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Mashima Hiro, Eiichiro Oda, Akira Toriyama
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The Princess Bride (live), Kubo & The Two Strings (Stop Motion)
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Be Cool Scooby-Doo
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Novels & Graphic Novels
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Riichiro Inagaki, Philip Reeve, Neil Gaiman
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Pretty open on games I like and don't like.
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Steam (its a terrible place but its easy access to games)
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Pencil, Paper, a scanner, adobe illustrator, photoshop, and many many art books (reference)
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animated movies & shows, graphic novels, writing, reviewing, voice acting

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I'm creating a cartoon It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters who go on crazy and wacky adventures.

Bless you and your team; you have inspired me to actually create my own web series with my own characters and storylines. You have inspired me so much, showing me you don't need a big audience and a budget to make something amazing. Thank you guys so much. You're my idols.

Here's what I created, and thank you for showing me what I could do:
Your kindness has been delightful.
I hope your channel will thrive but I also recommend trying other locations to post like Bitchute as youtube is becoming more difficult.
Aww, shucks. Thank you so much. I just got a BitChute to upload my videos on soon.
Good call. You can't trust youtube as is.
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Yo, Nero! As for comic book and Disney fans (if we could bother calling ourselves that), you're not going to enjoy hearing this:…

There's now been recent articles about the incident of a rejected permission for a dead child's tombstone and I'm only showing you this video.

As of right now, I'm working on a Spiderman fanwork in dedication for the young fan from a still grief-stricken family. 
First off the comment  " began with Walt Disney himself", Walt hated people of color and believed women should be let go at age 30 because they outlived their usefulness as cell painters "hands were to shakey".

I'd source this but it's from a documentary I watched years back and I don't even remember its name.

Point is the "Walt Defence" is bunk.
Don't make your policies based on some dead racist, please.

Also if we want to "Respect Walt"... probably shouldn't run his parks into the ground costing them money, putting booze in his theme park, and I am sure a few other problems can be found with a bit of research. Actually, there was a huge fist fight in the park just Yesterday.


Second, this same issue happened previously with Disney with ANOTHER family who wanted Winnie the Pooh.
They refused then too but with enough outcry from the community, they relented because hey, gotta look good for the money bags.


There was also a time where they flat out threatened to go to court against a couple of Day Care Centers for having Disney characters painted on the wall. So the Day Care had to take it down under threat of a lawsuit, which given Disney's deep pockets would have probably destroyed them. Then, get this, Universal Studios Florida and Hanna-Barbera Productions stepped in and approved use of their characters for the Day Cares.


You know what really sickens me is that so many folks are going to stand on some kind of hill and champion and protect Disney. As though they have some kind of steak in the fight as if Disney is going to somehow fall apart unless they're defended by the Common Man.

What's so many people fail to realize is that Disney doesn't care about me, they don't care about you, they don't care about anybody but the bottom dollar. They care about Investors, they care about selling products. Disney is a corporation that holds the licensing fees for various properties in order to make money. They are not our friend. 
They are not our family. They are a business.

People need to wake up and understand that.
It's okay to enjoy the products they make. That's the whole point of a product is to be enjoyed.
I also enjoy products they have made. But I cannot stand the corporate side of this company and the fact that they are repeatedly soulless, amoral and disgusting. 

Also if ya ever want to discuss more feel free to reach us on Twitter so we can really get fires like this going. At least people check twitter. 
No one cares about my lame DA page ha-ha.