.
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Thank you. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you did enjoy it enough to :+fav: it. :) :hug:
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This is freaken awesome, hun!!
I love it!!!

You know Best Buy has monitors for about $50. I had to get one recently. If you don't have one near you you can order stuff on
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We've actually sworn off BestBuy. We have one near us and Michael once worked there. Not only do they treat their customers like shit, but they fired Michael for coming up 26 dollars short in his drawer. Not only was it a check that would be impossible to steal and cash, and someone else took his drawer before they counted it, Michael had more than that in his pocket and in the bank. *shakes fist*
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Ah, I see. The Best Buy near here is pretty cool, everyone is usually really helpful. Maybe a place like Staples or Office Max has a competive price on monitors. :shrug: I dunno.
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There's one place that we like to go, but it might take us a while to get back there. I guess after I get the remainder of my financial aid, I might treat myself to a new one...again. :(
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You should. I think it's important for your art and art is important.
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this is such a powerful piece. i definitely understand the title. i feel the same way about violins.
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