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Machismo the Giant
by Nerraw
A young five foot tall Amazon warrior fights a fourteen foot tall giant. * * *

Introduction * * *

My name is Mike Machismo, but here on this savage world I am known as Machismo the Giant. The Federation of Male Dominated Planets has sent me here to be the champion for the cause of Male Supremacy in the battle of the sexes. They had chosen me as their champion because the people on my home world are more than twice as tall as the people on this planet are. On my home planet I was just a normal man who stood five foot nine inches tall. But here on this planet I am a fourteen foot tall giant! I was further chosen for my muscular build, and because I had a reputation as a bully who liked to push women around.

Until just a century ago, this planet had been firmly held in the iron grip of male supremacy. All women had been slaves who enjoyed the same status as a horse, or a goat, or any other domestic animal. Man's treatment of the women on this planet had been both cruel and brutal and he had ruthlessly kept her subjugated and trampled down beneath his big callused foot.

Then a small but ever growing band of warrior women that were known as Amazons had formed to rebel against the brutal oppression of male supremacy. At first it had seemed that these women would have no chance to succeed in their rebellion against the apparently invincible men of the mighty Male Chauvinist Empire. The men had seemed to have every advantage over the women as they outnumber them by a ratio of more than three to one.Also, the average man stands a full head taller than the average woman, and he is about fifty pounds heavier than she is. The man is much stronger than the woman, as he is able to lift about fifty pounds more weight than she.

But the Amazon women had fought with great cunning and with a fierce courage and determination. The proud and arrogant men of the Male Chauvinist Empire had suffered many humiliating defeats at the hands of those that they had always believed to be the inferior weaker sex. It soon became apparent that the women of this planet were superior to the men in terms of speed, endurance, agility, fighting skill, intelligence, courage, and just plain moxie. It was with great alarm that the men of the Federation of Male Dominated Planets realized that it was just a mater of time before these many advantages of the woman would at last triumph over the man's single advantage of greater size and strength, and that he would fall before her even as the mighty bull would fall before the fierce tigress in the jungle. The scientists of the Federation had predicted that it would be about one hundred and fifty more years before the battle of the sexes would be over. And that the woman of this world would place her foot upon man's chest, and raise her arms high in the air in token of absolute victory!

This would of coarse be a catastrophe to the men of the Federation of Male Dominated Planets. This primitive planet was located in a very strategic position. The triumph of woman over man on this barbaric world would cause this entire arm of the galaxy to fall under the control of the Gynosupremist Alliance. Something had to be done!

I had been very proud to have been chosen by the men of the Federation of Male Dominated Planets to be their champion for the cause of Male Supremacy. My home world is not a member of either the Federation or the Alliance. I had no regrets about leaving that world since things had not been going too good for me there anyway. In fact the Federation had taken me away from that world just in time, since five different women had picked me out of a police lineup as the man who had raped them. Also I had been fired from my job just because I had refused to take orders from a woman supervisor. Then I had been thrown in jail for beating up some dumb cunt in a bar. She had deserved to be beaten. She had humiliated me by refusing to have sex with me. If the great god Odin had not intended for a man to beat the crap out of a woman, then he would not have made the man bigger and stronger than the woman. My only regret is that the police had come and arrested me before I had the chance to rape that bitch.
The Federation of Male Dominated Planets has been reprimanded by the Galactic Council many times for interfering in the affairs of the more primitive worlds. For that reason the use of advanced weapons against the women of the Amazon nation was out of the question. I could use only the primitive weapons that are available here on this barbaric planet. For five years before I had been brought here, I had been thoroughly trained in the use of the sword, spear, ax, spiked mace, and all other such crude weapons that are in common use here on this savage world. I was also trained in the skills of hand to hand unarmed combat. I learned Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, and all of the most sophisticated and the most brutal of the martial arts that were practiced on the male dominated planets of the galaxy. During this time, I had been pumped up with steroids and I had undergone a training program of weight lifting and vigorous physical conditioning until I had developed the hard and massive bulging and well defined muscles of a champion professional body builder. And I had been given massive injections of testosterone that amplified my masculine characteristics to radical proportions. I had been trained by the finest teachers that the Federation of Male Dominated Planets could produce.

I had then been transported to this planet aboard the mighty Federation star ship Macho Warrior. The Macho Warrior was under the command of Captain Bill Odin. Captain Odin had been involved in trying to interfere in the affairs of the more primitive worlds many times. On both my home world and on this world he is believed to be a god and he is worshipped by men as the greatGod Odin. During the voyage we had a brief encounter with the Gynosupremist Alliance space cruiser Amazon Victory which is commanded by Odin's hated rival, Captain Jessica Artemis. Captain Artemis is believed to be a Goddess by the people on most of the more primitive planets in the galaxy. On this planet women worship her as Artemis, the great war Goddess of the Amazons.

Captain Odin harbors a deep and bitter hatred towards Captain Artemis. Many times she had cleverly outwitted him, and she had humiliated him in front of his men. Several times she had frustrated his efforts to interfere in the battle of the sexes that was taking place on the more primitive planets and cause victory to fall on the side of Male Supremacy. Though the star ship Macho Warrior is much larger and more heavily armed than the Amazon Victory, he had never been able to destroy her. This time he almost had her. But the Amazon Victory had slipped into an asteroid field, and Captain Odin did not have the courage to follow her there.

I had little trouble establishing myself as the champion for the cause of Male Supremacy for this entire planet. My five years of hard training by the Federation, and the fact that I stood more than twice the height of even the tallest man had made me easily the mightiest warrior on this entire planet. I soon became the Supreme Military Commander of the entire Male Chauvinist Empire. These primitive and superstitious men had looked upon me not only as their champion, but as their God! My incredible size and strength, and my deep gruff voice, and my thick matted hair and beard and hairy chest, and my arrogant contempt for all living things other than myself, had made me the icon and the symbol of the male principal and of all that is masculine!

                            * * The Challenge of Machismo * *

Today is the day of the great battle that will determine which sex shall be dominant over the other for the rest of all eternity. As I stand arrogantly at the head of my army, I am confidant of a quick and easy victory over the women of the Amazon Nation. There are thirty thousand barbarian warriors of the Male Chauvinist Empire versus only ten thousand Amazons. I have long harbored a deep resentment towards any woman who thinks that she is as good as a man, and this attitude towards women has hardened since I have arrived here on this savage planet. I look forward to punishing these women in retaliation for the fact that the corporation back on my home world had humiliated me by making a woman the boss over me. I am eager to make these women pay for the fact that this woman boss had spoken to me as though I was an inferior, and that she had severely reprimanded me when she had caught me drinking on the job. I will make them pay for the fact that she had fired me just because I had refused to obey her orders. And I will make them pay for the five women who had picked me out of the police lineup and who would have pressed charges against me just because I had exercised my rights as a man.

I strut arrogantly forward until I stand about a hundred feet in front of my men. I thrust my spear into the ground and I beat my massive chest with clenched fists as an arrogant macho challenge to all women upon the field of battle. The sound of my fists beating against my chest is much like that of a base drum that can be heard throughout the ranks of the entire Amazon army. The hosts of the Amazon women falls silent as they comprehend for the first time the incredible size and strength of the man who now confronts them upon the field of battle. I flex my massive biceps and I yell my challenge arrogantly to the women of the Amazon nation.

'Let any woman who has the courage to fight me in single combat upon the field of battle come forward!' I bellow at the women, 'Let us determine by man to woman combat which sex shall be dominant over the other for the rest of all ETERNITY! If she can triumph over me, and if she can slay me, then the mighty men of the Male Chauvinist Empire shall kowtow before the women of Amazonia! These men will then be your slaves, and they shall obey you in all things! But if I triumph over her, and if I slay her, then the women of Amazonia shall be our slaves!

The field is shrouded with a heavy silence as I wait patiently for a woman to come forward to accept my challenge. At last I see that no woman is coming forth to fight me, and the heavy silence is shattered as though by the sound of thunder as I once again beat my broad muscular chest with clenched fists. In the most fierce and intimidating voice that I can muster, I demand that the women of the Amazon army throw down their weapons and surrender!''.

'Is there not even ONE woman among you who has the courage to come forth and to fight me?', I demand gruffly, 'Then I, Machismo the Giant, Supreme Military Commander of the Male Chauvinist Empire, and mighty champion for the cause of Male Supremacy, demand that all women throw down their weapons! I DEMAND that all of you women kneel and bow down your heads to the ground at my FEET in token of your total and unconditional surrender to the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire and to the principals of MALE SUPREMACY over the vastly inferior female! One of my men will come forth and place his FOOT upon your NECK to indicate that you are now his SLAVE! You women need not to feel any SHAME in this! All know that women are INFERIOR to men!

I now see a single Amazon running towards me in order to accept my challenge. She is a young girl who moves with extraordinary grace and beauty. My penis begins to stiffen as I gaze lustfully upon her firm round breasts and her voluptuous figure. She is dressed in the traditional Amazon fashion with a short skirt that reveals her shapely legs and bare feet. Her garment goes only over one shoulder, leaving one magnificent breast exposed to my leering view. She is armed with the traditional double edged Amazon war ax or labrys. Her beautiful face bears an expression of haughty pride, great courage, and fierce determination. I beat my chest with my fists in an effort to intimidate her, and I roar my words at her as though I was an Ogre.

'What is the name of this uppity little cunt who dares to defy the mighty champion, Machismo the giant?', I demand tersely, 'It is such a pity that I must impale such a lovely young girl like you with my SPEAR rather than with my PENIS!' The young Amazon reacts to my crude sexual slur with an air of haughty contempt. It is obvious from her reply that she is not intimidated either by my arrogant macho threats and chest beating or by the fact that I stand nearly three times her height, but that she regards me as her inferior, and that she intends to treat me as such. There is a tone of arrogant defiance in her voice as she answers my question. 'Know you big fellow,', she answers me, 'that you are about to be slain by the Amazon who is known as Lykopis, which means SHE WOLF in the language of our barbaric enemies to the south!'

As this young female warrior stands so proudly before me, I can see that she is only about five feet tall. Back on my home world she would be about the size of a child's Barbie doll. There is something about her demeanor that reminds me of the woman who had been my boss back on my home world. There is a tinge of anger in my voice as I laugh and curse her with much scorn. 'Is a puny little cunt like you the best that the women of Amazonia can send forth to fight me?,' I demand, 'Then I will feed your carcass to the jackals and the vultures! And the mighty men of the Male Chauvinist Empire shall soon place their rough callused foot upon the necks of the women of the Amazon nation!'

The beautiful young warrior woman maintains her fierce demeanor of arrogant defiance. Her sharp biting retort comes to me like a slap across my face. 'You may stand nearly three times as tall as I right now, Machismo,', the young Amazon proclaims, 'but when this fight is over, I will be standing taller than you! Because I will be standing on your chest! You may have the advantage of being much bigger and stronger than me Machismo, but I have the advantage of being a member of the superior sex! I am glad that you are so big and strong, Machismo! For the greater your size, the greater will be my victory and the greater will be the victory of the women of the Amazon nation when I strike you down! And it shall be the women of Amazonia that shall place their foot upon the necks of the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire! For the knees of these men will turn to jelly and they will fall upon their faces at the feet of the triumphant women of the Amazon army when they see that I have slain their mighty champion, Machismo the Giant in single combat upon the field of battle! And I will take your head from you! And I will place my foot upon the chest of your headless carcass, and I will hold your severed head high in the air for all to see! So that all the world will know that the female of the species is superior to the male! Even when he stands nearly three times as tall as she!".

Her stinging words angers me a great deal. I gyrate my hips in such a way that my throbbing erection pops out from under my loin cloth and is exposed to her view. I then thrust my hard penis at her in a vulgar simulation of sexual intercourse. I beat my burly chest with clenched fists as I make a most vulgar and repulsive threat! 'You uppity little bitch!', I yell in anger, 'You have dared to speak to a member of the SUPERIOR MALE sex in such an arrogant and disrespectful manner! Before I slay you, I will first rip you open inside as I cram my enormous COCK into your tiny little CUNT! And I will take my pleasure from you, and I will sew my wild seed in you! Then I will slit your throat with my dagger, and I will leave your lifeless carcass upon the field to serve as carrion for the vultures and the jackals!'.

Up until this time Lykopis the Amazon had maintained a stern yet calm demeanor. Now for the first time I see a flash of anger in her eyes and there is anger in her voice as she replies to my threat. 'You are both an incredible ass hole and a rapist!', she hisses at me through clenched teeth, 'Before I slay you, I will first CASTRATE you! Then I will stuff your severed testicles into your vile foul talking mouth!'

This haughty and arrogant reply from a woman causes me to explode into a fit of anger! I pull my nineteen foot spear out of the ground and I charge madly upon her. My enormous throbbing erection bounces and sways as I advance upon her with a lumbering running gait. There is no way that this little woman can possibly resist the sheer mass and power of my attack upon her.

But it is with great cunning that the Amazon outwits me, and with great skill that she outmaneuvers me. And as I thrust my spear down upon her, she evades my attack with a swift cat like agility. I plunge my spear harmlessly into the ground at her feet. As I struggle to pull my spear from the ground, the agile Amazon advances swiftly towards me, and she executes a forward somersault between my legs. And before I can turn around to face her, I feel her tiny double edged war ax bite deep into both of my Achilles' tendons. Both of my legs collapse out from under me, and I go down on my knees'.

My attitude of arrogant macho bravado swiftly turns to blind terror as the fierce She Wolf leaps upon my back. I feel both of her bare feet braced against the small of my back, and with one hand she grips a fist full of my shaggy hair. With her other hand Lykopis buries her war ax in the back of my neck! Her blade must have cut the nerves that connect my brain to my muscles. I remain frozen in a kneeling position. My arms dangle limply at my sides, and my head faces upwards at about a forty five degree angle. I am completely paralyzed, and I can do nothing but remain in my kneeling position and wait for Lykopis the Amazon to finish me off at her own leisure convenience.

She Wolf starts to deal me a killing blow with her ax, but then she senses my total helplessness, and she decides that it is not necessary. She leaps down to the ground and she walks around and stands in front of me. My still erect penis points up at her at a jaunty angle. She stoops down and she pulls away my loin cloth in order to expose my testicles. Then to be sure that I am truly paralyzed and not just faking it, she kicks me in the nuts as hard as she can. The intense pain surges through my entire body as the ball of her bare foot slams into my testicles with devastating impact. But the viscous vixen is able to observe no physical reaction from me and she is satisfied that I am truly as helpless as I appear to be.

Lykopis climbs a large tree that is several feet to the right of me. She walks out on a thick limp of the tree that is just a few feet in front of me. The tree limb is at such a level so that as she stands in front of me, my head is at about the level of her waist. She looks down into my upturned face. My lips move slightly as I try frantically and vainly to plead for mercy. As a gesture of her contempt for me, she spits in my face. Then she places one foot on my chin, and it is with obvious relish that she studies the expression of sheer terror that is frozen on my face for a moment. Her voice is full of arrogant contempt as she speaks tersely to me. 'Fall down!', she yells at me, 'You big brainless slab of muscle, FALL DOWN!' She then shoves her foot forcefully against my chin, causing me to topple over on my back. Even as I fall upon my back with a crash, her harsh feminine voice continues to taunt me. 'The privilege of standing proudly erect is reserved to she who has emerged triumphant upon the field of battle!', she cries.

Both armies have fallen into a shocked silence, scarcely knowing what has caused me to fall so suddenly. I lie helpless upon my back, unable to move a muscle, as Lykopis leaps down from the tree branch and she castrates me with her dagger. A moment later, she is standing on my chest as she holds my severed testicles before my horrified eyes for me to see. I see that my nuts have swollen to the size of apples from the savage kick that Lykopis had given them. She stoops down and she forces my dismembered testicles into my gaping mouth.

Lykopis the Amazon has stricken me down and she has triumphed over me. Now that the fight is over, she is standing triumphant upon my broad muscular chest just as she predicted that she would do. But the double edged war ax that she holds is far too small and too light for her to cut off my head with it. She would never manage to hack through the massive bones in my neck with such a tiny ax. So she jumps down from my chest, and she takes my sword, and she draws it out of its sheath.

It is necessary for Lykopis to step upon a log that lies next to my fallen body in order for her to place her dainty little foot upon my massive chest. And as I gag and choke on my own testicles, she looks down upon me with that arrogant expression of smug superiority on her stunningly beautiful face. My lips tremble slightly as once again I try in vain to plead for mercy. Her voice is full of gloating triumph as she speaks to me in a mocking tone. 'Now you die, giant!', the triumphant Amazon declares, 'And as you kneel down and kiss the feet of Artemis, the great war Goddess of the Amazons, be sure that you tell her that it was Lykopis the She Wolf who slew you!'

It takes all of her strength to lift my heavy sword above her head with both her hands. And with one foot still planted firmly upon my chest, she brings the sword down upon my neck with all of her might. She lifts the sword above her head once again, and she strikes off my head with my own sword!

Though I am now dead, my brain yet burns with the stinging humiliation of having been slain by a member of the so called weaker sex. I can still hear the wild cheering of the now jubilant Amazon women as Lykopis stands triumphant with one foot upon the chest of my headless carcass, and she holds my severed head high in the air for all to see. I can still hear the demoralized cries of dismay from my men as they realize that their mighty champion who they had trusted is dead. I can still feel that the arms of the triumphant Amazon are trembling slightly from the strain of holding my heavy head high in the air above her own.

Though my eyes are now glazed over in death, I can still see that the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire are now totally demoralized. I can still see that many of these men have already cast down their weapons and fallen to their knees and bowed down their heads to the ground at the feet of she who has slain me upon the field of battle. I can still see that weapons have slipped from the numb fingers of other men as they stare at the Amazon heroine who stands triumphant before them. I see the expression of horror on the faces of these men as they look upon the object that the triumphant Amazon holds high in the air above her head.

Though I am dead, I still realize what a terrifying sight my severed head must present to these men who had looked upon me as their mighty champion and their god. My shaggy matted hair and beard is soaked with sweat and caked with my own blood, and the dust and dirt of the battle field. A horrible expression of terror, and pain, and humiliation, and of shocked disbelief is frozen upon my dead face. And one grotesquely swollen testicle dangles from between my bruised cracked lips. It takes all of her strength for the victorious vixen to hold my massive head high in the air above her own as she utters her terse challenge to the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire. 'BEHOLD!', Lykopis cries to the now demoralized men, 'Your mighty champion, Machismo the Giant, is DEAD! I have slain him in fair combat upon the field of battle! I have placed my foot upon his chest, and I hold his severed head high in the air for all to see! So that all the world may know that the FEMALE of the species is SUPERIOR to the MALE! Even when he stands nearly three times as tall as she! Let any man who wishes to avenge his death come forward to fight me now!'

Through glazed dead eyes I see that no man moves a muscle except to lower his eyes to the ground in order to avoid her piercing gaze. She Wolf increases the weight of her foot upon my chest as she utters a new challenge to the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire. 'Let any man who wishes to fight me remain standing on his feet!', the She Wolf demands harshly, 'All other men will KNEEL!..........'

I see all of the once mighty men of the Male Chauvinist Empire fall to their knees as one. For no man has the courage to fight the fierce Amazon heroine who slew their mighty champion, Machismo the Giant, in single combat upon the field of battle. In a voice that is sweet and feminine and yet at the same time terse and commanding, Lykopis the Amazon continues her challenge to the men of the Male Chauvinist Empire. '.......and bow down his head to the ground at my feet in token of his total and unconditional surrender to the women of Amazonia, and to the principles of FEMALE SUPREMACY!', she demands.

Thirty thousand male heads strike the ground with one thumping sound. With an exalted cry of victory, the hosts of the now totally triumphant Amazon army rush upon the ranks of the hapless kowtowing males. And each Amazon places her foot upon the neck of a man that she desires to own as her slave. By this time the She Wolf's arms have grown weary from holding my heavy head high in the air and she lays it down on the stomach of my headless carcass. Though my severed head has now been laid down, I am still able to watch the savage ritual that is taking place upon the field of battle through my glazed dead eyes.

The triumphant Amazon stands with both feet on top of my chest as she leads her sister Amazons in an exalted paean of victory to the Goddess Artemis. This paean is magnificent in it's savage beauty and power. It sings of the superiority of the female over the male and of her Goddess given right and destiny to be dominant over him. And it sings of the glory of the triumph of woman over man in the age old battle of the sexes. Suddenly I realize that these are not just meaningless empty words that the victorious vixen and her sister amazons are reciting. For Lykopis the Amazon is standing triumphant upon the massive chest of a dead giant who had stood nearly three times as tall as she as she recites these glorious words. She is standing upon the chest of a giant that she has fairly slain in single combat upon the field of battle. And each of her sister Amazons now stands with her foot upon the neck of a once proud and arrogant, but now totally subjugated and humiliated man as she recites these words.

Just as the triumphant women of the Amazon nation have finished reciting their magnificent paean of victory, there is a blinding flash of light from the sky that is about three times the brightness of the afternoon sun. The women of Amazonia assume that this blinding flash is a sign from the Goddess Artemis, signifying that woman has at last emerged in total triumph over man in the battle of the sexes. And the women utter a spontaneous cry of praise on to their Goddess.

But this blinding flash was indeed caused by a massive explosion somewhere out in space as the mighty star ship Macho Warrior is destroyed by the space cruiser Amazon Victory. Captain Bill Odin has lost his final battle with his hated enemy, Captain Jessica Artemis. Once again she has outwitted him and she has outmaneuvered him. Once again she has humiliated him, and at last she has destroyed him. How Artemis must envy the women of this primitive Amazon planet who fight their battles against the would be male oppressor with the crude double edged war ax. How she must envy the triumphant Amazon who now stands upon my chest. For the men aboard the Macho Warrior have now been totally vaporized in the vacuum of space. The advanced weapons of mass destruction have robed Artemis of that glorious moment of exhilaration and triumph when she would place her foot upon Odin's chest and she would raise her arms in token of victory.

Lykopis the Amazon places one foot on my severed head. Somehow my dead brain reels with the stinging humiliation as I feel her dainty little bare foot treading ruthlessly upon the side of my face. I am unable to close my glazed dead eyes to block out the sight of the outrageous humiliation of all members of my own sex. I can not describe the humiliation that I feel as I see totally subjugated men being striped naked by the women who have conquered them. I see the wrists of these men bound firmly behind their backs with rawhide thongs. I see dozens of men being leashed together by their testicles so that they may be taken as slaves to the great Amazon city of Themiscrya. There each man will be placed upon the auction block of Themiscrya and sold to she who is the highest bidder. I see men being made to kiss and lick the feet of a woman simply because she wishes to demonstrate her dominance over him'.

Lykopis the giant killer now stands with one foot on my chest and her other foot on my face as she observes this same scene with great satisfaction. There is no doubt that she is feeling the ultimate thrill of power and of triumph just as I feel the ultimate agony of humiliation and defeat. She has single handed won the battle of the sexes one hundred and fifty years before it's time. At last all of my senses fade to blackness and the last thing that is left in my mind is the knowledge that the battle of the sexes is now over, And the FEMALE of the species is TRIUMPHANT OVER the MALE!
Amazon versus giant.
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