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Anora Erlina Motivational by NeroonCousland Anora Erlina Motivational by NeroonCousland
Made for all the fans of :iconsoniacarreras: Rats in the Kitchen comic and everyone else who can see those two having been an item all the time. Naturally Erlina wouldn't exactly welcome MaleCousland.
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almostinsane999 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
ShadowsHeir500 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
lol That's one interpretation! (After just playing as a female city elf that had a bit of a bisexual crush on Anora, this makes me laugh extra hard.) :XD:

Truth be told, it was Erlina's unwavering devotion to her lady that made my city elf decide to make Anora queen.
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
Glad it made you laugh!
It's a matter of interpretation obviously, but yes the way Erlina talks about her really seems to go beyond earning ones pay.
Also I find it hard to believe that a woman as smart and savy as Anora who's hubby is either infertile or spending most of his time with his Mistressess wouldn't long since have found herself a handsome Squire or Page who resembles Cailen enough for any children to be presumed his. Erlina would be the obvious reason why not :D .

If you want more laughs two of my Devarts Friends made a comics for me referencing this particular theory: [link] and [link] .
ShadowsHeir500 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
lol Oh definitely. Romantic implications or not, Anora must be a great mistress to earn the undying loyalty of her handmaiden.

To be honest, I'm not really surprised. Smart and savvy though she may be, it never really seems to occur to Anora to use her gender to her advantage. Even if she did, she seems to have just enough strikes against her (being a woman of common blood) that even rumors of adultery would damage her reputation, and if her political enemies could find any shred of evidence that she was unfaithful to her husband, it would be detrimental to her support as queen.

I guess she figured that her childhood friendship with Cailan, their marriage of convenience, her history of running the country and her popularity as queen would secure her place on the throne, and that the fertility problem could be solved with time or a logical course of action. (Little did she know, Cailan already found a solution without her...)

Heh, interesting. So Neroon and Anora both kept Orleasian mistresses? :XD:
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
Reputation? Hmm, perhaps but in the age before photography etc there wouln't be any way to get hard evidence and after some choice accidents happening to rumourmongers.... ;) . Prefer my theory :D .

Oh and FYI: Me and the Mrs both think that Anora being the daughter of an "upstart peasant and not real nobility" as far as her peers were concerned and her having to toughen up because of it is a huge part of how she became who she is.

Yes, quite fair isn't it ;) !
ShadowsHeir500 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
Castles were generally full of servants, and servants talk, yes? (If any political rivals decided to use servants as spies to watch her, gather evidence of any wrong-doing and catch her in the act, well...) Anyway, it's a good theory. There definitely isn't anything in Erlina or Anora's behaviour to discourage it! :D

Yeah, I can see where that would happen. Her father moved her into the castle when she was very young and most the local nobility was already hissy that Maric made a COMMONER a teryn! Not to mention her mother died not too long after and she was raised by her father (who was just as hard back then as today). She never had a hope. :D

Eh, as long as they're both happy. =)
arrowmaker Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
All things considered though, Anora is pretty cute, Erlina is pretty know, I think M!Cousland could learn to live with this. ;)
almostinsane9 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
LOL. I'm sure male!Cousland never expected that.
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
You never know where competition come from ;).
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reference ;)

Well not all Male Couslands marry Anora you know but it's a bit of fresh air to see some male point of view out here. And Anora deserves some love. Even if it comes from Erlina ;)
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
You deserve it!
I know. Some people just don't seem to like her ;). Which leads many to believe that for those few who do marry her, there's not really any competition for Anoras affections. Alas I do not believe that to be the case ;).
jactinglim Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Professional General Artist
yuri tiemz!
Art-loving-Fairybug Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
He does? Really? Anora really is a witch, isn't she?
Yoshida6 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
victricia Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
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