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Cold winds were rising from the west, a lonely wolf howled somewhere in the deep darkness of the blackwood. But apart from the last leaves rumbling on the high trees, the air was empty of sound. Dark clouds were forming on the horizon, creating heavy packs of shadows on the ground, winter was almost upon the western isles. But not yet, even though he had been late Solban had realized he needed to visit blackwood before the winter started. He was basically out of all of his herbs, there were a lot of herbs he could have found in Glenmore too, which would have been the safer choice by far… but he would miss out on the blackoak, which was his basic ingredient for almost every potion or healing method he used. This trip had already been a bad idea to begin with, because everything in blackwood always tried to kill you, especially the wolves and the stags, and he hadn’t liked the one encounter he had had with an ice-bear either.

So Solban tried to stay well out of sight, but this was difficult in Blackwood were everything was so tall, and there was so little underbrush. The deeper he ventured into the dark forest, the more difficult it became to hide his trail and to go unnoticed. Luckily this was not the time of the day when a lot of blackwoods went far away from the main herd, but he had to be carefull still. The wind started howling louder in his large ears, but he found what he was looking for. Carefully he tore the oaks black bark off the tree, and collected it in one of the pouches around his neck. Even during his collecting, he kept checking his surroundings for any signs of danger, but so far found nothing concerning. When he had stripped the tree of its best parts, Solban moved on in the dark forest in a slow trot, trying to touch the dense, in leaves covered floor as softly as possible to muffle the sounds of his hooves. He made only little progress for the day, but it didn’t matter, he hadn’t planned on coming home soon anyway. He kept his eyes open for some foxglove, willowreed and bluegrass, which always came in handy.

The dark clouds came closer every minute and Solban knew it would be raining within moments. Hr really didn’t’ care, he was actually happy about it, it meant more water around him so more he could use to defend himself. After picking some foxglove, he thought to hear something near to him, the muffled sound of hooves hitting the forest ground in a slow walk. But when he listened again, he couldn’t hear them anymore. He had probably just imagined it, he was so paranoia these days, he reflected upon himself. The ridge had done that too him, he had never been so scared when he had still lived in the relative safety of the oakfern caves.

He trotted onwards, collecting some herbs here and there, when the first raindrops started falling from the sky. It was only a light drizzle, but more heavy rain followed soon enough. The small drops grew bigger and bigger, forming black, muddy pools all over the forest floor. With a quick spell, Solban made his coat and herb pouches water repellent, and carried on. But not short after, he again heard hooves, pretty near to him, but the scent of the rain seemed to drown out the smell of any fawnling nearby. Yet he was certain there was someone, or something, out there, and it was way too close for his liking. Quickly he looked up, searching the surrounding around him for a sign, but none was found. Slowly Solban started retreating, back against a large blackoak stop someone from sneaking upon him. Than he heard it again, the hooves, but this time only one pair, and the hooves sounded light and small for what he was used to in the Blackwood territory. Solban twitched his ears back and forth, trying to  locate the sound of the hoofbeats, but the rain made it hard to make sure, and the dense forest seemed to absorb every sound it the near surrounding. He looked around him bewildered, all his senses were sharp and ready to attack if needed, he had filed his rack extra sharp just in case he would need it here… especially for in case he would run into a blackwood stag… those had something to make up for.

But he didn’t let his thoughts drift off any further, and kept gazing in each direction quickly, he had the feeling he was being circled by another fawnling, because the smell of predator he would have surely recognized, as well as the different sound between paw and hoof. For a second, Solban could smell another fawnling, but than it was gone again, and he wasn’t sure if it had really been there in the first place. But whatever it was… it was coming closer, closer still. The sound was now clearly coming from one direction, something was approaching him from the direct front. Solban lowered his head, and pushed his rack forward, ready to charge without a warning if needed.

And then, as if out of nowhere, there it was: the origin of the sound. Right in front of him, only a few leaps away, stood a small doe, no bigger than he was himself. Her dark reddish dun coated shone under the light coat of drizzle, roaning out on her body just like his own. A single pronged horn sprung from her forhead. Her long semi-light mane, were braided up against her neck and wolves teeth hung from them. They gazed at each other for what seemed ages, Solban hid his feelings well behind an ice cold mask, but the doe showed obvious signs of confusion as she whispered to him ’Solban?’ , she came closer, curious and without any sign of fear or anger. Solban let her, as he could not believe his eyes, he could pierce his icy-eyes in the doe’s, until he finally was able to say the word, hesitating, loathed with anger and sadness, fear, misunderstanding, grieve, hate and so much more he couldn’t even begin to describe. It came out like a whisper, but the whole forest seemed to shiver and even the howling wind seemed to stop for a moment,  as he said it ’Mother…?.
Solban and Glydam (NPC)
:bulletorange:  Late Autumn - Year 761 of the new age
Blackwood - Near the ridgeback range
Wordcount: 1086

When I had first created Solban, I didn't know yet wether his mother was killed, or well, she just left him. When I came back on DA after sometime, and had Solban come back from the reclusement, the start of an epic little story came to my mind... and so the idea for solbans mother came into my  mind. Here both you as reader, and I as writer, will finally find out what happened to Solban's mother Glydam! I am super excited about it =D

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Solban (C) me
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