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Frogger 3D

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I might add a couple things to this render, like an alligator at the home base area, but I figured I better strike while the DD iron is hot. :laughing: This is the Konami arcade video game classic Frogger, completely redone in 3D via voxel (volumetric pixel) modeling. Hope you like it; still have many arcade classics (uh-oh, I'm branching out from just the NES) like this to finish up over the next several months. Before anyone else, this is not made from Lego bricks; it's also not made in Minecraft, nor is it made for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. :laughing:
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Emoticon: Washington's Mind = Blown

Awesome concept.
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wow I loved frogger I played it all day. It looks amazing gr8 job
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frogger was amazing when i was a kid ^^
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there is an exact flash sourcecode that would work for published png sequenced sprites - [link]
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Would be awesome if you could even play this in this view!! GJ!
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Oh, man. This is one of my favorite arcade games of all time! Ever since my dad introduced it to me through the famous 1997 game when I was a kid, I have adored this series! I've seen other attempts at taking the original look into 3-D, but you, sir, have made the best!
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There IS a Frogger 3D out there, you know. It's for PC, and it's quite old, too old to play on the most recent PCs (were talking Windows 95,99 ladies and gentlemen).
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Well, it works, but the in-game music usually won't, for some odd reason.
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But it's also on the original PlayStation. If you've got a PS2 or a PS3 that can use such old stuff, look for it in that format. I wouldn't know if it's a downloadable title or not, as I (unfortunately) have never owned such systems.

Still, I'd recommend the PC version, as arrow keys feel more natural than a control stick or a D-pad for a game like this. Also, the PC version is more generous with the default life-count for some reason. And, it has no load times. (Yes, the PlayStation version makes you wait so it can load the levels!)
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Would you possibly be able to supply the objects used in this wallpaper for a Super Smash Bros. Brawl stage hack? You would be credited for it.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl hacking is entering a new era, with model importing now a reality. See what other people have made so far if you wish:
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I, myself, have worked out a Brawl moveset for Frogger. Too bad a hack like that is way too far off. Oh, well. Maybe, I can use it for Super Smash Flash 2's set of expansion characters!
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Well, it's not as far off as you think. We'd only need a model and an animator. A program called Brawlbox allows for easily importable and customisable characters and stages in SSBB now. And I rip game models as a hobby, so...
Keep an eye out for future awesomeness. ;)
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Well, the "Frogger" I'm thinking of is from 1997, and that model is a little... shall we say... "outdated"?
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Maybe the Konami-era Frogger would be a better choice for an import. I was planning on ripping Frogger from then GCN title, "Evolution Skateboarding."
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There's gotta be something that can be done to build a Hasbro Frogger!
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I particularly like the way the vehicles and the fly look in 3D.

Thanks for reading.
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The bulldozers remind me of buzz lightyear :P
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Oddly enough now featured on gamespy... I don't remember so much magenta in frogger though that time bar makes me wonder how this would look animated.
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Niiice! This is one of your best ones! :D I love Frogger.

You have a real nack for making old 2D pixal-ish games really appear 3D while keeping them true to their original blocky sprites.
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Haha you've just made me wonder about the upcoming 3DS games... xD
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Awesome :D Nice art based on the old 80s video game I played god knows how many times. :)
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I have featured this image here: [link] nice work :D
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