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Kickboxing - The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes!
by Nerraw
Bianca Ballbuster challenges the male champion in the kickboxing ring

                              * * * Prologue * * *

"When this fucking fight is over, they are going to be carrying that dumb
fucking cunt female out of here on a fucking gurney!".

And now the fight is over, and Macho Manson's words have indeed
come true! For Bianca Ballbuster, the kick boxing queen, is being
carried from the arena on an ambulance gurney just like he had predicted!  The
two paramedics wheel the gurney down the isle to the back door
where the ambulance is waiting behind the building. As the gurney
bearers pass by us, we can not help but wonder how this decisive ending
to this most brutal and bitter battle of the sexes could possibly have
come to be. To fully understand this amazing scene that is now taking
place before our very eyes, we must go back to that day when the
mighty male kickboxing champion Macho Manson, had refused to allow
women to fight in "his Arena!".

                * * * Part 1 - The Confrontation * * *

Macho Manson arrogantly placed one bare foot upon the chest of the
big man who lay unconscious on the canvas at his feet.  He flexed his
massive biceps and he smiled for the flashing cameras.  This had been
yet another quick and easy Macho Manson one round victory. Macho
confidently answered the questions of the news reporters who were
eager to interview him. That is until he was asked a question by the
pretty female reporter who sat in the third row, "How do you feel about
the fact that the Women's Kickboxing Federation will be holding
matches here in this arena on Wednesday nights?", she had asked

"Huh! What was that?" had been Macho Manson's reply. "I said that the
Women's Kickboxing Federation will be holding fights here on
Wednesday nights.", The lady reporter had told him. "No fucking way,
cunt!" Macho had bellowed in anger. "But the arena is not being used
on Wednesday nights!", the lady reporter had exclaimed, "so why can't
women fight in the arena on Wednesday nights?".

"I will not allow women to BELITTLE the sport of kickboxing by
fighting here in this arena!", Macho exclaimed passionately, "And just
how will women fighting here in this arena do that?", the lady reporter
had demanded. There was a slight tone of anger in her voice now.
"Because Kick Boxing is for MEN!" Macho had bellowed, "When it
comes to fighting, women are definitely INFERIOR to men! Women
should occupy themselves with cooking and sewing and stuff like that!
A woman's place is in the KITCHEN, not in the ring!".

"Besides being a reporter," the woman reporter had retorted angrily, "I
also happen to be one of the girls who fights in the Women's
Kickboxing Federation, and I find your male chauvinist attitude to be
extremely offensive!"  Macho Manson had that infuriating expression
of smug arrogant superiority on his brutal face as he replied to her,
"You women have been watching too many of those bull shit television
shows such as "Xena: Warrior Princess"! You let stupid shows like
that go to your pretty little heads and you are going to get yourselves

At last the female reporter, whose name was Bianca Ballbuster, could
contain her temper no longer. "Oh yes?", she exclaimed, "We will see
who gets hurt! I challenge you to fight me in the ring right here and
now!" Macho realized that there was no glory to be gained by beating
up on a member of what he had always regarded as the inferior weaker
sex. Especially since Bianca Ballbuster was a woman who was so much
smaller than himself. On the other hand, if by some strange quirk of
fate, she should somehow manage to triumph over him in the arena,
then his public humiliation would be so great that his career as a
kickboxer would be over. He would be forced to take a job as a laborer
working for minimum wage.

"There ain't no fucking way that I am going to fight no god dammed
cunt female in the kickboxing ring!" Macho had bellowed at the top of
his lungs. He stomped his foot down hard on the chest of the hapless
man who still lay unconscious at his feet. "What's the matter, big
guy?", Bianca had demanded in a mocking tone, "Is the big bad
man afraid of a little woman?" Macho's forced grin and his crude
sexual slur failed to hide his anger and irritation. "I wouldn't want to
bruise those nice tits of yours, sweet buns!" But Bianca refused to back
down. "You just let me worry about that, big fellow! Lets you and me
settle this right now!", she demanded. "I am not going to fight no god
damned woman, cunt!", Macho had replied emphatically. "Then I will
print the story of how the big bad male kickboxing champion, Macho
Manson, is afraid to get in the ring with me, a woman in tomorrow's
newspaper!", the female reporter had threatened him, "Then everyone
will know that you are just a big chicken shit!".

Reluctantly Macho Manson had been forced to agree to fight Bianca
on the following Friday night. Macho was angry because Bianca had
put him in the awkward position of having to fight a woman in the
kickboxing arena, and he wanted to hurt her as much as possible. He
had insisted that they not wear the usual boxing gloves, but that they
would fight each other with bare fists and with bare feet in the manner
that he claimed was appropriate for a MAN to fight. By skillfully
manipulating his over inflated male ego, she had gotten him to agree
that if she somehow managed to win the fight, that the Women's
Kickboxing Federation would get to use the arena not only on
Wednesday nights, but that they would get to use the ring on Friday
nights as well. This would be a valuable concession for the
female kick boxers, since Friday is the night that draws the biggest
crowd, and is thus the night that would earn the most money for the
women. Of coarse if Manson triumphed over her, women would not
get to fight in the ring at all, and their role in the glorious sport of
kickboxing would be confined to wearing a bikini while walking around
the ring and holding up a sign that announced the round number.

"I bet you five hundred dollars that I will kick your fucking female cunt
ass Friday night!", Macho had challenged her. "I wonder if you got the
balls to accept a REAL bet!" Bianca had responded, "Since this fight is
all about determining which of us is a member of the SUPERIOR sex, I
propose that the looser shall be the winner's SLAVE for one year!"
Macho beat his broad muscular chest with clenched fists. "You got
yourself a bet, cunt!", the enraged male champion kick boxer had
bellowed,  "And when I get done with you, cunt, you are going to wish
that you had stayed in your place in the fucking kitchen where all
women belong! And after I have knocked you out I am going to fuck
you right here in the ring in front of everybody! When this fucking fight
is over, they will be carrying your god damned female cunt ass out of
here on a fucking ambulance gurney!".

        * * * Part 2 - THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES * * *

Tonight was the night of the big fight that would determine weather or
not the Women's Kick Boxing Federation would have the use of the
arena. There were about twice as many people on hand to observe the
bout as would normally be present on a Friday night. The women in the
audience had come to root for Bianca Ballbuster, and most of the men
were rooting for their champion, Macho Manson.  Many men were
offering to bet hundreds of dollars that the man would emerge
triumphant over the woman in this ultimate battle of the sexes.  Women
had accepted these bets eagerly since the odds were twenty to one in
favor of Macho Manson.
Macho had entered the ring about ten minutes before the fight was due
to begin. He had strutted arrogantly around the ring while flexing his
enormous biceps and beating his massive chest with clenched fists. The
sound of his fists beating against his chest was much like that of a base
drum that could be heard even in the farthest corners  of the arena. Men
had cheered and women had cringed at this awesome display of
masculine bravado.
The women in the crowd had booed and the men had applauded
enthusiastically as Macho had addressed the women specifically as he
repeated all of the threats that he had made to  Bianca Ballbuster a few
days earlier. "When I get done with that fucking cunt, she is going to
wish that she had stayed in her fucking place in the fucking kitchen
where all you fucking women belong! I am guna prove that you women
ain't no good for nothing except  for fucking! And after I have knocked
her out I am going to rip off her clothing, and I am going to strip her ass
butt fucking naked! For it is only right that the looser should have to
leave this arena naked and in shame! This dumb cunt has foolishly
agreed that the looser will be the winner's slave for one year! So I am
going to claim her as my prize of victory by fucking her right here in the
ring in front of everybody!" Macho's arrogant male chauvinistic attitude
and his insulting words had infuriated all of the women in the audience.
But his final threat had made these women cringe in fear for their
beloved heroine, Bianca Ballbuster. "When this fucking fight is over,"
Macho had bellowed arrogantly, "they are going to be carrying that
dumb fucking cunt female out of here on a fucking ambulance gurney!".

Then Bianca Ballbuster had entered the ring just a moment before the
fight was due to begin. Her slim shapely figure was clad in a skimpy
two piece leopard skin bikini and she had bare feet. As she entered the
ring she was greeted with enthusiastic cheering from the women and
with cat calls and wolf whistles from the men. The contrast between
these two combatants was absolutely stunning. Bianca's petite figure and
graceful beauty made her the very picture of femininity. And Macho's
enormous size and strength, his coarse brutal face, his broad muscular
hairy chest, and most of all, his arrogant contempt for all living things
other than himself, had made him the symbol and the icon of the male
principle and of all that is masculine.

The women in the crowd fell into an awed silence as they compared the
two combatants and it was with a great deal of apprehension that they
saw for the first time the incredible difference in size and weight
between them. The mismatch between the two fighters was made even
more obvious as the ring announcer made his introductions. "In this
corner....Standing six foot nine inches tall.....And weighing two
hundred and seventy eight pounds.....MACHO MANSON!!! And his
opponent.....Standing five foot one inch tall.....And weighing one
hundred and ten pounds.....BIANCA BALLBUSTER!!!".

The bell rang and the two fighters approached each other. "May the best
MAN win!" Macho had said smugly as the two combatants came
together in the center of the ring. "SHE will!, Macho!", Bianca had
replied to him, "SHE will!" This flippant retort from an uppity little
woman had caused Macho to explode in a fit of anger. "I am going to
knock your fucking head off, cunt!", Macho had bellowed, "After this
fucking fight is over, they will be carrying your fucking female cunt ass
out of here on a fucking gurney! And I will...........".

Macho's arrogant boasting and threats were cut short as Bianca punched
his face with a stiff right jab that had sent the surprised male kickboxer
staggering backwards. Both Macho Manson and the people in the
audience were astounded at how hard this petite little woman could hit.
Big Macho was greatly angered that this uppity little cunt had bloodied
his nose and that she had humiliated him in front of his fans. He
charged madly upon her like an enraged bull. He aimed a viscous right
cross at the side of her face that would have taken her head off had it
connected. But Bianca had nimbly ducked under his punch, and she
landed a strong punch in the pit of his stomach. The big man was
doubled over by the impact of this punch and Bianca sent him
staggering back with a powerful left cross to his jaw.

The enraged male chauvinist bully attacked his female opponent with a
flurry of kicks and punches, but Bianca evaded his attacks with an
amazing cat like agility. She countered his attacks with painful punches
and kicks to his body. In each encounter she managed to out wit him
and to out maneuver him. It soon became apparent that Bianca had her
male opponent hopelessly out classed in terms of her superior speed,
agility, endurance, skill, intelligence, and courage. It was obvious that
she was much too fast for him, and that he was unable to lay a hand on
her. Each time that he attacked her, she got the better of him. She was
totally humiliating her much larger male foe.

Soon the woman's superior endurance began to assert itself, and Macho
began to grow tired and short of breath. Ms. Ballbuster began to take
the offensive, and she started to land punches to his face as well as
telling blows to his chest and stomach. She soon had the big man
staggering around the ring on rubber legs. It was only the feeble remains
of his stubborn male ego that was keeping him from going down right
then and there. The excited female spectators began yelling for Bianca
to "KILL HIM!" The referee started to move in to stop the fight but
Bianca stopped him cold with a look that froze him in his tracks. "I will
not allow this male chauvinist pig the dignity of ending this fight while
still standing on his feet!", she had told him, "I intend to knock him out
so that there can be no doubt as to who the superior sex is!" The referee
meekly complied with her and the fight continued.

By now Bianca was just using Macho for a punching bag. At this point
the sexist bully had lost all interest in saving face or in salvaging his
much threatened male ego He had wanted only to get away from her.
Even the most hard core male sexists had booed him as he had tried
frantically to climb over the ropes and escape from that tigress who was
kicking the living shit out of him. But Bianca had grabbed him by the
seat of his boxing trunks and she had pulled him back into the ring. She
continued to pound him mercilessly with her fists and her feet. At last
she had snapped a side kick into the big man's gut. Just as he was
starting to double over, she delivered a round house kick to his jaw.
Macho's eyes rolled up under their lids and his face went blank as the
ball of her bare foot slammed into the side of his jaw with devastating
impact. He spun around one hundred and eighty degrees and he fell
forward into the ropes. He remained hanging over the top rope without

It was obvious that Bianca had knocked Macho Manson out cold, but
she would not let the referee count him out. She had insisted that
technically Macho was still standing on his feet. She came up behind him
and she ripped off his boxing trunks and his jock strap, leaving Macho
standing there stark naked. She threw these two torn articles of clothing
out to the women in the audience to keep as souvenirs. Women who
were sitting directly in front of Macho gave out with cat calls and wolf
whistles. For now that Macho had been striped naked before them, they
had noticed for the first time that his now exposed penis had swollen
into an enormous erection. Bianca Ballbuster had literally knocked her
male opponent stiff.

After a few moments Macho began to groan and to show some signs
that he was beginning to come to. Bianca had placed her bare foot on
his bare buttocks and she had shoved him forcefully forward against the
ropes. Macho bounced off the ropes and he began staggering
backwards. Bianca had held out her hand to keep the barely conscious
bully from toppling over on his back.

Bianca had grabbed hold of Macho's throbbing hard cock and she began
leading him around the ring by his penis. The women in the audience
had began to giggle, but the men were silent and subdued.  The men
were totally shocked by this gross humiliation of their champion. It was
obvious that Bianca had her man totally under her control as she lead
him three times around the ring by his penis. Then she had lead him thus
by his penis to the center of the ring. Suddenly the viscous vixen had let
go of Macho's throbbing erection and she snapped a right jab into his
face. The force of her punch had sent him staggering backwards into the
ropes. Macho bounced off the ropes and came staggering forward
towards his female opponent with his arms dangling limply at his sides.
As he approached her, Ms.  Ballbuster shot a left jab into his face, and
she bounced him off the ropes again. Once again the big man bounced
off the ropes and staggered towards Bianca with his arms hanging
helplessly at his sides. She slammed another right jab into his face and
she bounced him off the ropes a third

As he had bounced off the ropes, Macho came staggering towards
Bianca again. This time he just stopped and stood there about two feet
in front of her. The man and the woman just stood there facing each
other for a moment. It was necessary for Bianca to look upwards in
order to look Macho in the face. Macho Manson looked like he was
literally out on his feet. The spectators could not understand what force
could possibly be keeping him still standing. Then Bianca had pushed on
his chest with her index finger, and the big man toppled over on his back
to the canvas and lay still. The referee had looked meekly to Bianca for
a moment until she had nodded her head at him in indication of her
permission for him to count Macho out.

The referee slowly gave Macho the ten count and the fight was over.
The victorious vixen had felt a strange new thrill of power and of
triumph as she placed her foot on Macho's massive chest and she raised
her arms high in the air in token of her stunning one round victory over
her much larger male foe. The women in the audience gave Bianca a
thunderous ovation, but the men were stunned into a subdued silence
when they saw that a mere woman had beaten their mighty champion
at his own game.

Through out the arena sullen men could be seen handing over large
sums of money to the women that they had made bets with. The
cameras of the news reporters flashed all over the arena like a Fourth
of July fireworks display. The wild cheering of the women was a
deafening roar. Through out all of  that commotion, Bianca had stood
in that classical pose of victory with both her arms raised high in the
air, and with her foot planted firmly upon the chest of her vanquished
opponent as though she were a triumphant gladiatrix in the ancient
Roman arena.

                         * * * Epilogue * * *

It took four strong men to load Macho's massive carcass onto the
ambulance gurney. This gurney would be wheeled down the isle and out
through the door at the back of the building where an ambulance was
waiting. He would then be taken down town where he would spend the
next four days as the guest of Saint Judith's Mercy Hospital. The
paramedics had mercifully covered his naked battered body with a

Bianca Ballbuster had climbed through the ropes and she stood upon
the apron of the ring which was about the same height as the gurney
that had been rolled up to ringside. She stooped down and pulled off
the blanket and she tossed it aside. "It is fitting that the looser should
have to leave the arena naked and in shame!", she had told the
paramedics. The paramedics had complied with her.

As the triumphant Bianca Ballbuster had stood upon the apron of the
ring she had looked down upon the once arrogant but now totally
devastated man who lay bloody and battered on the gurney at her
feet. She knew that just as soon as he got out of the hospital that he
would be her slave, not just for the one year that they had agreed upon,
but for as long as she wanted him to be her slave. Soon his humiliation
would be complete as the photographs that showed him laying flat on
his back on the canvas with her standing triumphantly over him with
her arms raised in victory and with her foot on his chest would appear
on the front page of not only her own newspaper, but on the front page
of every newspaper in town. Perhaps these same photographs would
appear in the pages of the National Inquirer and other such national
tabloids as well as on the Diana the Valkyrie web site. His illustrious
career as a kick boxer would now definitely be over since the
humiliation that she had inflicted upon him in the ring was far too great
for him to continue in that field. It gave Bianca a great deal of
satisfaction that she has totally destroyed this once arrogant sexist pig
and bully.

As she looked down upon Macho's naked carcass, she noticed that his
still throbbing erect penis stood straight up in the air as a monument to
her triumph over him in the age old battle of the sexes.  As Bianca had
looked down upon him with that expression of smug superiority and
gloating triumph upon her stunningly beautiful face, she thought back
upon all of the arrogant boasts and threats that he had foolishly made
to her. Then she had thought back at the words that Macho Manson
had bellowed at the women in the audience just as she was about to
enter the ring before the fight. "When this fucking fight is over, they
are going to be carrying that dumb fucking cunt female out of here on
a fucking gurney!".

And as she thought about these arrogant boasting words, a wicked
smile had flashed across her face as she had a sudden flash of
inspiration. "So you wanted for me to be carried from the arena on a
gurney, did you, Macho?" Bianca said softly to the man who lay
conquered at her feet, "Well then you are going to get your wish after
all, big fellow!"  Then the triumphant gladiatrix had stepped off the
apron of the ring and on to the gurney. She then placed one dainty
little foot firmly upon Macho's broad muscular chest, and once again
she had raised her arms high in the air in token of victory. She then told
the two paramedics to proceed rolling the gurney down the isle to the
back of the building.

And now both the women and the men in the crowd are giving the
victorious vixen a thunderous ovation as she is being wheeled down
the isle on the gurney. This amazing spectacle that is now taking
place before our astounded eyes is much like a magnificent triumphal
procession that might have taken place in the ancient Amazon city of
Themiscrya thousands of years ago. The two paramedics pushing the
gurney are like conquered barbarian warriors who carry their fallen
king through the streets of Themiscrya as he lies upon his own shield.
And Bianca Ballbuster is like a victorious Queen of the Amazons who
stands triumphant upon the shield with one foot placed arrogantly upon
the chest of the once mighty warrior king that she slew in single
combat upon the field of battle.

Yes! Macho Manson's arrogant boasting prophesy has indeed come
true. For now the fight is over, and Bianca is indeed being carried from
the arena on an ambulance gurney just like Macho said that she would be.
Male vs female fighting in the ring.
anonymouscardinal Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018
Love when these are illustrated too! Stories with art or comics are the better than standalone art, imo.
Lurker1001 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018
Wow Nerraw!  I remember this story from some time ago.  I'm glad to see you still have this story, and the other stories, saved.
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