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Just One Small Step For A Woman!
By Nerraw
Bianca Ballbuster takes on three men in the boxing ring.

Scene 1: The confrontation at a cocktail party.

The cocktail party is being held to celebrate the first successful year
of the Woman's Boxing Federation. The party is being mainly attended by
the female boxers and their dates. But the festive mood has been somewhat diminished by the fact that three very large and brutal looking men have
crashed the party. Each of these three men is very muscular, and it is
obvious that they are into weight lifting and body building, and that they
are all pumped up with steroids. The women at the party are very offended
by the arrogant and obnoxious manner of these men, and by the T-shirt that
each man is wearing.

The first of these three men is Mike Macho. He stands six foot nine
inches tall and he weighs two hundred and seventy pounds. And
printed across the man's broad muscular chest in big bold letters are
the words, “I AM A MALE CHAUVINIST, AND I AM PROUD OF IT!” The names
of his two chums are Chuck Chauvinist and Sam Sexist. Chuck Chauvinist
stands six foot seven inches tall, and he weighs two hundred and fifty
pounds. The words “DATE RAPE - THE SPORT OF REAL MEN!” are printed on
the chest of this man's T-shirt. Sam Sexist stands six foot eight inches
tall, and he weighs two hundred and sixty five pounds. The words, “MALE
SUPREMACY”, are printed across the chest of his T-shirt.

All three men have been drinking and they are both obnoxious and
crude in their constant attempts to hit on all of the women at the
party. But the women are even more offended by the fact that these
men are constantly ridiculing and putting down the whole concept of
woman's boxing. It was just inevitable that these three men would
have a run in with that most ardent spokeswoman of the Woman's
Boxing Federation, Bianca Ballbuster. Bianca stands five foot one
inch tall, and she weighs one hundred and ten pounds. Big Mike's
penis begins to swell inside his pants as he gazes lustfully upon her
firm round breasts and her voluptuous figure. He approaches her
with his usual rude and crude line. “Hey sweet buns!”, he bellows at
her in his deep gruff voice, “What are you doing tonight? I want to
fuck your brains out!”.

Bianca looks at Mike Macho like he is something that the dog had
left on her front lawn. “Get lost, creep!”, she replies to him. She is
much offended by the derisive comments that he and his two pals
had been making about the Woman's Boxing Federation and by the
T-shirts that the men are wearing. Mike looks upon Bianca's cold
rebuff to his sexual advances as a threat to his masculinity and as a
blow to his fragile male ego, and he lashes out at her in his anger.
“You fucking man hating, castrating cunt!”, he snarls at her, “You
think that you are just as good as a MAN!”.

“I don't hate men!”, Bianca replies coldly, “In fact I think that every
woman should OWN a man! And I don't think that a woman is AS
GOOD AS a man, I think that a woman is much BETTER THAN a
man! Now just what have you three punks got against woman's
boxing anyway?” A very angry Mike Macho proclaims passionately,
“Boxing is a man's game, and you women should devote your efforts
to the things that you are good for, such as cooking and cleaning and

Bianca can contain her anger no longer. She challenges all three men
to fight her in the boxing ring. She leaves them with no opportunity
to back out of it without loosing face in front of everyone at the
party. It is agreed that Bianca will fight each man one at a time and
one after another. The three boxing matches will take place on the
following Friday night in the Woman's Boxing Federation arena, and
Bianca's friend, Linda Libber, will act as both the ring announcer,
and as the referee. It is also agreed that the three boxing matches will
be video taped.

Scene 2: Friday Night Fight - The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes

It is Friday night, and an audience of about eight hundred people are
on hand to observe the three bouts. The women in the audience are
here to root for their heroine, Bianca Ballbuster, and most of the
men are rooting for their three champions, Make Macho, Chuck
Chauvinist, and Sam Sexist. Bianca's first boxing opponent is to be
Mike Macho, and many of the men in the crowd have offered to bet
women hundreds of dollars that their champion, Mike Macho will
emerge triumphant over Bianca Ballbuster. Women accept these bets
eagerly since the odds are ten to one in favor of the male chauvinist

The three men enter the arena first. As the male chauvinist bullies
parade arrogantly up the aisle towards the ring, the voices of the
Village People is heard singing “MACHO, MACHO, MACHO
MAN!” The male spectators cheer and the women boo as the men
climb into the ring. They strut arrogantly around the ring as they
alternately flex their massive biceps and they beat their barrel like
chests with clenched fists. The sound of their fists beating against
their big bull chests is like that of a massive base drum that can be
heard even in the farthest corners of the arena. Then the three men
fall silent as the firm assertive voice of Bianca Ballbuster is heard
from the back of the room as she utters a terse command, “HEEL!”

Bianca Ballbuster receives a thunderous ovation from the women in
the audience and cat calls and wolf whistles from the men as she
enters the arena. For she looks absolutely magnificent in her skimpy
two piece leopard skin bikini and bare feet. There is an expression of
haughty pride, great courage, and fierce determination upon her
stunningly beautiful face as she struts down the aisle of the arena
with her head held high in a posture of absolute arrogance. As
Bianca walks down the aisle towards the ring that is in the center of
the arena, she is followed by her faithful and obedient slave, Macho
Manson. Though his head is bowed in a posture of humility and in
token of the total reverence and respect that he has for his Mistress,
he still towers above Bianca as he follows obediently at her heels.
And now it is the WOMEN in the audience who yell the cat calls and
wolf whistles. For Macho is stark naked, and his throbbing erect
penis sticks up in the air at a jaunty angle revealing his passionate
devotion to she who is his Mistress. The words “I AM THE
clearly seen tattooed across the big man's massive chest in bold dark
blue letters. The voice of Helen Reddy singing “I AM WOMAN,
HEAR ME ROAR!” blares over the public address system as Bianca
and her slave march down the aisle.

As Bianca arrives at ringside, she barks a terse command at her male
slave, “STAY!” The three men in the ring glare at Macho with
expressions of anger on their brutal faces as he instantly freezes in
his tracks in obvious obedience to Bianca's terse one word
command. “You are not even MAN enough to keep your woman in
her place!” Sam Sexist growls. Bianca points her finger at the edge
of the ring. “DOWN!”, she demands tersely. Macho drops to his
hands and knees at the edge of the ring and Bianca steps on his back
as she climbs up onto the apron of the ring and then she climbs
through the ropes and into the ring.

Now all four of the boxers are standing together in a group and they
are posing for the video cameras. The contrast between Bianca and
her three male opponents is absolutely stunning. Each man towers
above Bianca and it is quite obvious that all three men are much
bigger and stronger than she is. Each man wears a brief tiger skin
bikini bottom that reveals his massive hard muscles and his rippling
washboard stomach. Their thick soled sandals with the wide leather
straps that crisscross up to their knees, make these men look like
barbarians of some ancient bygone era. The enormous size and
strength of these men, their coarse brutal bearded faces, their broad
muscular hairy chests, and most of all, their arrogant contempt for all
living things other than themselves, make these three men the very
symbol and the icon of the male principle and of all that is masculine.
On the other hand, Bianca's petite figure and her graceful beauty
makes her the very picture of femininity.

These three men act very arrogant and contemptuous towards
Bianca. Each man flexes his massive biceps as he poses for the
spectators and for the video cameras. The male spectators cheer and
the women boo as each man makes a grandiose kind of speech just
like the wrestlers on television often make. The male spectators
cheer and the women boo as each man brags about how he is going
to kick Bianca's sweet little ass when he gets in the ring with her.
The men are not wearing boxing gloves at this time, and they beat
their chests with clenched fists as they talk. The sound of their fists
beating against their burly chests is much like that of a base drum
that can be heard even in the farthest corners of the boxing arena.
There is an expression of haughty pride, defiance, and fierce
determination on Bianca's stunningly beautiful face as she listens to
the arrogant boasting of the three men.

“What is the difference between Mike Macho and a horse's ass?”,
Bianca asks the crowd when the men have finished making their
bellicose speeches. No one knows the answer to her question. “Mike
Macho is the one who is going to have my foot on his chest when
this fight is over! Because I intend to put his big steroid bloated ass
down for the count!” Her words draws cheers from the women and
derisive laughter from the men in the audience.

When at last the first fight is about to begin, Mike and Bianca are
facing each other inside the ring. Chuck Chauvinist and Sam Sexist
are standing just outside the ring and they are cheering for their pal
Mike Macho. At this time all four of the combatants are wearing
boxing gloves. Big Mike is confidant of a quick and easy victory
since he is so much larger than his female opponent. This total
mismatch between the two combatants becomes even more apparent
as Linda Libber announces both the height and the weight of the two
fighters. “In this corner, standing six foot nine inches tall, and
weighing two hundred and seventy pounds, Mike Macho!”. The men
in the audience cheer their champion, and then their cheering turns to
wolf whistles and cat calls as Linda continues making her
announcement. “And his opponent! Standing five foot one inch tall,
and weighing one hundred and ten pounds, Bianca Ballbuster!”.

At last the bell rings and the fight begins as the two boxers approach
each other in the center of the ring. Big Mike stands there in the
center of the ring as he boasts of how he is going to kick the living
shit out of that uppity little cunt. “When this fucking fight is over,”
Macho bellows at Bianca, “you are going to wish that you had
stayed in your fucking place in the fucking kitchen where all of you
fucking women belong! Because I am going to knock your fucking
head off, cunt! And after I have knocked you out cold, I am going to
FUCK you right here in the  ring in front of everybody! And

Suddenly his bellicose boasting is cut short as Bianca snaps a stiff
right jab into the big man's face, and he staggers backwards,
stunned. The enraged bully charges Bianca swinging his fists wildly.
He aims a right cross at the petite little woman's face that would
have taken off her head had she not nimbly ducked under it.

Bianca counters by shooting a hard left to the big man's gut followed
by a right cross to his jaw. Mike attacks her again and again, but
each time she manages to out maneuver him and to get the better of
him. She soon has her much larger male opponent staggering around
the ring on rubber legs. By this time it is obvious that she has him
hopelessly out classed in terms of speed, agility, boxing skill,
intelligence, courage, and just plain moxie. The women in the
audience are yelling for Bianca to “KILL HIM!”.

Chuck Chauvinist and Sam Sexist are frantically yelling for Mike to
turn this around, and for him to “KILL THAT CUNT!!” Although
they can see that Mike Macho is getting the living shit kicked out of
him, they still hope that he will at last triumph over Bianca Ballbuster
in the end because they have blind faith in the superiority of the male
over the female. These men are totally outraged and shocked that
this uppity little female could possibly be doing this to a MAN!

Bianca snaps a right jab into Mike Macho's already bloody and
battered face, and then she rocks him with a left cross that almost
sends him to his knees. “Now I am going to put your big steroid
bloated ass down for the count!”, Bianca hisses at him through
clenched teeth as she moves in for the kill. It is only the feeble
remains of his stubborn male ego and his masculine pride that is
keeping Mike from going down as Bianca rocks him with three fast
punches to his face.

Linda Libber starts to move in and stop the fight and to declare
Bianca to be the winner by a TKO. “NO!”, Bianca protests to Linda
Emphatically, “I said that I was going to put his big steroid bloated
ass down for the count, and that is what I intend to do!” Linda
complies with her and Bianca continues to use her much larger male
opponent for a punching bag. She backs Mike Macho up against the
ropes and she pounds his chest and stomach. She alternates lefts and
rights to the side of his face, causing his head to swivel back and
forth. At last she ends it by smashing him in the mouth with a solid
right. Big Mike falls sideways to the canvas, and then he rolls over
on his back and he lies parallel to the ropes.

Linda Libber counts Mike Macho out. The women in the audience
give Bianca a thunderous ovation as she steps forward and she
places her right foot firmly upon the big man's chest. Linda grabs
hold of Bianca's wrist and raises her glove in token of victory as she
makes her announcement. “The WINNER! By a one round KNOCKOUT! Bianca
the Cock Killer Ballbuster!”

Chuck Chauvinist and Sam Sexist stare in shocked disbelief as Bianca poses
for the video cameras with her dainty little foot planted firmly upon
Mike Macho's massive chest, and with her arms raised high in the air
in token of victory. They are totally dismayed that this petite little
woman has beaten a much larger male opponent at his own game.
Seeing this man who had been the symbol and the icon of the male
principle and of all that is masculine, totally demolished by a mere
female has been a crushing blow to their fragile male egos. The
female spectators are cheering wildly, but most of the men in the
audience are silent and subdued. Many of these men can be seen
handing over large sums of money to the women that they have
made bets with. Throughout the arena, the cameras of the news
reporters are flashing like a forth of July fireworks display. During all
of this wild commotion that is taking place in the boxing arena, the
Victrix maintains her classical pose of victory with one foot planted
firmly upon the massive bull chest of her vanquished male foe, and
with her arms raised over her head as though she were a triumphant
Gladiatrix in the ancient Roman arena.

Next it is chuck Chauvinist's turn to step into the ring with Bianca.
But to the consternation of the spectators, both men jump into the
ring and both men begin to attack their one small female opponent at
once. Even the male spectators are now booing these two men for
their unsportsmanlike like conduct. Linda Libber is just about to come
to Bianca's aid, but Bianca tells her to stay out of it saying that she
needs more of a challenge anyway. Once again Linda complies with
her and the petite young woman proceeds to fight her two much
larger male opponents at once.

It takes all of her agility for Bianca to avoid being hit by either of her
two male assailants. At first her main objective is to evade the
punches of the two men. The men attack her again and again, but
each time she manages to out wit them and to out maneuver them.
Sometimes she manages to counter with a punch to a man's face or
stomach. Gradually the superior endurance and stamina of the
woman begins to assert itself and she begins more and more to take
the offensive. Even the male spectators in the audience are cheering
for Bianca now as she takes on her two brutal male opponents.
During the entire fight, Mike Macho remains laying flat on his back
on the canvas, and it is obvious that the big man is still knocked out

The two men charge upon their one small female opponent from
opposite sides. Sam Sexist aims a viscous roundhouse right at the
side of Bianca's head that would have taken her head off had she not
ducked under it. But he misses the agile amazon, and he punches his
partner, Chuck Chauvinist, in the face by mistake, and Chuck
staggers backwards stunned. Bianca counters with a stiff left jab to
Sam's gut followed by a right uppercut that sends the big man
staggering backwards into the ropes. She turns to face the advance
of Chuck Chauvinist. She sidesteps the right jab that he aims at her
face, and she smashes him in the mouth with a solid right. She
follows up with a left to his belly and then with a right cross to his
jaw. As chuck staggers backwards, he trips over the unconscious
carcass of Mike Macho, and he goes down.

While Chuck Chauvinist is still struggling to get back on his feet,
Bianca concentrates her attention on Sam Sexist. First she shoots a
stiff right jab into the big man's face followed by a hard left to his
gut. Just as Sam starts to double over from the impact of the punch
to his belly, Bianca lands a perfect right cross to his jaw. Sam's eyes
roll up under their lids, and he spins around one hundred and eighty
degrees, and he falls forward into the ropes. He remains hanging
draped over the top rope without moving a muscle. Bianca has
knocked the man out cold as an ice cube.

But Bianca has no time to gloat over her knockout victory over Sam
Sexist. For by this time, Chuck Chauvinist has gotten back on his
feet and he is upon her. She ducks under the left jab that is aimed at
her face, and she rocks him with a left right combination to his head.
Chuck now realizes that his partner, Sam Sexist is no longer in the
fight, and he starts begging for mercy. “I give up!”, Sam cries, “You
win! Please don't hit me anymore! I've had enough!.

“You think that date raping a woman makes you a big tough macho
man?”, Bianca hisses at Chuck through clinched teeth. She is
referring to the T-shirt that he had been wearing at the cocktail party
that had the words “DATE RAPE - THE SPORT OF REAL MEN!”
printed across his chest. “My friend, Janice, had been date raped,
cock!” There is an expression of sheer terror on the big man's face
as he frantically cries out for mercy. “NO! Please!”, he cries, “Have
Mercy! Plea.....”.

“This is for Janice, punk!”, Bianca cries furiously as she drives a
solid right into his stomach. As Chuck doubles over she straightens
him up with a left uppercut under his chin. As Chuck's back is
arched backwards from the impact of the uppercut, Bianca lands a
right left combination to his gut. Just as the big man starts to double
over, Bianca lands a perfect right to his jaw and he goes down.
Chuck Chauvinist lies face down on the canvas without moving as
Linda Libber gives him the ten count.

Bianca prods Chuck's ass with her bare foot, but she is able to
observe no reaction from him. She rolls him over on his back with
her foot so that he lies next to the unconscious body of Mike Macho.
The triumphant Gladiatrix prods the man's face with her foot, but
she is still not able to get any reaction from him. At this time Mike
Macho and Chuck Chauvinist lay side by side and flat on their backs
on the canvas. They lay parallel to the ropes and near one side of the
ring. Sam Sexist hangs limply over the top rope on the opposite side
of the ring.

The crowd give Bianca a thunderous ovation as the triumphant
female boxer first places her foot upon the broad muscular chest of
Chuck Chauvinist and she raises one arm high in the air in token of
victory as she poses for the video cameras. Then she stands with her
left foot upon the chest of Mike Macho, and with her right foot upon
the chest of Chuck Chauvinist. She raises both gloves high over her
head in victory as once again she poses for the video cameras.

Bianca approaches Sam Sexist who is still hanging limply over the
top rope on the opposite side of the ring. She plants one foot on his
buttocks and she shoves him forcefully forward into the ropes. He
bounces off the ropes and he staggers backwards across the ring for
several steps before he falls back across the bodies of his two palls,
Mike Macho, and Chuck Chauvinist. The three men now lay in a
neat pile near the edge of the ring like cord wood stacked before a
winter's fireplace. “The Winner!”, Linda Libber proclaims loudly,
“With three solid one round knockouts! She who strikes terror into
the hearts of all male chauvinist pigs! Bianca the man killer

Now as the audience continues to cheer wildly, Bianca places her
right foot upon the big bull chest of Chuck Chauvinist, and she raises
one arm over her head in a victory pose. “This has been a glorious
day of exaltation and triumph for a WOMAN!”, Linda proclaims,
“And a humiliating day of agony and defeat for three MEN!”.

At last Bianca steps up and places her left foot atop the big muscle
bound chest of Sam Sexist and she raises both her arms on high in
token of victory. Thus she now stands with her right foot upon the
chest of Chuck Chauvinist, and with her left foot placed upon the
chest of Sam Sexist. The Cheering of the male spectators is a
deafening roar and the women are singing “I AM WOMAN HEAR
ME ROAR!” by Helen Reddy. The cameras of the news reporters
flash all over the arena like a massive aerial artillery barrage. “That is
just one small step for a woman,”, Linda Libber proclaims, “but one
giant step for woman's boxing!”.
Male vs female boxing.
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