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3D Zelda

A slightly angled version of this 3D voxel modeled render of the first dungeon in the original 8-bit Legend of Zelda game, made by Nintendo:
Made in Bryce, thanks for looking. Make sure to expand the image to full size or just click the download image button, or else it will look like blurry ass.
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Nice, great work recapturing every detail, every enemy, and object placement of the "Eagle" Labyrinth. It's amazing.
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Totally awesome!!
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I think you should've made the blue tiles in the northern part of the dungeon a lot deeper since in-game Link can't cross without the ladder.
Dunno... just would make sense to me. Otherwise, a very detailed piece!
NES--still-the-best's avatar
I took your advice and made the cobalt blue tiles more 'pit-like'. Some more changes have also been made to this. I'll get around to uploading these "fixed" versions onto dA soon. Thanks for the tip.
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<3 <3 <3
I particularly like how you did the Stalfos' blades. The decorative statues and Aquamentus look fantastic.
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This makes me want to play a zelda game with these types of graphics!
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how called your programm?
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it reminds me of that youtube video in vr:…
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Oh gosh this brings back fond memories from childhood. Great job!
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