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July 6, 2008
Super Mario Bros. - World ?-1 by =NES--still-the-best is astounding. Check this piece out to be delighted and amazed.
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Nintendo 3D Mario



This is the main culmination of my work over the last 8+ months. I don't mean that this render literally took over 8 straight months to create, it's just that all my previous 3D SMB renders created in that time span served as stepping stones, leading to this final "8-bit magnum opus".

This is my 3D modeling take on the landmark 8bit video game Super Mario Bros., for the original Nintendo. I tried to cram everything but the proverbial kitchen sink into this render (unfortunately, I can't really find a way to incorporate Bowser, Podoboo, and Blooper in this deviation). Here's a 3D SMB scene with Bloopers in it, so they aren't left out:

Everything in this deviation is 'built' by plotting cubes side by side, not that unlike if I were to build everything with Lego blocks (which I'd like to try doing soon, if money permits). Many have asked what program I used to make this...I used Bryce 5; Bryce is the only 3D modeling software that I use for my voxel Nintendo renders.

Infinite thanks to all those who comment on, fave, download, and use this desktop wallpaper.
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