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I haven't been active here and most likely it stays that way. Maybe I will notify about commissions. I'm mostly active on twitter:

I'm writing this journal not for this reason. The reason is I don't know how many of you remember my OC and that I'm writing manga, but in the start of this year I did a reboot of my story and I still in active search of a new readers... I'm very tired and I really love my story, I want to give it another chance for me to keep working on it. Below I will attach links to webtoons and tapas. Hope some of you will like it.

If you enjoy it, please share the manga with your friends! I want to give it a chance to fully blossom but I need an auditory for that.

My manga name is Nonai:Crystal heart <3



But this not all, I've got second comics. It's named Blacky.

This is relatively new and experimental project but I will share links just in case



Thank you for attention!

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I still follow you and remember your work. Admittedly, I haven't read your manga yet. I've added it to my list of comics to read, but haven't gotten that far yet. Does the original still exist if I felt like reading both?

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Im still here! and sometimes do visit your gallery for inspiration although work has been keeping me busy lately. Im sadly not much of a comic/manga reader now due to the lack of time. I think last time I sat down and read anything was over a year ago... but I will keep your work in mind if I ever have free time again

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Always around. I know I’m not the most active of your viewers, but Nonai still holds a special place in my saddened heart. I miss the original but I still read the new one, because it’s the characters not just the story I cherish. Both versions of them mean so much to me, and I hope to be able to keep reading about them far into the future.