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1. Do you do Requests?
Nah I don't but on occasion I'll open up a journal that does request. But they're very few and far in-between. It's easier to just commission me.

2. What programs do you use?
I used to use photoshop but since my subscription ran out it's pretty much Clip studio paint pro only now.

3. What do you use to draw?
I currently use a Wacom Intuos Pro(medium) however, I'm looking to upgrade to a Huion Kamvas.

4. Could we be friends/ Can I have your discord?
I'm pretty shy intially but I'm open to making new friends, if we talk enough and click I don't see a reason why not!
Just be aware friendship takes time and isn't immediate.

5. Who's your sona?
My Sona or y'know the character that represents me is now ->…

I used to have a fursona but eventually had decided to upgrade to my little imp girl. She's definitely more fitting to my personality.
also I kinda like self shipping with Reala(NiGHTS into dreams)

6. Can you speak any other languages?
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design

I'm a native english speaker but having mexican family members I have a super basic understanding of spanish. Including having taken a class in german I'm a beginner in it as well.
I'm hoping to get into these classes to continue learning these languages (as I honestly need to)
I have a difficult time speaking it back but I can usually understand whats spoken to me. I'm sorry if I'm slow about it!

7. Can I draw your characters?
Yes of course absolutely! However I only ask you don't draw porn unless we're friends.

8. Can I repost you art?

Please do not repost art of my characters or other peoples commissions.

However I am ok with fanart I've done (like of Sonic,Shadow,Link,Official characters owned by a company) being reposted so long as I'm given proper credit.

Extra stuff about me! (Scrolls)

Pixel: Heart Jump by apparateThe Husbands Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate

stupid appreciation corner for some male characters I'm definitely crushing on or just really really like,sort of in order?

Reala Stamp by BigYellowAlien Lord Ghirahim stamp by crazyfreak Stamp - I Love Link by LinkFan-GirlClub Inuyasha Stamp by PockySoul Vegeta Stamp by KazultheDragon STAMP: Sir Lancelot by Zephyros-Phoenix:thumb264830398: Sebastian Michaelis Stamp by Vesperbellx Rinne stamp by Neyuni Hyrule Warrior Ganondorf stamp by DragonEmpress666 Soul Eater Stamp by AdryJustend Zexion Stamp by AkuTenshi27 Marluxia Love Stamp by Marluxia-luv-plz2 IT - Pennywise Glitch Smile - Stamp by Pin-eye King Sombra Stamp #2 by RossmaniteAnzu

Pixel: Heart Jump by apparateThe Wives Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate

stupid appreciation corner for some female characters I'm definitely crushing on or just really really like,sort of in order?
Bayonetta v. 2 by Snow-Body Harley Quinn Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Catwoman by ovstamps Bismuth -stamp- by KIngBases Midna Stamp by foofoo .:HW Princess Zelda Stamp:. by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Chrysalis Stamp by harvestcheddar Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho Daybreaker by Sketch-Shepherd Pinkie Pie Stamp by Kevfin Vinyl Scratch Stamp by Kevfin Tikal the echidna Stamp by catiexshadow Blaze the cat Stamp by catiexshadow Rouge the Bat Stamp by catiexshadow Amy Rose Stamp by catiexshadow


Pokemon Corner

these are a majority of whom I can remember
want to give my pokemon some love
I've also played way more games but I don't remember all the teams I used to get to the hall of fame @ w @;
Blue Rescue Team
007: Squirtle by animated-dex 025: Pikachu by animated-dex
Vulpix by Sageraziel Shinx by XenonTheShinx

Sinnoh Championship Team!
Luxray Sprite by Beavercop Infernape Sprite by Beavercop Alakazam by Sageraziel

B/W Championship Team!
BW -Samurott- 503 by ForeverSelenity Haxorus sprite GIF by InfernoNick Absol From Pokemon B-W Sprite by Superior-Absol

Alola Team In progress!
Dartrix 723 by pokemon3dsprites Alolan Vulpix #037 by pokemon3dsprites Sylveon by pokemon3dsprites Alolan Raichu by alolan-sprites Mudbray #749 by pokemon3dsprites Salandit #757 by pokemon3dsprites


Tue Sep 25, 2018, 7:56 AM

♡|| Meet The Creep||♡

Pentacle Pixel by Twisted--PrincessNERO|♀|♓|INFP Pentacle Pixel by Twisted--Princess

A caffine rush to get through the day and sleeping like it's no ones buisness. An obsession for all things fantasy and horror related, that is what defines me as a person. Aside from constantly creating characters and stories I aspire to one day be a professional concept and comic book artist. I hope you enjoy my work here. Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

organs in jars pixel by LlNGERlE

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFluff and Puff
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioMonsters (Male or female they’re all amazing)
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCoffee
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFighting games in favorites include:

Darkstalkers & Darkstalkers 3
Street Fighter 4 Ultra
Battle Arena Toshinden (Original gameboy Specifically)

I’ve probably played more but these are the first ones that came to mind

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioChildren oF MANA
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioK IN G DOM HEA RTS
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioC ORPSE PARTY
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioTentacles of any type
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDynamic posing
Arrow left by Drawn-Mariofucking loads of colors
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioOverly complicated designs that really should be simple
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioArmor
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAny kickass woman
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAny kick ass guy
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFemboys
Arrow left by Drawn-Mariothicc ladies
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioNsfw~~
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioGuilty pleasures:
Stupidly cringey shit
those things called..
‘me me’s?’

gif 2 by limitless--wings

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioSpam
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDepression
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioInability to draw
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario XION DYING
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario People not drawing a dick on a dude cause they're scared DON'TBEACOWARD DRAW LE MAN SAUSIG
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Fandom wars
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Fan couple drama debates
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Stagnation


!!Credit Box!!


Some of the work used on my page is not created by me!This box is to credit the artists who were commissioned for their assets <3

FAQ Preview image was made by :iconcnwgraphis:
Credit Box Couple image :iconmaddiebat:
Custom box background was made by :iconartistic-twist: whom allowed me to use and edit it for my page <3
Extra stuff about me box image was made by :iconkuupan:
Profile Directory holding hands, super cutely done by :iconipun:

The rest are thumbs that you can easily click~


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