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Participating in the challenge.
Choose your favorite mythological creature! )
Mine are somewhere there,too at the 3d or 4th page.…
Decided to make a sketch a day or once in 2 days. Hope, I'll have enogh wish, time, strength and a gentle kick also. Sletches may be found on tumblr.
When you draw colour - you draw lights and shadows, warms and colds.
When you draw black-n-white you draw spots and lines.
When you make a sketch you'd better watch you angles and curves.
Jees, WHY do I always forget about it ?!
Watching some works by  different directors, animators, artists I come to the conclusion that I am losing the best years of my life for empty things. But I can not sleep less. (
I watch, but rarely comment on and say "thanks for favs. Am I bad? Perhaps! But for the first and last time I say: you have awesome works! You are positive! You are cool! Thank you for faving. Cheers!