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Mario 3D



*Update: I just released a straight-ahead version of this 3D SMB3 render:

The first few screens worth of what a player would see when playing Super Mario Bros 3, for the original 8bit Nintendo, after having entered the "1" space from this screen. This is the beginning of Level 1-1, except that everything in the game is now fully 3D voxel modeled (built with cubes). We'll soon see if the 3DS ends up doing something similar to this with their retro NES & SNES games. SMB3 is an 8-bit video game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom in Japan.

I think this might be the second best 3-D modeling effort I've done so far (Ice Hockey being the best). This makes for an excellent wallpaper; I left plenty of room in the upper right for a ton of desktop icons to go, without them interfering at all with the picture.

I hope there's some people out there that'll enjoy this wallpaper and will consider using it for their desktop background. Feedback, ideas for improvement, and criticism is always appreciated.
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I hope you make 3D models of worlds 5 6 7 8 and Welcome To Warp Zone soon.