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Part I: The Stags
Solban stood shivering in the endless cold, snow was falling all around him and the wind was as cold as icicles. This winter was a harsh one, even for blackwood standards. But Solban didn’t care how cold it was, how much he felt like he was as frozen on the outside as on the inside. He had been traveling for the full winter now… all around blackwood. He had been surviving on waterthistle to keep his body heated, although it made his vision blurry if he ate too much. He was thinner than he had ever been before, his body was all skin, bone and muscle now, not an drop of fat was left to keep him sheltered from the cold. He had travelled long and far, and he had finally found what he had been looking for… a stag, a large dark bay stag. Solban was slightly disappointed when he had first laid his eyes on him a few days ago. Yes he was big, and yes he had a large rack, but he didn’t look terribly muscular or strong. So this was the amazing Kiernan… the stag who had seduced Solbans mother into being an oathbreaker. Solban licked his lips nervously and stared at the dark bay in the distance for a while longer. It had taken him the full winter finding this stag, ever since he had killed Glydam. That however, was the reason they were both here. Kiernan was looking for is small mate and bastard son, because they had turned missing in autumn. An evil grin crept over Solbans face, but he quickly turned his face into a cold mask again. The previous few days, another stag had accompanied the blackwood stag on his search, but he had left to go look after his own spawn. He had promised to come back in a few days, that gave Solban the time to pick a fight with Kiernan only, which was better. Solban knew he was a strong magic user, speedy and not easy to tire out, but taking two stags twice his seize on… he knew that would be too much, certainly in his state.

But now the moment had finally come… the moment to finish what he had started. With the wind and snow in his face, he crept up towards the bay stag. Approaching him in the back, making sure the stag wouldn’t smell or see him. ‘Show Time’ he whispered to himself. Nimbly he jumped between the wet slippery rocks, from one tip to the other, landing softly so the blackwood wouldn’t hear him. He closed in on him quickly, as he was just walking, almost aimlessly throughout the white landscape. With a few last quick steps, Solban was right behind him. He puffed out his chest and jumped forward, on his coldest tone he spoke ‘Hello there Kiernan’. The stag turned around rather slowly and looked down at him. How Solban despised being looked down at, for one second he thought back on his first fight with a Blackwood stag… that one he had barely survived. In a way, this stag looked actually rather similar, also a bay… a bit smaller maybe. For an instant, Solban felt a deep fear rising inside of him, afraid this fight would end similar… with Solban in a lot of pain. But he stood his ground, and he promised himself this would be different.

‘Hello small stranger’Kiernan answered with a deep voice, after an endless silence. The wind seemed to slow a bit, but the snow was still falling turning the already pale rocks shining white. The stag stared at him for a while with empty eyes. Solban had anticipated on questions, aggressive behaviour… but the stag seemed calm, even empty. ‘You seem to know my name. May I ask yours’ he asked again in his deep voice, but even though he asked the question, he didn’t seem really interested in the answer. Solban answered that question with a long silence in return, this was a game two could play. ‘You  might actually know my name already…’ Solban spoke ‘I am Solban, son of Glydam’. Kiernans eyes shot wide open and took a step forward immediately. ‘Glydam! Where is she!? Is Largo with her?’ the evil grin played on Solbans lips again, not just evil… cruel even. ‘Largo is with her yes… and you will soon join them’, the way he spoke, the things he said, there was no way Kiernan could not understand what he meant. His eyes grew even wider listening to what the small stag had to say ‘You… please tell me you have them captive’ Solban smirked and Kiernan knew enough. ‘Your Mother… your own mother’ he whispered softly, some tears formed in his eyes. ‘WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU!?’ the dark stag thundered at him ’ DON’T THEY TEACH YOU ANY RESPECT IN THAT GODFORSAKEN HOLE!? CAN’T YOU EVER LOVE ANYTHIN… NOT EVEN YOUR MOTHER’ . Anger and disbelieve flashed through the Bay’s eyes. ‘The traitor got what she deserved, she was not worthy of Gealachs gift’ Solban sniffed. Kiernan stared at him, turning from angry to raged ‘You don’t deserve to live’ he said softly, scraping his large hoof over the hard, besnowed ground ready to charge. ‘I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR KILLING HER!’ HER AND MY ONLY SON’ . And then he dashed forward kicking up small snow storms in his raging canter ‘Don’ slip’ Solban taunted, as he jumped away from the stag sideways ‘that would make it too easy’.

The large stag turned around, ready to charge the tiny stag again, Solban spread his legs, standing strong but nimble, ready to jump out of the stags way again if needed to. ’I’ll Kill you… I swear’ Kiernan cursed, blinded by rage. ‘Come on than… Let me finish what I started ’ Solban whispered, the bay pushed his large rack forward and charged at him again… in for the kill.  

Part II: The Fight
The fight wasn’t a long one and it would not have been a very exceptional one if Solban hadn’t been half Kiernans seize. It was a clash of two stag, who fought to their bitter end on a canvas of white, falling snow.
Kiernan was so angry he didn’t even consider trying to work his magic to win this battle, it was very simple, he just wanted to see blood, and he wanted to see it now. Solban on the other hand was cool minded, and he was in luck… the source of his magic was everywhere around them. And even though he wanted to win this on physical strength, he reached out to the water nonetheless. It couldn’t hurt to have a backup, if his body would fail him.
It however, never came to that point. The large bay stag charged him face forward, as if the fight an opponent as large as him. Solban didn’t even try to meet his frontal attack, but he jumped sideways, and immediately launched an attack of his own. He pushed his rack, which was tiny compared to his opponent’s, hard towards his shoulder, trying to do serious damage to the legs. Kiernan was heavy built and though strong, not very nimble. Solban dug his rack deep into his right shoulder, and before Kiernan could even twist his head to return the favour, Solban had already jumped aside, kicking up snow in the big stags face.

The bay retreated quickly, obviously considering his options ‘you fight like a doe’ Solban taunted him, the bay growled in return. ‘Even Glydam was harder to kill’, the smaller stag was jumping all around Kiernan so quickly, it made him dizzy. ‘SHUT UP!’ but the small one continued ‘Even your halfblood son had more to say in battle, he at least didn’t scream as much when I killed him’ ‘SHUT UP! I’ll GET YOU!’ the stag charged again, limping slightly on his injured leg, but it wasn’t enough to slow his immense weight down. This he expected Solban to jump away, so he twisted his head from side to side when he was almost upon him, with the hoped effect. Solban was too late realizing the stags tactic and got hit by the large rack, leaving a bloody mark in his neck, which made him yelp in surprise, jumping backwards.
But within seconds, Solban recovered from the shock of being hit, and jumped away, keeping his neck in a slightly strange angle. ‘Is that all you can do? At least Glydam did put up a real fight… but yeah, hadn’t expected much more from you blackwood scum after all’.  ‘DON’T YOU DARE TO SAY THAT NAME EVER AGAIN’ Kiernan’s voice thundered like a heavy storm. But Solban wasn’t impressed. He searched for a spot a bit higher up, and when the large stag followed him up, he turned around and scraped his hoof against the cold, hard, pale, stone. The snow was getting less, it was already turning dark on the horizon, in the far distance, a lonely wolf was howling at the slowly appearing moon. As one stag followed the other higher up on the rocks, the a crazy shine showed In the eyes of them both. Kiernans shone with the a raging craze, where Solbans shone with cruel, cold, lunatic craziness.

When Kiernan came close enough, Solban launched himself at the big stag with all the power he possessed. Kiernan, who had not yet found his balance on the slippery rocks, met Solbans attack face front, their racks entangling. He fought very hard to stay on his feet, but Solban smashed his hooves in his face while trying to get loose from their knotted racks. He lost his balance, slipped first with his right back leg, and soon his left followed. Before they knew it the two stags rolled down hill together, rolling over each and the sharp rocks painfully. But when they lay still, they racks had untangled and they both got up quickly, although bruised and bleeding, neither seemed to feel it. The adrenaline made their hearts race and their body insusceptible for pain as their fight was nearing the conclusion, it wouldn’t be long now anymore, no, not long at all.

Part III: The End
Underneath a purple sundown, in a landscape of pall rocks and endless snow, two stags where circling each other, both waiting for the other to strike. The sound of their hooves scraping against the cold hard ground, was the only thing in that broke the silence. Their eyes were locked, their body tens, their mind focussed. This was it, the moment when it was going to be decided, the final strike, and they both knew. Neither of them seemed to want to strike first, both took an defensive pose. ’When I am done with you, I will break all your four legs… you’ll be meat for the wolves, that is the only purpose scum like you can serve’ Kiernan whispered raging towards the smaller stag. ’No one should kill his own mother, no matter for what reason. You broke the laws of nature, freak… monster’ he whispered again, but Solban did not seem to listen to him anymore. ’NOW DIE YOU WATERRAT’ Kiernan yelled, and he raced towards the small stag as fast as he could. His heavy weight made him rather slow, but it was that same weight that could crush Solban’s small body in an instant. Solban jumped aside and ducked, pushing hard on his backlegs and jumped towards Kiernan again. Kiernan had seen him coming this time and moved out of the way quickly. But when he did so, he could feel something rather strange on his backlegs, they seemed to grow more cold than the rest of his body. When he wanted to look what was happening, Solban eagerly launched another attack on him, this time from his left side. Kiernan tried to jump out of the way, but felt his backlegs where stuck to the icy ground, he stumbled and fell to his knees. That was the exact moment Solban had been waiting for… he released Kiernans legs from his icy trap, Kiernan immediately tried to get up, but Solban was too fast for him. The oakfern roan reared up high and landed both front legs just behind Kiernan’s skull. A loud, sickeningly snap echoed over the desolated pale grounds as Kiernans neck broke under Solbans weight. For one moment, time seemed to slow down and Kiernan fell in slow-motion, until the heavy body hit the ground and Solban knew it was truly over.

Solban stood over his fallen opponent for a short while, catching his breath. Then he slowly turned around, walking away from the large, dead, stag. He did not once look back, feeling released of a heavy burden. His past would never come back to get him anymore, all his demons had died now.
Solban and Kiernan(NPC)
Largo, Glydam (NPC's) and King Skoll (the thing about the blackwood stag he lost from).
:bulletwhite: Late Winter - Year 761 of the new age
Blackwood – The pale Caves
Wordcount: 2176
Follows on: Sons Mercy

Because of the new blackwood rules, and the danger coming with that, I decided to upload solban's story as one piece... so it only has to be rolled twice. As it is winter, and it is snowing, and Sol is really high in stats, I don't thing he will have much risk, but I want to make sure I won't have to kill him anytime soon ;).

So Solban finished what he started... he decided kiling just his mother and half-brother wasn't enough, and killed his mothers lover too. What else would a grumpy little oakfern like him do anyway? He has now left his demons behind and will never have to face or think about them again.
Solban is getting older and older, and he and his grumpy anger are growing on me more and more, I love the fact that I am able to write dramatic stories like these about him. Hopefully I won't need to miss him anytime soon!

Solban and story (C) me
© 2017 - 2021 nerwen-wilwarin
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