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My appologies to those who have favored my picture "First Kill". This picture has now been removed by the DA staff because it depicted a penis that appeared to be erect. (maybe it appeared to be erect because it was erect) I will definately avoid this violation in the future. Meantime there are still pictures in my gallery that maky "appear" to violate this rule and weather or not the DA staff deletes them is something that is beyond my control. So I would that any pictures that you don't want to lose be downloaded to your hard drive.

Angus is a member of my Women Triumphant Over Men Yahoo group who has sent me e-mails from time to time. Recently he mentioned that he would like for one of the men who gets beat up by women to be named Angus. So I made up a character named Arrogant Angus and did a new video called Pugilant Petra versus Arrogant Angus. The guy in that vidio will now be his alter ego in future videos and the woman in the picture will be the alter ego for Petra. I decided that it would be neat if I could find three more guys who would like to be represented by an alter ego.  I am also looking for about two more females in the group  to be an alter ego.

Thus for we got Pugilant Petra, Arrogant Angus, Brutal Bruno and John the Skull. So if any of you ladies would like to be one of these alter egos, then you will not be required to do anything other than indicating that you are interested, and you will receive a free copy of all the videos produced in this series.

Any ladies who are interested should contact me at: