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Anora and Neroon Inspiration
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Published: April 17, 2011
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Inpsired by all the non-Warden inspiration Memes like :iconsoniacarreras: NugCrusher meme I made my own about something I keep "talking" to other DeviantArt members about, when discussing what our Wardens are doing after the game:
How I'd envison Neroon and Anora's post-coronation reign together. With some other Royal couples as their inspirations.
Neroon has the ideas for dragging Ferelden kicking and screaming into the Renaissance, but he knows that you can't do lasting good by merely signing your name on a piece of paper and doesn't have the political craftiness himself to apply the right carrots and sticks to get the Nobility, Chantry, etc to go along. Anoras got the skills, but she's too pragmatic. Someone needs to get her to use her powers for good ;).
So start small.
After the Landsmeet don't give the Elves in the Alienage greater rights at first, but instead order them to from their own milita. Sending a certain former 2nd in command to train them to work for her own redemption. Then after the battle of Denerim ride the momentum to grant the place autonomy. Award deserted freeholds to veterans both human and elfish making sure that those awarded to Elves are near those awarded to human veterans who fought side by sides with Elves in Denerim. That should take care of any wannabe pogoms.
Invite Keeper Lanaya to the Royal Wedding and attend her coronation in return to send a clear signal, then go about creating trade relations with the new Dalish Kingdom to create a group of people who got a vested interest in keeping the peace and got money to spend.
No granting the Circle autonomy. No large isolated group will ever properly police itself in the long run. Do this instead: Order the Cirlce to stop sitting in it's Ivory Tower and use their magic for useful stuff. Like patrolling the countryside and keeping people safe from bandits and monsters. Naturally they will need Templars to come along to keep an eye one them. Which just so happens to lead to, that over time more and more Mages and Templars will be fighting side by side, bleeding together and watching each others back. Let things progress from there.
Turn "Theyrn-less" Gwaren into a Hanseatic-style trading city oweing allegiance directly to the Crown with no Nobility inbetween. Grow yourself a middle-class. Make it unofficially very clear to them, that any attempts at cartellization, price-fixing, etc or failure to evenhandly enforce the rule of law, will result in it's charter being revoked.
Next step: Try not to go mad making this all work and dealing with the fallout ;).

"Place OC here" drawing made by :icontheoneknight: used with permission.

To be "in character" I mostly picked "Queens in their own Right" and their spouses with a few exeptions. Some were reformers, some not so much. Some nastier than others. But iron rule: All good at it.

From upper left going clockwise:

1. Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Hardly model reformers, but one cannot argue with their success at forging Spain together.

2. Emperor Reinhard von Lohengram with his spouse Hildegard von Mariendorf. Military genius and Great reformer, while also having flaws. Hildegard conviced a signficant part of the Nobility to side with him in the Civl War, became a close confidante afterwards and after one of the worst proposals in history he got it right the 2nd time and they got married in episode 100.

3. Empress (officially ruler of all three parts but not the Empire) Maria Theresa and her consort Francis I. Infamous for being antisemitic, but otherwise rarther enlightened for her time. Nonfictional couple who by all historical accounts got married for political reasons, but loved each other after they got married. So obvious inspiration. They had a total of 16 children (somewhere Anora just fainted ;) ) the last one she had at age 39. <RANT>Take notes Arl Eamon! A Queen 29 years of age still got quite a few years left to produce an heir as long as her hubby isn't to busy shooting blanks with Mistresses.</RANT>

4. Yours truely and the "Ball and Chain" as Anders would say ;). Inspiration for a married couple who bickers a lot, disagrees a lot about politics, but is very much in love!

5. Queen Seon Duk of Shilla and her Chief General. We don't know if she ever got married historical. In the Perdiod Drama about her they are in love, but cannot get married. Besides being a Queen in her Own right, the other reason I picked her is because under her reign she abolished any legal discrimination against the descendants of recently conquered Kingdom of Gaya. Burning all the registries tracking them, so that no future ruler or even she herself would be able to discrimate against them even if they wanted. Not quite possible in Ferelden, but one needs something to aspire to.
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That would have been the golden age. Hats off, my good sir.
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Huh, very interesting! I especially like the historical (and personal! xD) comparisons to the Neroon/Anora post-corination reign! It's definitely a nice change from the fairy tale "happily ever after" portrayals on this site. (Marrying a monarch gives you POWER! Use it!)
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Thank You!
I like to this it's "Yes, happy indeed, but also up to our ears in administration, petty complaints, settling disputes, cleaning up messes and foiling the occasional plot to overthrow us."
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I can believe it. A lot of other people like to acknowledge the hardships of being royalty and portray how nice it is to "get away from politics" too, but... that would mean something if they shared what they actually intend to do to improve the country, you know?

(This is coming from one who prefers to play as elves; elves that can only become bann or a chancellor, and can never improve conditions for city elves for long.)
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EclodeStudent General Artist
I love this pairing. Much better than Alistair+Anora, and almost as good as making her a sole monarch.

She reminds me of Elizabeth I.

My Cousland regreted marrying to Alistair, and felt sorry for Anora becouse she deeply respected her. But there was no other way: she felt that her and Alistair's life might be in danger since they confronted her at the landsmeet. And she owed something to her family and couldn't forget she was a Cousland.
...but then she remembered what happened to Sophia Dryden who also couldn't forget her family name. In that story Anora was pretty much like Mary - locked in tower, plotting, and later would, unfortunatelly, executed, becouse there was no other way. But that didn't happen becouse consort Cousland dissapeared, thank the Maker! :D

So I think its much easier for m!Cousland to decide. Being a queen means producing and heir(s), but as a King, or consort, you can be whatever you like. Especially at Anora's side. I very glad I met another Anora fan! I also like your character Neroon, from what I've seen in other peoples works (emedeme and SoniaCarreras and some others :) )
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Thank you very much, indeed!

I DO however think that together they are better than Anora by herself. I made her Queen on her own in my Mage game, because she is certainly better suited than Alistair on his own, but she is not perfect. She wants it all a bit too much. Someone at her side who's loves and respects her, but isn't scared of her either and got his own mind and ideas will be very good for the country.

And thx for the compliment on my character. I've put all comics starring him into this favourites folder: [link] (together with some others that don't feature him, but still had my input). I'd love to hear what you think of Nadiasama's "Looking Out For", we spent a lot of timing on that plot.
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I like your choices for inspirations because it's clear you've put a good deal of thought into them. We've shortly discussed number 5, and I had to go look up the anime in number 2--- but this does really set up an awesome partnership for Anora and Neroon. Neroon, honestly, is a hard act to follow with my poor Griflet.
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Thank you.
I'd spent almost a year here on DevArts arguing the concept of a MaleCousland marrying Anora not necessarily being an Evil Option. So yes I did this Meme in my head over quite some time and pulled out all the stops.
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bukittyanProfessional Digital Artist
Sounds like Neroon and Anora make a good team. :) And you've inspired me to go look some of these rulers up! :D History, especially European history, is not one of my strong points.

And that last picture is lovely. :)
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Thank You!
I think on both sides of the pond you could count the people who are familiar with Queen Seon Duk on one hand.

If you want to I can note you the same link I sent to :iconblueberry-me: .
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bukittyanProfessional Digital Artist
Please! :D
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Blueberry-me Digital Artist
I forgot to say: Beautiful pict the last one ;P
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Thx again!
If you want I can note you a link to a collection of wedding pictures my brother put online for us.
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Blueberry-me Digital Artist
Dawwww how wonderfull, I would like to see that :D.
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Blueberry-me Digital Artist
And I sent you a note ;)
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Blueberry-me Digital Artist
I'm sure Neroon and Anora could rule Ferelden purrfectly. I like the post-coronation orders that you would like them to do, someones are difficult to get, but not impossible, and Anora is a very insistent person :P.
Anyway, the couples you chose are great, I think the 3rd paraghraph (even the "RANT" part, LOL xD) is the most close to the real Anora-Neroon marriage, objectively :P.
Nice MeMe! Perhaps I'll borrow the idea in the future for my own Warden and Alistair marriage :roll:...
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Thank you. Difficult sometimes indeed. Neroon's got some basic idea about political maneuvering, but he knows he needs an expert to make it happen.

Why not indeed. I had the idea, since I need to explain myself a lot more often than Alistair-Queens ;) and decided I might as well spell it out in detail in the open rather write it in notes another dozen times or so. But nonetheless it certainly would work for FemCouslands to, as long as they aren't one of those who are role-played as a Disney-Princess.
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Blueberry-me Digital Artist
No, never! xD My Cousland has such an Anora's character, maybe shy in personal things, but I played her as a woman who gets what she wants using her charming and good arguments. I think that if the Cousland family let the women fight, for sure they teach them politics, history... all they need to rule their lands. So I thought that, even if she is the second heir, she would grow up as a strong woman, with a strong character and always trying to be fair, to be a good owner of Highever, and later, a good queen.
The only Disney princess I really like is Belle (Bella, here in Spain) from The Beauty and the Beast :P.
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
I can swear I answered yesterday to your note but Deviantart tricked me and the note has disappeared. Oh well... I'm glad you uploaded it. Like your choice of rulers, even if I didn't know Reinhard and Hildegard before (the style reminds me a lot of The Rose of Versailles though). Oh, and Ferdinand and Isabela were a bit reformers in the way that they had sort of a federated monarchy (it was quite later in Spain's story that the former kingdoms lost their own courts and privileges) and that they got a lot of territories using wedding politics instead of wars. If they had not been so religiously fanatics (something which came with the times, anyway, religion was power those days) they would have been a good example to follow...

(Nice couple the last one ;))
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