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Solban limped heavily, two of his legs hurting badly, one even on two places. He felt broken, fragile, weak. He had lost, and his body showed the signs of that. His hind and his shoulder were bleeding, he was wet and covered in blood. He had ran far enough now, he could stop, lay down, die.

The thing was that nobody knew what had happened. Which was  partly a good thing. At least now he could go back to the herd telling he had slain the dirty blackwood, even though it had been a tricky fight and he had barely survived… it was better than having to take the shame, blame, and hearing he had lost from a dumb blackwood for the rest of his life. The bad side about no one knowing where he was and what had happened, was that he really badly needed help, he really needed a healer.

He limped, shocked, frozen and boiling inside, at the same time. Adrenaline was still running through is veins, his heart was pumping like crazy. He was dizzy, could not hear well and could not run. And he was angry, he was so damn angry with the dirty blackwood. He was in a terrible position if any animal wanted to attack him right now. He had to find something to stop bleeding, and he had to rest. He took a deep breath and smiled to himself when he finally saw the rainforests of Oakfern in sight. It was dangerous, snakes, shadowcats… they would lurk him. But the rainforest held multiple herbs that could get him to stay alive long enough to visit a healer. Near a small pool he stood still, collecting little bits of water out of the lake, washing himself clean of the blood stains. The bleeding was however, not getting any less. With his last bit of energy, he collected the blood in his power, and froze it, very carefully. It formed a hard ice-blood-crust on his shoulder and hindleg, where the blood was still flowing out. It hurted, it was so cold, almost too cold… but it was the only way for the moment. He could not risk attracting animals in this stage.

He entered the rainforest on the last of his breath. He was exhausted, only his anger kept him going. Not losing any blood anymore made his vision more clear, but walking was difficult with the terribly cold, painful legs. He kept focused on his environment as good as possible, using his ears as antennas for any sort of danger. His eyes and nose other another job to do. He was looking for the tiny plant with the red little spikes… the bloodnettle was always hard to find, but it was the only plant growing here with healing properties. Solban had never cared a lot for healing plants, he was too stubborn to carry them with him, thinking he was nearly invincible. The blackwood stag had proven this to be different. In his mind Solban relived the fight again and again. He had nearly won… nearly won. Yet it had not been enough, for he was also nearly killed. Fool he whispered to himself, he wished he had brought his pouch with healing herbs with him, instead of leaving them in his cave. Stubborn fool he thought to himself once again.
But then his nose picked up the smell he was searching for. The rustic, bitter smell. He disliked it, he disliked it a lot, but he knew the properties and he knew it would solve his problem, for a while. He used his eyes to check his surrounding, smelling the air to locate the plant. It costed him long enough to find it, and he had to admit he was disappointed when he found it. Hidden away behind a big leaved, dark green plant, almost covered under the dense moss. A baby plant, a tiny tiny bloodnettle. So small… he could only hope it would suffice.

Carefully he pushed away the big leaves and with the tip of his tongue he thugged the plant from the ground. Making sure he did not ingest any of the hallucinating saps, he softly crushed the little leaves between his nose and hoof. He melted the ice blood crust on his hind and carefully adjusted the tiny prickly leaves to the wound on his shoulder. It hurted when he added the leaves, Solban crushed his teeth together to not scream out, but he continued, knowing it was the only way. Than he lay down on the warm, tropical moss, and adjusted the last little bit of the small leaves to the wound on his hindequarter, where the dark magic fox had bitten him. Now he just had to stay awake, he had to stay awake! The wound was open now, attracting predators… he could not fall asleep, that would be his grave.

But his eyelids became heavy nonetheless. The anger seemed to be fading from his head and blood, the adrenaline no longer rushing through his veins. The wound was hurting of course, but his exhausted body made him forget that. Now it just needed rest. Stay awake! his head told him again, and he tried to, he tried to so badly. He tried to concentrate, to see, to feel his surroundings. He tried to focus on the face of the one he had lost to a shadow cat… Eleanor. Eleanor… remember what happened with Eleanor Solban could become a prey of such a dirty creature just as easily. Oh he hated the blackwood stag… he hated him with all his heart for destroying Solban like this. His body, his pride, broken down. Again he remembered how he had nearly won the fight, and he wondered if his last ‘shot’, a big ball of blood, had found its target. He surely hoped so, the stag had been too forgiving, too merciful. But even the thought on his loss, both in battle and on the shadowcat, could not keep him awake long Stay awake… remember Eleanor he thought again to himself. But he could not, he felt his eyes close and no matter how hard he fought, they would not open again. He felt himself, sailing away into the darkness, of a long lost dreamland, full of losses, shadowcats and sad memories.
Year 755 of the New Age, Autumn
Oakfern - The warren/Rainforests

Follows on: Strenght and Water

Just a little story on how Solban is trying to safe himself after losing a fight with his much bigger opponent Skoll. Falling asleep is a bad idea in a forest full of predators, but he needs to lie down in order to keep the healing plants on the wound. Lets hope nothing bad happens... soon to be continued!

Solban (C) Me
Skoll (C) :iconsivr: and :icondodgermd:
© 2014 - 2021 nerwen-wilwarin
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Awman, Skoll, look whatya did! Now he's doing stupid stuffz! Dun get eaten Solban, dun get eaten!
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hehe, we will see that soon enough=)
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Solban, what are you doing? That's dangerous!!! :o
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Solban is an idiot ^^'