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Now that the focus of development is squarely on new features and experiences for future releases, it's time to show where some of our effort has been directed!
In the character art space there's been a lot of progress lately, so strap yourselves in for a SUPER update!…

Facebok: [link]

- Team S2HD
Are you an artist with a creative mind? Do you draw in vector using Photoshop or Illustrator? If the answer to both of those questions is 'yes' then today may be your lucky day!

Team S2HD is looking for artists to help boost production in this new phase of development. If you think you have what it takes then please submit your HD version of this Aquatic Ruin Zone piece:

Submissions should be in vector and at 4X resolution. Feel free to take any creative liberties necessary to make your piece unique and truly stand out. Applications can be sent to us at

Are you up 2 it?

Facebok: [link]

- Team S2HD
The time has come -- please visit to download the demo release!
As Sonic 2 HD is very much a work-in-progress, you may encounter bugs while playing. We have found plenty in our testing and have done what we can to squash them, but our small team can't find them all on our own. You can help us improve the experience further by letting us know what you found.
We hope you enjoy playing this first taste of Sonic 2 HD as much as we have enjoying building it. Thank you all for your support!

- Team S2HD
Today Team S2HD makes a very special announcement!
By the fans, for the fans.


- Team S2HD

This Facebook account: "Sonic Mania - Games" is sharing stolen art from other people (including my art) without credits. He is also sharing links from t-shirt shops (Audionshirt, Teechip, SunFrogShirts) with stolen art. I'm trying to solve the problem. If you want to help me, just don't share the post/ don't buy the t-shirt with my stolen art.
He's a real imposter and a thief.

Update: Aaron Webber (the official Sonic Community Manager) and the Twitter community are helping me defeat these thieves!…

Thanks! :)
Are you a C# programmer with a cooperative attitude? Do you have experience using GitHub repositories? Well then today is your lucky day! Team S2HD is looking for a programmer to help with debugging and preparing the game for the next release. If you’re interested, please send us your resume at Best of luck!

Facebook: [link]

- Team S2HD
Today we present the first entry in our new Concept Showcase series!
This week: Chemical Plant Zone tiles.…

- Team S2HD
Our Hill Top Zone changelog series continues today with everyone's favorite badnik. 
Rexon was brought to life by our wonderful sprite artists and animators, starting from the Alpha's base concept up to a brand new design to unleash all of his might in HD!
Click the link to see the update with full animations:…

- Team S2HD
Recently we've made a lot of progress in tying up loose ends in order to prepare for the next release of S2HD. Rest assured, we have exciting things coming up just around the corner. One of these goals which we've been working towards are fluid and vivid animations for the various elements of the Hill Top Zone boss. Now that these are completed, we are proud to present a time-lapse video documenting the animation and vectoring of these assets. Enjoy!


- Team S2HD

Last night an incredible surprise was unveiled by SEGA in the form of Sonic Mania. For members of Team S2HD it was even more special, as the incredible talents of two of our former team members who went on to form PagodaWest Games are part of the driving force behind it! We wish their entire team the best and congratulate them on fulfilling a lifelong dream.

- Team S2HD
Yeahh!! speechless! Clap Thank you! Worship I love deviantART! 

Tornado by Nerkin
Like many fans today, we are celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary! To pay tribute to the blue blur, our talented illustrator Nerkin created a desktop wallpaper for everyone to enjoy, featuring Sonic and Tails flying towards their next adventure. You can download the full-size version here:…

- Team S2HD
Sonic 2 HD, Progress Report
We've released a progress report on our most recent work.
Dev blog update: Link

-Team S2HD
Happy Easter everyone! (a bit late) :P
Today’s character art update presents the incredible work our artists have done in bringing one our fluffy friends to life! Click to view the full size update and to watch the included timelapse video:…

-S2HD Staff
Hola a todos, ¡espero que tengáis un buen comienzo de Semana Santa!

El autor del blog "SH2 Central" me ha entrevistado y hablamos sobre Sonic 2 HD :)…

Sonic 2 HD también estrena tumblr:

Y ahí podéis ver una nueva y pequeña actualización del progreso, esta vez sobre un elemento del escenario de Chemical Plant Zone, el bloque amarillo:

Music is really what brings a game a life, so we’re very pleased to share with you a few samples of music from one of our talented musicians, Toni Leys, in this edition of Staff Attack! As you may know, we’ve decided to revisit the soundtrack from the Alpha release to build upon and improve it for a unique Sonic 2 experience. Click on the image in the blog entry to learn more and to access the media players to hear what Toni has been cooking up!

Point Right…

Dev blog:

- S2HD Staff
We want to thank everyone who submitted portfolios for the menu interface role on our team. We are excited to announce we have found our interface designer and are already seeing some amazing work being produced by him. This is a big stepping-stone toward our goal of getting a build of the game in your hands; the entire staff appreciates your support as we continue to build the most polished experience possible for you!
Be on the lookout for a Staff Attack update coming soon. We're really jazzed about this one, so stay tuned!

-S2HD Staff
Let's help :iconade-andario: !

Original message:

As some of you know, CAPCOM is holding a contest about making a DLC T-Shirt for Rebecca on Resident Evil 0. I made a design just for fun and I sent it some weeks ago but it was selected for the finals and is already competing in the current and FINAL round! I don’t know if I will win or not, but seeing my pic up for voting right now made my day! 
Anyway, if you want to vote for me, you can do it go to this link:

To vote, you must:
- Follow the link to the CAPCOM website.
- Scroll down to voting section.
- Select the A option.
- Register your email in case you don't have an account already.
- Check your email and follow the link in said email.
- You're done! Thanks for voting! 
- Also you can contribute telling it your friends, or to advertise my design, post a journal... any help will be very welcome.

Ah! And if you've voted for me in the previous round, you can do it once again in this one.

Thank you and wish me luck! Here's a kiss for you, my love!

3-2-3-3-10-1-es by D-Thessy

IMPORTANT: If you are underage, the system will not allow you to vote. So you have to lie about it, of course.

Already it completed all the animation frames of Sonic. You can see them here:…

S2HD fans, today is a special day! After evolving the character art style through three major revisions, with countless hours spent tweaking vector points, shading, and animation boils, I am proud to announce Sonic's entire frameset for S2HD is complete! None of this would have been possible without Ricky Earl's gorgeous animation drafts and patience in creating the revisions for our blue hero.
I would like to give special thanks to Tom Fry and Jared Kasl, as their efforts in 2010 laid the foundation for the final shading techniques that make S2HD look so amazing today. Finally, a huge thank you to all of you for your support and comments -- I love reading them and promise to keep character art as sharp and polished as I can!    
-Vincent S2HD Team Leader 
We've had a number of updates on the art side, but nothing on the engine side. S2HD runs on on a custom engine called SonicOrca, written in C# due to its portability, power and speed of coding. Our lead engine programmer has created a timelapse video showing off a behind the scenes view of what goes into coding a single boss battle in S2HD. In his words:

"The first thing I did was setup the animations so that correct parts of the boss texture were displayed at the right time. I then wrote the code to compose the different parts of the boss together and make sure everything was offset correctly. After that I played around with the animation logic until it looked good. Then I wrote the rest of the gameplay logic of the boss by examining the original disassembly and the original game to understand how it works and use accurate numbers."


- S2HD Team

Dev Blog: