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Young Justice - Guys

From left to right: Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin, Superboy

The show "Young Justice" is all around EPIC. There will be a "girls version" of this once the final team member appears. Right now it's only Miss Martian with FOUR (moody) GUYS for team mates. Poor thing :P

Anyways...the little quotes aren't actually from them. The quotes sum them up in a nutshell and are from me :D Also, "Supie" (Superboy as Kid Flash calls him) is standing on a different plane. He's not stomping or something. The four drawings were separate and I forgot about it :bucktooth: Sorry. Oh, and while they are drawn to "scale" they aren't drawn as if they're all really standing there together. That's why Robin's cape isn't moving as KF is running by.
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Kaldur is moody in season 1?
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yeah, im the BEST! woo!
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naw, dude. IM the best. we all know it.
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lol at Connor's
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Cool. "I'm the best. EVER." That is cool
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XD Oh gosh, this is so accurate. :D "I'm the best. Ever." Love.
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And then good ol' Soupy's just like RAWR I'M GONNA KILL SOMETHING
Love love love :)
yes, Yes, YES, AND YES!!! so much yes!
WOW! i am overwhelmed.....
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I have a crush on robin
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Fyrebyrdgoddess's avatar
Fyrebyrdgoddess's avatar
No kidding I love his eyes (the few times we see them that is)
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Omg the downtime episode is by far one of my favorites just because of the bruse and dick moment. I was really looking forward to maybe seeing his eyes in season 2 but sadly no :(
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Lucky I havn't seen that one yet


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Rbin is definitely the best. Ever. :3
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I agree with Dick.
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yes, robin. You are definitely the best
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Love it! Robin you sure are the best, no one can disagree XD
Supey could also have said "I. Hate. Monkeys." XD
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