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He knew it was possible, he had seen others doing it before, he knew how powerful they could be… They could help him improve his magic even further. He stared at the raining falling from the sky, the sun just started rising on the horizon. Today was the day, he had decided, he would test his magic and make himself stronger, guarding himself against all that was out here, in the great wide world. From the leather pouch he often wore around his neck when he went outside, he took the small, bright coloured feather he had found in Glenmore, not far from the ridge. It was blue and green in all kinds of shades, and the moment he had found it he had had the feeling that it already possessed some magic of itself. He let the feather fell onto the ground, but before it reached the soaking wet ground, he murmured a few words, and made it water repellent.

Once it was laying on the cold, wet rock-floor of the Ridgeback mountains, he nuzzled a little, slightly blue coloured rock towards the feather. He had picked the tiny rock carefully too, making sure it was as perfectly round as possible. With his magic, he attached a little bit of water on the tiny rock, a small layer, before freezing it. He froze it so hard shut, that he could hear the ice cracking softly. Than he added another thin layer of water and did the same. He did it over and over again, letting the rain pour on the growing, ice-cold stone. Slowly it took the shape of a raindrop, or teardrop… he wasn’t sure yet. It took him a long time to freeze the water so hard that it didn’t immediately start melting again. But by adding layer by layer, the core of the ice stayed solid. When he was content by the shape and size of his imitated raindrop, he froze it hard one more time, making sure no ice crackings were visible on the outside. It looked like a polished stone like this. But he knew it wouldn’t stay like this long, it would slowly turn to water again if he didn’t do anything about it.

He opened the leather pouch again. He had made that pouch from a dead rabbit, he had found a fox eating the year he had arrived in the ridge. From that same rabbit, he had also taken the membrane of the bladder. Thin as it was, it was completely transparent, very stretchable and yet stronger than you would expect such a tin membrane to be. With utmost care he lay the cleaned membrane on the ground and pushed the frozen raindrop-rock on top of it. Slowly and carefully he then closed the membrane around it, tying it together with one of his own tail hairs. When he was done, he once again reached out to his magic, making the membrane fully water repellent and able to keep all the cold inside. Than he tied the little raindrop-rock to the feather with a small piece of leather.

When he was done, he admired the result. It looked exactly as he had hoped it would, it had a magical feel to it already. And yet, Solban was not yet done… the hardest part was yet to come. The roan stag took a deep breath and focussed only on his magic, reaching out to the water, the force within the water, trying to grasp it, touch it, bind it. It took Solban longer than he had anticipated, to force the magic to his will, but slowly he could feel the strain of magic going from the water, through his body. With his nose he touched the feather and raindrop-rock, pushing the magic out of his body, into the feather and raindrop. The magic resisted at first, not willing to be bound to an object. But Solban pushed on a little bit more, and he felt the magic slowly dripping into the small objects infront of him. At once, he decided it was enough, he could feel it was enough. He broke the contact with the water, forcing it to stay in the in there.

For a moment he just stood there, eyes closed and empty, tired. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out again. Than he opened up his eyes, first noticing how high the sun had already risen in the sky… it was almost midday… Than he looked at the feather and raindrop in front of him. His heart fluttered for a second, the whole thing seemed the have gotten an extra sort of shine, a soft glow of magic underneath the surface, and Solban knew he had done it. He had made his very own charm.
:bulletblue: Winter - Year 760 of the new age
Glenmore - The ridgeback Range

Wordcount: 797

Solban Is making his very first Charm! I kind of had fun describing in so much detail how he made such a design, and how hard it is to direct his magic where he wants it! I hope all is okay like this, because I know using polished stones is not allowed/costs bacon. But as you see, he doesn't use any polished minerals ;).

Yay for Solban. Now back to the story I was supposed to write about him!

Solban (C) me
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