PRCC Final Verdict. Also, COMISSIONS!!! and SSF4

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Hey gang! Well, I'm back in Fort Lauderdale from Puerto Rico Comic Con, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME! A complete success! Our PRCC special for New Tomorrow sold out, and a lot of people bought issue three, which debuted there too. I was a little overwhelmed about the response. I was told the book was doing great, but it's one thing being told, and another witnessing it firsthand. I'm extremely happy about the turn of events, and the way things are going in general. I got to meet a lot of awesome local artists, and receive some words of praised from them, which was totally unexpected. It gave me a brand new outlook for my own work, and a deeper drive to keep doing what I'm doing.

The fans have been so awesome too man, we even had a girl show up cosplaying one of our character's from Blue Sky. It was so damn cool!! And, Dax Armand made an action figure of Blue Sky's main character as well, and damn does it look good!

I did a lot of commissions at the con too, which brings me to my next point on this journal entry:


I will be doing 2 (maybe 3) FREE, yes, FREE, sample commissions for the first two (three if I have the time) posts. Just make sure to post what you'd like to have done, and if it's any OC's please make sure to provide a link to a deviation where I could clearly see it. The first post gets a full color commish, second gets sketch commish.

After the samples are done, I'll make another post with details on pricing and such for future commissions.

So yeah, if you want to get some stuff drawn up, hit me up! ;D

Oh! And I got Super Street Fighter 4. If y'all wanna throw down sometime, holla atcha boy! Xbox Live Gamertag: Helkath

Thats it for now kiddies. 'Till next time, stay classy, and keep them pencils sharp! ;D

Mucho Love-O

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congratulations Nero, I wish you guys the best with the rest of the upcoming work.
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Hey thanks Sal! :)