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Demons I Confronted.
We live in seconds, minutes, hours.
It's never enough,
to satisfy.
We live in hours, days, months.
Still never enough.
The years, decades, centuries,
pass us by,
and we feel cheated.
Time is cruel in that sense.
You can't trust it,
to be there for you later.
So live in time now,
and tell yourself you're satisfied.
We both know you're not,
but sometimes,
you just have to lie.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 2 0
The Party's Over.
Anymore, I'm only happy at the bottom of a bottle.
It's a sad truth, an even sadder reality,
To know that I've let it come to this point.
That's not to say I don't have good moments,
outside of that bottle, but really
it all goes back to that.
I have tried, to find that wonderful peace,
But, it's not happening.
That kind of thing happens, you know?
It's often caused by that one feeling,
nobody can seem to rid themselves of.
That horrible, draining, disgusting feeling of
Think about it, you're not good enough.
Maybe later, they say. Not right now.
Why not now, you ask.
I have somebody already.
I could be that somebody.
But, it's not me right now.
And I'm ok with that, really.
Just know, that if it's not now, it won't ever be.
I live right now.
I don't live in two years.
At least, as far as I'm concerned.
And I refuse to live yesterday.
This took twists and turns, but for some reason,
you stayed with it.
That is the nature of things really.
You stay with what isn't
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 2
As Young As I Was. by NeroDecayAlexander As Young As I Was. :iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 1 6
Lonely Messengers.
Given a time and place,
you could predict a what.
Even a how,
and sometimes a why.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 1
On My Mind.
The birds sing often
While I tend to my garden
The songs, they soften.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 0
All I Have.
The busy bees work
Huddled in their perfect hive
Now the wasp invades.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 1
Move On To Another Day.
My brown box is a city of its own.
The bugs crawl through the cardboard
and the rats are my roommates.
It smells old and moldy,
and its color is dull and fading.
It's more like a ghost town really.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 9
Reminds Me Of You Tonight.
Blue nights are the best nights,
watching life pass by on the backs of stars.
Everything is clearer on the blue nights.
My memory is never foggy.
I see patterns in the dress of various people I've met at the grocery.
Most women, some men.
But every blue night must end,
and give way to red morning.
I decided not to sleep tonight,
so I'm going in to get some milk.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 3 3
Signals Interrupt.
My memory failed me;
I remembered the grocery.
And of course buying milk.
I don't, however, remember going,
so much.
There was a lady there.
Her dress was blue.
My memory failed me,
as I remembered the grocery;
but forgot my life.
:iconnerodecayalexander:NeroDecayAlexander 0 4
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Random Favourites

Lights by Dintrosaur Lights :icondintrosaur:Dintrosaur 2 0
We're All to Blame
I blame you for this
unrecognizable part-human
staring back at me.
:iconlank10:Lank10 1 2
Daydreaming by Lank10 Daydreaming :iconlank10:Lank10 3 3 Teeth by chelseaaa Teeth :iconchelseaaa:chelseaaa 3 7 Peace by Lank10 Peace :iconlank10:Lank10 2 6 ART windows by Lank10 ART windows :iconlank10:Lank10 2 0 Ghost Town by Lank10 Ghost Town :iconlank10:Lank10 0 10
If you had to choose:
yesterday or tomorrow,
Which one would you choose?
A likely bliss or
Your notable memories.
One of which is gone.
A past or future,
The familiar or unknown?
The resolve is yours.
:iconlank10:Lank10 2 17
The Only Difference
   You read to me today.  Poetry by Billy Collins from the book The Trouble With Poetry and Other Poems.  He is now my favorite poet.  Ironic?
   We were on the road home, you in the passenger’s seat and me driving.  You had bought this book at Barnes and Nobel because you needed it for a debate.  I never turned the radio on as I started the car to go home, so, you took out this book, and, being you, you started to read aloud.
   Did you know your voice is like a hypnotist when you read poetry?  I didn’t until today.  And it’s only when you read poetry.  Any other time, you’re simply a very talented reader.  You read me one poem, asked if I wanted you to stop, and naturally, I said no.  I couldn’t get enough of you speaking the mildly sarcastic words of Billy Collins.  Your voice was like a drug.
:iconlank10:Lank10 1 2
Forget My Name
The feeling is similar to
Microsoft Word
telling me I didn’t spell
my own name correctly.
I know it won’t be long
until you forget my name.  
Or maybe, you never
knew it to begin with.
Just like the inanimate
computer program.
:iconlank10:Lank10 1 9
A Ticket by hiddencrys A Ticket :iconhiddencrys:hiddencrys 1 46 paris12 by konstantina paris12 :iconkonstantina:konstantina 2 0 ID by konstantina ID :iconkonstantina:konstantina 2 1 Russian II by UnderWaterLover
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Cole Decay
United States
Current Residence: Leitchgrad. Well, technically Millweezy.
Favourite genre of music: Hardcore, metal, acoustic, folk, punk, screamo, indie, rap, alternative, blues, hip-hop.
Favourite photographer: Good question.
Favourite style of art: Abstract-expressionism. Surrealism. Impressionism. Anything weird.
Operating System: Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Shell of choice: Conch for sure.
Skin of choice: The pale kind.
Favourite cartoon character: Eric Cartman. Forrealz.
Personal Quote: "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." -Tyler Durden.


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