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Nintendo 3D Mario

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This is the main culmination of my work over the last 8+ months. I don't mean that this render literally took over 8 straight months to create, it's just that all my previous 3D SMB renders created in that time span served as stepping stones, leading to this final "8-bit magnum opus".

This is my 3D modeling take on the landmark 8bit video game Super Mario Bros., for the original Nintendo. I tried to cram everything but the proverbial kitchen sink into this render (unfortunately, I can't really find a way to incorporate Bowser, Podoboo, and Blooper in this deviation). Here's a 3D SMB scene with Bloopers in it, so they aren't left out:

Everything in this deviation is 'built' by plotting cubes side by side, not that unlike if I were to build everything with Lego blocks (which I'd like to try doing soon, if money permits). Many have asked what program I used to make this...I used Bryce 5; Bryce is the only 3D modeling software that I use for my voxel Nintendo renders.

Infinite thanks to all those who comment on, fave, download, and use this desktop wallpaper.
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AshleyGamer1995Student Digital Artist

Good old Mario.

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blinkingstarBSHobbyist Artist
wait, that wouldn't work... cause in the game, you have to jump on top of the pipes to get over them you don't just waltz on by and say its part of the background...
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
That still looks very nice and impressive to this day. :D
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AmbergrisComicsProfessional Traditional Artist
A very cool work I remember this game from my childhood.
roamingtigress's avatar
All the memories flooding back. Fantastic piece, I love how dead on you are with the original game.
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MissGameandWatchHobbyist Digital Artist
love ur work :iconheartcontainerplz:
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KSmithArtwork Traditional Artist
reminded me of the Super Smash Bros. Melee stage :) Good work
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XenoniaHobbyist General Artist
This is so cool! Nostalgia trip!
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eclexpHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it, I feel like creating a group for all kind of 3d redesigns, I love them.

I did the group, please feel free to join, I will feature your work :) remakes3d.deviantart.com
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wow. Takes me back to the good ol' days.. :D
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squirrelyjoelHobbyist Digital Artist
3dnes update looks great!
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befree2209Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesome!
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iftikhar555Professional Digital Artist
hmmm awesome
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Genie92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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cheyrasProfessional Artist
That's pretty cool, man. Voxels are fun.
SEMarketing's avatar
SEMarketingProfessional Digital Artist
Sweetness! Would love to see Nintendo make this type of 3d version of the classic Mario.
EvilPowny's avatar
EvilPownyHobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful looking :D
PlushyPony's avatar
Awesome. I love just staring at this one, lol. :)
MarioFan835's avatar
I created an account just so I could say how awesome this artwork is
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CherryCandyRedHobbyist Digital Artist
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ArtBasementHobbyist Digital Artist
My god yes, it's amazing.
Syzygy26's avatar
Amazing!  Simply amazing!
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